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Chester 7


Rocco divided under water without any sort of room for reason to be made. The storm is getting a hell of a lot worse than it started with. Rain thrashed down majorly heavily while the wind is blowing a holey sending the rain in every which direction. So many actions happened that I didn`t understand what exactly was going on until I found myself in the water when the ship out of thin air tips itself back up right. Secondly the mermaids are nowhere in sight and thirdly most of all I am caught within fishing net of sorts. My face pressed deeply into the rope of the net I am quickly and efficiently untangled tried and bound to the main mast. A couple of familiar crew members are dotted around but overall a lot of the people eying me up are unfamiliar.

“Well look what we have here some discarded fish food of Lorenzo’s petite little pirate ship. Maybe we can dangle him over the railing to the man eating mermaids.” One tall lady said.

“Mmuf.” I replied through the gag.

“Step away from him Sydney the captain has given us parasitic orders to keep him tied up and out of harm’s way until he gets back from dealing with Lorenzo.” Another voice said.

“Ahh, do we have to Clyde? There are so many things that I could just do to him. Please can we have a little bit of fun with before the captain comes aboard the ship with Lorenzo?”

“Don`t go playing with the fish food Sydney I don`t want to be fishing out your dead body that may have been dismembered into small multiple pieces.” A completely different voice said interrupting the conversation.

A group of people dispersed and allowed a stocky 6”3 male who has piercing tattoos up his neck and on his down his arms. Long grey hair sits on his shoulders while his bronze coloured eyes stared into my own. In the aura around hid male it is confident, dominant and untamed. I wanted to believe that this male is harmless and trustworthy but then I would be lying to myself.

“Fine I`ll just go down to the other handsome fells down below deck and have some fun with him instead, captain.”

The woman trotted off swaying her hips as she goes catching the eye of a few of the men along the way. Cat calls and whistles are thrown about as the nearest man at the women gave a smack to the woman`s arse. Wanting to gag at sicking overdone flirting I shift around in my seat on the floor trying to shuffle the rope tied on my wrists.

“Listen here bot I have got an offer to make to you and I need you to have your ears open at all times.”

Shaking my head side to side I mumbled into the gag. The so called captain chuckled to himself before couching down and taking off the gag from my mouth. His eyes are searching my face curious to what may be swirling about in that head of mine I believe.

“Are you going to listen to be my offer now? Or are you going to fight back in declining anything that I have to offer to you?” The captain said.

“Go to you, you stinking, bloody, lunatic pirate. I don`t want anything to do with you or your dirty filthily bastard crew.” I spat into his face.

“But you haven`t even heard the best part yet.”

“I don`t need to do so if I already know that I was going to decline the offer beforehand.”

“Nonetheless, I am going to stand here in this lovely storm and tell it to you anyway. So first a small little history lesson before we begin to unravel to the pretty little offer I will present to you.”

“Look I don`t need you too let me on this –“

“Sure I don now let’s start with a quick summary of Lorenzo my dear love. We met in a town market one day fell in love the next and then on planned to get secretly married. However that didn`t go to plan and we ended up here chasing each other in our ships. My deal is this I want you to partner up with me to help track down my dear sweetheart love Lorenzo and kill him.”

“”My answer is staying the same it will be no.”

“Fine let it be that way; I won`t be the one to save you when Lorenzo has got you by the scruff off the neck and has a pistol loaded against your head effing and blinding.”

Every muscle in my body seized up after the captain swung at me multiple times. Only to leave behind me struggling on the floor tied up, nose and ears bleeding, and my muscles in shock freezing and seizing. More blows to the head, chest and the back it is like being in a car crash when all of the adrenaline is continuously pumping through your veins. Too much pain to overcome with the amount of beatings by the captain so I am left not in control of my own limbs. After a few minutes of this unfair beating I can hear and feel my own heart beating in my ears and my vision is becoming tunnelled viewing the captains and crews faces through a large of a telescope.

The smell of the ocean salt water is drowned out by the heavy intoxicated smell of blood and soap on the wood planks of the deck. In the back of my mind I am having trouble comprehending the idea of me being weak, helpless, and defenceless in just a few seconds. A cold bucket of ocean water awake one out of unconcioucness I am moved (or I should say dragged) down a flight of stairs to a storage level that is littered with empty boxes and mouse poo pellets in extra small piles. The two carrying me dumped my helpless beaten body in the middle of the floor and walked always without a second thought to it.

“I see I`m not the only one they are taking just to offer a deal and in return beat the hell out of us.”

“Ryker what are you doing down here? I thought you would be glued to Lorenzo`s side like a puppy clinging to its master.”

“Yeah well not everything is not as it seems lately so I really wouldn`t trust the guy at the moment.”

Pulling myself up towards Ryker, the sound of rusling chains stops me in doing so. The light simmering though the lines of the broken wood panels over out head shone on the chains dangling from the top of the main beams. Following the line of chains in semi-darkness and the ship rocking back and forth, Ryker`s hands are tightly bound and hung over his head. He is not exactly standing on his feet but is defiantly dangling by his wrists and off the floor. Further down his body his top is covered in sticky fresh blood in the middle. Ryker`s shoes have been taken off and traces of blood flows down his bare feet. Thinking of my own medical raining is ever so slowly rise to my feet and step by step made my way to the main beam.

“Don`t injure yourself trying to help me I don`t you getting hurt because I am dying ever so slowly.” Ryker said.

“Get to at least try to help you get comfortable.” I replied.

As I gripped onto the main beam I slipped off my wet jacket and pressed it against the bullet wound pouring out blood quickly. Leaving one hand on the wound I tried to fumble around above me to undo the chains. Eventually with a bit of force I am able to pull down the chains with a loud thump. Ryker landed to the floor with a loud sigh. In a heap on the floor Ryker is not heavy breathing anymore. In some blind panic I collapsed to the floor and bent over Ryker`s body to feel for a breath on my face. Gladly enough he has just shallow breath. Ryker is having a hard time trying to keep his eyes open when the time trying to keep his eyes open when the captain interrupts coming down the stairs with heavy pounding footsteps.

“Well isn`t this just a lovely reunion.” His voice is full of sarcasm.

“What are you doing here Gideon? I thought you were going to leave us along down here to die on our own.” Ryker said spiting in his face.

“That`s no way to speak to me Ryker especially when I am accommodating the two of you.”

“Doesn`t matter I am not going to allow you to offer us anything to get us to help you to kill Lorenzo for you.”

“I never was talking to you about to kill Lorenzo. I may need him alive for a different plan that I have in mind.”

“What does this new offer include then overall?” I said interrupting Gideon rambling.

“I`m glad that you asked that mighty fine question Romulus. This new offer it involves you and your brother coming aboard my ship and officially being joined to my crew. The two of you are welcome with open arms to be a part of this crew but I will need the two of you to talk to Lorenzo first. Hopefully he will come back with the two of you onto this ship t. That is all I could ask of you in return to welcome you onto my ship and crew.”

“You know what I think I will be taking up on my original answer from the first offer. NO.”

Without saying anything else Gideon yanks mw up by the hair and physically drags me up the stairs and to the top deck. Crew members are hanging around in clusters of small groups maybe of four of five. I am momently dropped to the floor when two small scaled guy’s pull me up to my knees facing Gideon. Past Gideon I saw someone lying on the floor tied up to the main mast unconscious.

“Listen up everyone here is what happens to those when repeatedly asked you are constantly declined.” Gideon said.

The person tied up to the mast is lifted up only to be the one and only my little brother Rocco. First instant to say my brother I fight against the restraints and the two men now holding me completely force me face first into the floor.

“Pussy, “asshole”, and “wimp” are some of the few names thrown at me by a number of crew members watching me fight against their brother just to get to my own brother. In the length of three minutes Gideon picks up Rocco`s unconscious body and strode straight to the railings. And in the matter of seconds Rocco is unfeasibly thrown overboard like a piece of garbage left behind on a dinner plate. A piecing scream left my mouth as everything moved in slow motion. In the space of the moment and the sudden pumping of adrenaline I fight against the members of Gideon`s crew even more to get to the railing as quickly as possible.

More screaming left my lips seeing Gideon waving goodbye to Rocco`s body. Finger tips away from the railing I am yanked forcibly by the back of my collar of my shirt. I didn`t have much time to grasp anything in my hand when I dropped firmly to the floor. Already covered head to toe in cuts, bruises, and blood a pair of hands claps my wrists dragging me across the top deck to the middle of a circle of crew members. Being let go shortly soon after I scurry up to my feet in time to be dropped to me knees as a sudden lash of a whip hits the centre of my back. The burning started on my back and then spread to the rest of my body. Clenching my fists I bare down on the unbearable pain. Several whips later, I finally collapsed to the cold hard floor feeling warm blood running down my cheek and torn back.

“Now listen to me Romulus we don`t have to end on bad terms here. I can offer you one more deal otherwise it is all off the table and you won`t be lasting very long. This involves you getting yourself patched up by doc and becoming a co-captain with me. You can have Lorenzo`s ship when we get out of this storm and patch it up at the mainland.”

“No thanks I would rather be sinking to the bottom of the ocean with my little brother than sitting around playing pirates.

Curses, death threats, and other nonsense flow out of Gideon`s mouth in which has given me enough time to stumble off the floor in scrutinizing pain and throw myself against the railing. Yet it didn`t go how I planned to because in the process of the violent rocking of the ship and the weight I use to throw myself straight over the side of the ship into the whip lashing and over powering waves. Nonetheless on the way down I constantly turning around trying to hang onto nothing in the air. When I got too close to the side of the ship I crashed my head against it. Knocked out completely I didn`t feel myself crash though the water or start to sink.


My eyes shot open and I gasped lungs full of oxygen. Stinging eyes alerted me to the minerals of sand stuck on my tongue. Lifting my head up off the ground the crashing of waves in the far distance and the burning sensational heat from the sun is crisping the whip marks on my back. Moaning, groaning, and occasionally crying out in pain I settle on resting on my knees in case my legs give out if I dare to use them. Long line of trees met a part of the beach and the white sand stretched out for miles against the ocean. Smell is no different from what any ordinary beach would smell like along with the smell of pine trees under my hands the roughness and the pure size of each grain of sand moves against the open wound cuts on the palms of my hands and knuckles. Chirping of birds, the lapsing of waves, and the gentle rustling of the leaves on the pine trees; these are the only things that I hear along the bench the longer I sit here and listen to everything around me.

Seconds, minutes, hours may have gone passed at what time the aching sun is clouded by some pure white clusters of clouds passing in the sky. Given the chance to get up onto my feet I lift my legs up one at a time to gain balance on my feet. The minute I am standing on the balls of my feet the muscles in my legs gave out leaving me back where I started on the sand. After multiple attempts to get back on my feet I finally do succeed to ever so slowly I start to take off down the beach on my left towards the bundle of rocks piled up high. Walking past the rocks, I changed my mind to continue to walk in the sun and directed to the forest. Denser the forest become as the further I walked between the trees under low branches and over small rivers.

Night fall fell pretty quickly soon after I did enter the forest. While the small rays of moonlight are peering through the branches of the tree I collected some broken branches and other pieces of wood scattered close by. I made a fire out of the very few materials that I had around m. After a while I can faintly hear back of the throat growling close by in the forest. Rapidly I stood up wobbling onto my feet I searched around the darkness to see many pairs of red eyes looking back at me. The creatures in the darkness didn`t have time to step forward because three big bangs are set off and Lorenzo walks out of the forest into the small clearing in front of the fire.

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