Our Time is Now

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Chapter 5


Romulus woke me from a nice peaceful sleep that I was so happen to be in. As he pulled me off the hammock I kind of wanted to hit him in the back of the head for letting me wake up to this good awful pirate ship. But instead of my feet thumping against the hard wood flooring I am meeting a waist level of water.

“What the hell is happening here? Are we sinking or something?” I asked.

“One very violent raging storm that’s what the hell is happening here this very second = my dear little brother Rocco.” He replied back hauling me out of the waist deep water and onto his shoulder.

He carried me on his shoulder up some many flights of stairs and passed the scattered members of the crew tying the most larger objects down as best they could. It didn`t take us long at all to reach the top deck where everything is complete utter mess. Crew members are slipping and sliding about the wood deck while the captain is at the wheel having a hard time controlling the motion of the ship under the constant thrashing of the hard beating waves. Up in the sky sea gulls are ripped paper being thrashed around in the hundred miles per hour gale force winds. Against the strong force of the waves and the pounding of the wind the ship is a continuous battle to stay upright over the water. The crew members of the top deck tried to prepare themselves for the god forbidden work of the storm can throw at them. And although the majority of the members of crew are suffering the side effects of their major hangovers they still powered through the struggle to keep their ship and home afloat.

Romulus and I helped the crew members with strapping things down while continuously the ship is being rocked side to side is tougher than it looks. Nonetheless the overlapping unbearable thrashing waved of the vicious ocean simultaneously attacking us head on with no regrets is not taking their chances in keeping all of us alive today. In the most untimely fashion as we began to transfer the ropes over deflated waves crash over both sides of the ship in a sync of their own. The absolute worst is happening out here as petrified darkness prevailed upon us in one strike fluid movement. With very little warning or time on our hands clouds thickened, darkened, and deepened with heavy amounts of rain the furiously fled down from the overbearing clouded sky. From the increase of murderous clouds the winds blew and heaved about the place non-stop. Brutal strength that the wind is producing it has to have this pirate ship inches away from fully capsizing into the water completely for good. Wind, rain, and water turned choppy and dived into these mountains of reckless pissed off waves. Each bulging wave that arose slammed down hard onto the deck flooding it and in the process sweeping some of us of our feet closely into the chopper water. Not originally holding onto anything at the time I am one of the ones swept off their feet and took with the current of the dying wave. So in a bit of lost luck the ship stopped rocking enough for me to grab hold onto the railing before I am entirely swept off the ship itself. Settling down I am left on the wrong side of the ship holding onto the railing for dear life waiting for my brother or someone close enough to hurl me back in on the top deck. Two large bear sized hands grabbed my shoulders and yanked me back safely. The combined smell of sea salt and spices swept through my nose instantly reminding me that Lorenzo is standing in front of me resting his hands on my shoulders.

“You alright there kid? Almost got yourself killed there didn`t ya.” Lorenzo voice is heard over the sound of the colliding waves against the ship.

“Yeah I kind of did didn`t I.” I said wiping away the water droplets dripping off the end of my nose and long eye lashes.

Lorenzo nodded his head patted me on the top of the head and walked away shouting at the crew members struggling to get the ruined sails down and tied up and out of the way. Higher the winds the more the small pellets of rain are aimed out our freezing cold faces. The angrier, tired, and restless the waves and clouds became it all turned into an oversized thunder storm in the making. In hopes that there will be sunshine later on and time to rebuild and repair, Romulus and I get to work in helping where an extra pair of hands is needed mostly. What is coming next none of us are expecting it to happen. Bolts of lightning hammer down from the brooding black sky only meters away from the ship. When one single bolt of electricity hits the tied up sail it first blows a burnt hole in the fabric. Secondly the sheer power of the bolt simmers through the main beans and strikes down onto the top deck. Members of the crew closest to the main beam are electrocuted and thrown off the ship like an unwanted rag doll. I couldn`t believe what I was seeing in front of me as and when a freshly crisp arm is torn apart from someone`s body landing several feet away from me. The smell of fresh burnt flesh simmering under the hammering rain wafts up my nostrils making me instantly cringe at what I am smelling. However I look up at everybody else and they are frozen in place watching their friends and family float dead in the upscale monstrous waters faced down.

“Come on lads we don`t have time to be standing around gawking at the dead. They all knew the sudden consequences of being in the middle of this storm and any other storm we have faced together.” Lorenzo shouted at us from the wheel.

Some ‘yes sirs’ are heard over the violent crashing waves, pelting rain and the echoing thunder and lightning. Scampering about the top deck I use my Boy Scout knowledge to tie up the sails to the master beams. One skyline wave flushes over the left side of the ship which sends the weight of the ship completely over. Head first hitting the water I gasp a large breath of air before I am dunked under water. Sharp shooting pain courser through my eyes as the salt water flushes in my open eyes. Trying to move against the waves to get to the ladder dangling over the side of the ship Romulus appears in front of me to help myself to stay above the water. We were panting towards the capsized ship when my lungs continued to burn the more I am dunked underwater by the crashing waves. Following Romulus to the bottoms of the ship several lightning strikes the water nearby. One strike hit the edge of the ship starting a blazing fire on the end of the ship that is rapidly up the other end of the ship. I couldn`t keep my eyes away from the growing fir on the ship to realise that black solid shadows dart past me fluidly in the water.

Romulus brought me out of the trance when physically pulled me through the water up to the other side ship further away from the fire. With some holes in the ship, together we climbed the rest of the way occasionally clinging to the rope attached to the side of the ship. We sit on the surface of the ship and heaved a gasp of air unto our lungs. On the other hand I didn`t get a chance to gain too much air because a scaly type hand wraps around my ankles pulling me down into chaos water. Air flow is restricted with a snap of a finger stopping me from turning my attention back to the hands guiding me under the water. Black spots returned into my vision as the burning in my lungs quickly returned. Natural reflexes force me to open my mouth like a fish and gargle down a mouthful of salt ocean water. Flapping my arms about I have nothing to claw to get a hold pf anything to slow down.

Carelessly I took it upon myself to look down at the hand Kolding my ankle in their clutches. Long flowy inky black hair and piercing emerald eyes are two features I certainly notice straight away through the black dots covering my vision and the darkness of the ocean the deeper we are going down. Her hands are like webbed feet sturdy and strong while slimy and sandpaper like. She defiantly scared the shit out of me when she beard her lips back to show off the razor blade sharp pointy teeth clammed together in a devilish grin. A scream slid up my throat and out of my lips into the abyss of the depth of the ocean. In and out of consciousness an ear piercing siren scream ripples its way through the water that both my ear drums burst and I feel as though I am being pulled up towards the surface to the wrath of the storm waiting for us. Cold air, rapid wind and hard droplets of rain hit my face the minute that I am pulled up out of the depths of the ocean sea. A cold wet hand slapped me across the face jolting me up off the hard surface of the bottom of the ship.

“Come on brother wake up we can`t have you dying on us now for heaven`s sake.” Romulus`s voice called out to me.

Even though his voice muffled the many earth quaking sounds are so much louder and over bearing to hear. In so when I came around to open my eyes the storm has become wilder untamed beyond belief. Thunder crackles in the sky while alongside it the lightning is burst of flashing lights across the sky lighting up the 3D looking pitch black storm clouding spitting out pellets of rain. Underneath all the activity in the air and on the water the flapping of fins pecked through the overlapping waves carelessly throwing themselves over the top of us continuously as we all try and hold onto the bottom of the ship and other items floating their way round in the water. Once the black dots faded away out of my vision and nauseous feeling went by in the pit of my stomach I noticed more of the surrounding features such as the fire on the back of the ship are slowly creeping forward towards us breaking apart the wood of the ship. Unusual to see Lorenzo and Ryker are back to back each holding a piece of wood covered in fire, sweeping the wood towards the swarming of man-eating mermaids surrounding them. In turn every mermaid had their chance to flick their tails at the two men to either draw blood or take them off balance in order to get a hold of them.

I couldn`t help but chuckle at the men weaving their arms about to miss the swishing tails that are aimed at them. However a mermaid on our side swiftly flicked her tail at me missing my face by a few inches. Missing me but caught Romulus in the face knocking him off his hunches straight into the water. His hands flung out catching my out starched hand trying to stop him from going dully landing in the water into the mermaid’s sharp clutches. I followed Romulus down into the dark cold abyss of water. A small plan started to formulate the more time I spend in the cold water and the ship is flipped breaking a part by fire and violent whips of the sea current. In the small built in cupboard in the sleeping quarters I remember seeing a thick enough rope that could be strong enough to tie to my ankle. Romulus and a few members of the crew can hold the rope while I am bashing about in the water to get close enough to the mermaid in order to try and attack them back and away from the sinking ship.

“Romulus I need to get inside the ship to look for something within the sleeping quarters.” I shout over to him while we are bobbing up and down in the water.

“What? No little brother you can`t do that at all that is such a ridiculous idea y`all have to either swing to the top deck or getting to a window that is big enough to fit you through it and still be able to hold your breath there and back.” He replied.

“But I need to get something that I think will help us at least get rid of the man-eating mermaids trying to kill us.”

“No I won`t let you do it Rocco I have only just found you and I can`t let you die in the process of trying to get you back home to our younger brothers for them to finally met you in person.”

“None of us are going to make it out of this storm if someone doesn`t quickly come up with a plan to be able to ride it out. Everybody at the moment is kind of preoccupied at this point in time fending off numerous amounts of mermaids wanting to eat us for their breakfast it has to be either one of us and given that I know what I am looking for it needs to be me.”

“It doesn`t matter we will find a way to get out of this storm and off this sinking ship if we made a plan that would not endanger any of our lives within the process of doing so.”

Instead of listening to a word that Romulus said to me I dived into the water and headed down to the line of small round circle windows located not that far under the water. Passing through the burning in my lungs and the cloudiness in my vision I totally understood what my brother is say but I needed to be the one to get this half formulated plan rolling under the ball. It would take too long to sit there and explain it all and then have even less time to put it together and get it stated. Dirty mucky water stopped me from properly locating the row of windows but I was able to run my hand along the side of the ship until I was defiantly in the right position. Quickly I popped the on the window and squeezed myself jut about through. Some of the larger objects are still being held down by a large mass of rope in which has allowed me to pass easier through the hallways and stairs. Nonetheless I am growing light headed the more that I venture into the deeper working of the ship to get to where I needed to be. The lack of oxygen to my brain put hallucinations into my brain because a few times more often than not I have seen a large long creature swim past me in the shadows staying far enough away not to noticed in the shining bolts of lightning shimmering through the water.

Finally I did arrive at the sleeping quarters on the way to passing out maybe I should have listened to Romulus on not actually coming down here by myself. Shifting through the floating objects such as hammocks and wardrobes I carefully planted my feet on the wood floor, before yanking on the handle of the built-in cupboard. That wasn`t the best of ideas because everything just rose out and glided up towards the celling where gravity is pulling it back to the surface of the ocean to settle and float to the top. Too tired to even bother to swim anywhere I relaxed allowing my body and gravity to guide me up to the rope expanding out just escaping the tips of my fingers. However all of a sudden through the cloudiness covering my vision a curious face searches my own. A rough scaly finger scrapes down my cheek to the tip of my nose and down to the edge of my chin. Stinging followed their action as my brain is slowly fitting together the puzzle pieces as to why I recognise her in front of me. The mermaid who attacked Romulus and I earlier, with the emerald eyes and the inky black hair, must have seen me swim this far down into the water and decided to take her chance at a midnight snack before any of her sisters decided to come at their chance as well. Except this mermaid doesn`t do anything of the sort. She cocks her head at me, looks up at the ceiling of the sleeping quarters, and out of nowhere she rapidly swam her way out of here. Copying her action I cocked my head in confusion as to why she swept out of here like her fins is on fire or something. Under these conditions of the storm and the movement of the ship one of the poles in the middles of the room came into contact with the back of my head as the ship is violently shaken.

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