Our Time is Now

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Chapter 6


I should have never let those two boys on my ship. All they have done so far is cause me trouble. Being on my ship I’ve had to drive the ship straight into the middle of an out of control storm in the area of man eating mermaids in which is the best idea of the century. Yes, I may lose some crew members but there are always more willing to join out little crew when and if they randomly drop out of the sky and into my lap like flies at food.However, what I didn`t expect was for the storm to be over the coven of the man eating mermaids who would be able to fully tip over the ship and strand the last few of us – including the boys- on the bottom of the ship. Ryker and I spent time waving back and forth long and large pieces of wood, from the bottom of the ship, covered in fire towards the mermaids attacking us at every chance that they get.

It wasn`t until the rumble of thunder over our heads and the vicious action of the waves that the ship is somehow turned over backup tight. Which did push us off the bottom of the ship and deep into the water floating about like drunken men indeed we half were. Neither one of us notices that the man eating mermaids didn`t bother to frantically swim after us to eat the flesh of our bones and them use the bones for jewellery or what not. Instead of doing that – once I stopped drowning – I saw fast swimming mermaids speeding away like mad men away from us in fright. Focusing on myself I made sure that I swam to the top of the water gaining several breaths of air before I attempted to front crawl over to the ship where a ladder is so happened to be waiting for me to climb it.

Something in the back of my mind told me that anything is going to happen from this point forward now that we are in the heart and soul of the storm and also no-man`s lands (or ocean I should preferably mention considering that we are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by miles and miles of water). This no-man`s land in other words are the sudden rumours of anything related to evil, danger, and even darkness resides here is the continuous motion of a storm such as the min eating mermaids. Now I have a feeling that we have put ourselves in the centre of this great evil and silently dug our own graves in the bottom of the ocean within a ship wreck. However, facing the task at hand I reached the top of the ladder. Kind of sneaking onto my own ship I take a short peak over the railing to see if anyone else has made it onto the top deck alive and in one (I should hope) piece.

At first the deck is empty but two unfamiliar men stride from the lower decks and appear to be unaware that the ship is already occupied by a ruthless crew of pirates A.K.A me. Sliding a small hunting knife out of my bot I swung myself over the side of the railing. The tapping of my boots against the hard wood decking I kept to the shadows of the hip and headed towards the two men chatting away heading to the helm. I knew that the two of them haven`t noticed me just yet but something is nibbling at my gut to allow myself to be soon in order to gain as much ground as possible so that I can quickly as possible gain my ship tonight and get my crew back on this ship and out of this storm I selfishly got ourselves into.

“You know hiding in the shadows right underneath the helm by my best men isn`t the very greatest idea you`ve ever hand my love.”

I froze up in my position not really feeling like I have the guts to make the first move against the silver bladed thin hunting knife pressed flat on my throat. However, on the other hand the voice is very familiar to me as I juggle around multiple questions running around my mind.

“Aren`t you going to say hello my darling sweetheart? We haven`t seen each other for such a long time that I thought you would have recognised the boys and come to see me.”

The two men chatting at the helm thundered down the steps and tried to get their grubby hands on me, trying to do what I’m not sure. Finally able to get my voice back I said “What the hell are you three doing here on my ship? I thought I told you the entire to fuck off back on that god forsaken island years ago.”

“My love, who do you think we are? We have been with you ever since the minute you left us waiting and watching for any sign that you would be coming back to us safe and sound in our arms.”

“I want nothing to do you lot I just want and need my ship back to get out of this storm and also not get eaten by man eating mermaids. So why don`t you let me go and we can never see each other again.”

“That’s not how it`s going to go down sweetheart. We didn`t come all the way over here for you discard us. Now tell us who are your little friends you invited onto your ship late last night.” One of the two men said while guiding me out of the shadows and into the glistering silver moonlight flooding the whole of the top deck.


“Is that all you have to say my love? We all know that you brought the two of them on here for a darn good reason that we are all just dying to hear isn`t that right boys?”

A round trip of cheers sweeps over the deck as in the mist of the storm a ship is floating its way in undamaged and untouched by the man eating mermaids that now funnily enough have all of a sudden disappeared into thin air out of the blue. The flag flying in the wind is no ordinary flag that made its way onto the main beam. Yet the sad part is I may have been the reason why now that bloody flag is flying proudly in the very winds of this bastard storm. Neither sad nor satisfied I relax against the hold of the familiar body behind me and throw my head back. Wind, sea salt and the screeching sound of the petrified sea gulls plunges me head first into the darkness that now is so solemnly waiting for me with wide and graceful open arms. First I laughed like one of those lost the plot crazy pirates. The recognisable crew members of my dark sunken past join their captain who has now so graciously put the knife down away from my throat.

“Maybe there is a reason as to why I allowed Romulus and Rocco onto my ship. Nut I am not going to give those answers without a chase of cat and mouse. Are you ready to join in on my game for your quest for answers?” I say raising my arms up to the sky.

“Of course my love that game of cat and mouse does sound fun. What are the rules we need to abide by?” The captain asks.

(Let me quickly explain the captain used to be my lover. However at the end I became who I am today and gladly refuse to go back into the same old habit of my previous self may have fallen into more often than not.)

Anyway crazy darkness void capsizing my brain shifts allowing me to concentrate on the power buried deep in the back of my mind.

“My dear captain there is no rules to my game of cat and mouse. I thought you would have known this by now.” I said.

Arms still in the air I firmly close my eyes to believe in the much power I hold between my fingertips.

“Power of the earth, water, fire and air I call you to take me out of the storm and guide me to the main lands in hopes that I can be of services to those who will need it the most in the days to come. I may call upon you four elements I hopes that I will keep my mind In full tacked so when the time comes my own free will and humanity can guide me in the right direction to make good choses instead of bad.”

My voice carried along the whispering wind, in and out of the silent sea, and pushing through the fighting thunder in the clouds. Answers are called only mere seconds later in whom at the exact precise moment my feet lifted off the floor into the howling rapid winds and rain of the storm. Even though I couldn`t hear the sudden gasps of the captain and his members of crew I knew that they were done. Magic of the four major elements were not something I had in hand the last time I had previously seen the captain lover in god knows pirate battle. Chuckling to me I – on impulse – directed the pellets of rain to my ship maybe in hopes to drown it once and for all. They all scurried away like rats to find safety and shelter from the rain. Instead of going just that the captain growled at me before aiming and throwing the knife in his hand in the direction of myself. Deeply the knife may have gone into my shoulder I shrugged it off and laughed more and more when I plucked it out like a toothpick.

“Expect the unexpected my dear captain because once those two boys reach the middle there is no stopping them from wiping out the whole entire operation.” I taunted flicking my tongue onto the edge of the blade where my blood drips off.

“Come my love come down to me and it can just be like old times when we ruled the sea`s together as one with a tight iron fist. Everyone can be afraid of the two of us once again. Don`t you want that us together at last with no interruptions in our way?”

“Silly men I no longer answer to you or the sea. I have a higher purpose that doesn`t include you getting in my way.”

Laughing my head off like a crazy man on drugs I travel along the curling winds leaving behind the calling of my previous lover and his crew. The darkness void encasing my mind slowly unlatches its claws and reverts back to the dark corners of my brain. Soon enough I travelled out of the ungodly storm and into the cloudless sky. Water is still, calm and collected basking in the burning sun shining away high in the light baby blue sky. A sea gull planted here and there ruffling their feathers of rain water of the continuous storm. Nothing much else is here just the long miles and miles of bright blue clear sea. The wind has increasingly dropped now that I am out of the storm. However, now I am in the baking sun I am quickly overheating in my captain uniform that is dropping wet with rain. Instead of leaving it to dry in the sun I take it off and carelessly throw it in the ocean leaving behind my leather pants, crisp clean wet shirt and along with my knee high lace up boots. Something in the back of my mind thumped against the bottom of my skull. Crying out in pain I lost control of my elements and plummeted down to the ocean. A few metres away from the surface of the ocean I caught myself in the wind just in time.

“Geez I don`t know how much more I can take of this crazy bullshit.” I muttered to myself.

Taking myself away from what’s just happened and the constant thumping against my skull I travel across the miles and miles of ocean in about an hour or so until I reached the mainland. Empty beaches covered the coast as I landed on the rocks at the entrance of this deep cave buried deep under the earth. Not much is a secret of this cave but it is used because it is earth bound and people with a certain higher power of the earth element. The splash of eater underneath my boots echoed around the entrance of the cave. As I further went into the cave underground the natural light decreased and oil lamps are hanging on the dirt walls on either side. Sea water, dirt and an old musky smells inhales through my nostrils directing me in the right direction of hallways and down a sharp spiral staircase. Howling of the wind and the hard slapping of my boots against the steps echo and bounce against the walls.

“Better late than never I see Lorenzo.” A booming voice echoed the walls and demanding my up most attention.

“Well I ran into a few miner complications along the way so I sorted it out the best way I knew how at the time.” I replied.

Taking the last step off the long spiral staircase I stride though a short and narrow hallway into a large than most throne room. Sitting on the throne at the furthest end of the room mostly in the darkness is a tall stocky gentlemen covered in head to toe in black. For a long time I have never seen his face but I now know in due course I soon will see who I have been serving all along. He came to me at a young age asking me for some help and I haven`t left his side since that unfaithful day.

“What minor complication was this Lorenzo? I can`t be having any sort of complications at all if the plan is to go smoothly.” The booming voice said.

“Gideon and his bastard crew somehow got themselves off the island in his ship and found me and the boys in the middle of the storm.”

“How could you let this happen Lorenzo? I thought you were supposed to be smart about trapping them on that island for good.”

“Hey don`t take this out on me you were the one that gave me that contact for that powerful witch. I`m not the person to blame here at all.”

“Don`t get cocky Lorenzo I don`t want to finding someone else to be in your place this for into the plan. Besides this is a small bump in the road that I am sure we can straighten out in no time.”

“What are we going to do then? I am pretty sure those two boys are either dead at the bottom of the ocean or Gideon has gotten hold of them to us them against us in the future.”

“That is a problem we can dismiss another time when the decision comes later to make it. First and foremost we need to locate Gideon and crew whereabouts to now take them back into place with no more disruptions.”

In a flurry the room quickly changes into the war strategy room. Along oak wood table in between us as we plan our next move of attack towards or new friends caught in the storm within no-man’s land and man eating mermaids.

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