Our Time is Now

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Chapter 9


The minute Lorenzo slanders through the darkness of the forest and I turned to the defence in case something would to happen between the two of us. The presence of Lorenzo put off the red eyes creatures and they disappeared back into the forest. Leaving behind the snapping and crunching of branches, twigs and dried leaves. My attention focused on Lorenzo standing on the other side of the fire looking very smug like he is holding an up most important secret. From standing all the way over here nothing is going to end well by the time we are finished with each other.

“Hello Romulus I didn`t expect you to make it this far after coming in contact with Gideon and his obnoxious sloppy crew mates.” Lorenzo started.

“Hello Lorenzo I’m surprised that Gideon even let you off his ship after the many attempts of trying to get me to com end find you and either bring you to him or kill you here and feed you to the mermaid as some bait.” I called back.

“Gideon is too stupid to bargain with other people to do his own dirty work. he would seemingly do it himself getting his men and also himself killed in the process.”

“Maybe he has had a small change of heart and has his head finally screwed on straight for the first time. There are an infinite number of possibilities.”

“That’s not possible nothing should have changed from then to now I would have made sure of it.”

“Let’s get off that now should we, I’m sure we have more important things that the two of us could be talking about.”

“And what are those important topics we should be talking about, Romulus.”

“Trust, revenge, traitorousness, backstabbing. I`m sure the list could go on further if I had the time to stand here and tell them all to you.”

“I really don`t understand where you`re going with this Romulus and to be perfectly honest with you I couldn`t care less.”

“Son you wouldn`t care when I drag your pathetic ass back to Gideon and his crew. He did offer me a good price for your head on a spike so he can put it on the front of his ship for everybody to see it when he attacks on others.”

We stopped out conversation to advance to one other. Striding to meet Lorenzo halfway next to the fire neither one of us wanted to be the one to kick start the conversation back up again. Anger pulsed through my veins the longer I stand next to the fire and stared at Lorenzo staring at me in return. The Coggs inside his head turned round as Lorenzo processed the information that I have given to him about Gideon. I may have lied to him but I needed to see what his reaction would have turned out to be. His jaw is clenched and also his brow is knitted together in confusion the now we wait.

“Your lying to me Romulus Gideon wouldn’t offer anything in return for a pity little action. He is not calculated enough to be able to bargain with some low like you.” Lorenzo started the conversation once again.

“That’s up for you to decide on your own Lorenzo I cannot make it for you.” I said.

“Don`t say that your trying to trick me into thinking something that I completely wrong.”

“What is the man-eating mermaids scared of when Gideon appeared out of nowhere? It seems to me that Gideon has upped his games in dealing things and situations that are coming his way.”

A few feet away from each other the wind picked up sending the branches in different directions. I can hear the wind hissing all around me in which it sent numerous child up my spine like cold fingers dragging up warm flesh. Through of the gaps in the branches and through the trees the wind began to howl like a hungry animal desperate to get their paws of their next meal standing by. These howling winds has me almost paralyzed in terror. The heat pulsing through my shoes up my legs and the rest of my body pushed me over the edge. The heat flowing over my body is increasing as my body is being plunged into a one hundred degrees’ oven to cook, burn, and die. I am cold and overheating at the same time. With the wind wailing in the air and the burning fiery heat pulsing up from the forest floor I wasn`t sure what to do but stand by and let it happen to me.

The sound of Lorenzo muttering and chanting reaches my ears through the whipping gale force winds and the mega burning attached to my skin. As all of this started it all of a sudden stopped and wiped out of the fire beside me. This has left me in total darkness and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could no longer see the outline of Lorenzo standing in front of me. His presence around me has disappeared along with trying to get any answers out of him. Tired, angry, and hungry I made the quick decision to start heading the way that Lorenzo made his appearance through the forest. Sudden thoughts of my baby brother hit me like a bomb during the war. Worry crusaded through the length of my body from head to toe. I have been so focused on myself, getting some answers out of Lorenzo, and also thinking of my baby brother that I whipped around multiple time at the unusual noises whistling through the branches of the trees.

I couldn`t get the noises out of my head as the deep tone of the howling echoes through the trees in the distance. Wolves maybe but I couldn`t be sure because this island isn`t something that I’ve experience before in my entire life and I refuse to believe that this whole thing is even real. It is all a dream that I am going to soon wake up from and then I will wake up in the hospital with my new baby brother Rocco. Too focused in my thoughts once again the snapping of brittle branches and leaves brought me back to reality and the bright crimson red eyes staring back at me through the darkness surrounding me. The movement, and the staring is followed by several deep throat growling. Internally I am screaming my head off to run back towards the beach in this fight of flight situation. One the other hand however I am standing there in the middle of a forest in the pitch black surrounded by the unknown creatures growling at me.

And I am stood here looking and feeling like a complete idiot. Thankfully Lorenzo has disappeared and no other human is here to watch me make a fool of myself. It didn`t go well for myself the last time I made a complete fool of myself and I don`t need and want to make the same mistake a second or third time. With no source of light or heat I crouched down and rest my knees on the floor to make myself as small as possible. Behind me the twigs snapping is much louder than it was before. Nevertheless, the growling soon stopped moving towards me. Unexpectedly in a swift movement and a quick blast of cold air rushed past me. In the little bit of moonlight shimmering past through the trees a large silhouette of a wolf settling itself in front of me growling at the unknown creatures surrounding me in the dark. This wolf beast must be over 5ft tall in height and weighs 200 pounds at the least. Personally I wouldn`t want to get on its bad side any day.

Keep thinking like that and every creature on this island is going to take advantage of your fears and weaknesses

Surprised at the male voice saying that I whipped my head around to see if anybody was around watching me about to become chopped liver.

In front of you ass wipe there isn`t anyone else around here that is able to connect to you mentally

The male voice talked again and I am equally confused as I was a few minutes ago. In total surprise and caught off guard with the new voice inside my head the wolf beast standing in front of me uses its hind leg and kicks me square in the chest. The kick was firm, hard and powerful enough to take me straight to the forest floor in a flash. Within a mere second of landing to the floor a creature is sorts leaps over me and onto the back of the wolf beast. These two silhouettes roll on the floor biting and scratching each other in defence trying to protect their jugular and some other body parts that can be easily attacked and they can be killed with on swipe of the razor sharp thick talons known as claws. A few other creatures turned to get their own attacks here and there in which were successful enough that the wolf beast is slowing down, losing a lot of energy and blood, and is also swaying from side to side in close defeat.

Although on this bright side seemingly a blinding bright white light emitted from the wolf beast before he collapsed to the ground to the forest floor in a sigh of relief. All the creatures whimpered in defeat and ran away with their tails between their legs. Cautious to see if the creatures returned I dashed up to my feet and raced over to the wolf beast to check if he is still alive or not. A rapid check of the pulse on the wolf beast`s neck it is firm and beating strongly. A sigh of relief escaped from my parted chapped lips as I checked over some of the minor wound that have already stopped bleeding and started to clot. Running my hand over the wolf beasts left hind leg he cried out in pain that he growled at me all the same.

“Okay you have a broken leg so going to need to snap it back into place just to let you know.” I said out loud hoping that the wolf beast can actually understand me.

Do it fast I`m in so much pain as this is the worst bit of it all as I heal over few days’ The voice says inside my head.

So glad for my degree in medical science I am able to firmly, quickly and effectively snap the bone back into place; bandage it up tightly with the fabric of my half my trousers. Several tries later the wolf beast is able to finally get up and walk around me with a limp.

What now?’ I thought.

Well Romulus we need to get a move on because the island knows you are here and so does the bad things that live here

What bad things live here? And how does the island know I’m here? Why did those things want to come after me? Where are we anyway?’ I continued to ramble on with more questions than I know what to do with.

Calm down Romulus there is no ned to start freaking out at this right now. Those types of questions cannot be answered right now because at this point in time we need to get a move on otherwise we are both going to be food. And my name is Cornelius.

Startled at what the wolf beast – or I should say Cornelius – has said I follow beside him into the forest. Together we talked through our mental connections as more questions fizzle to the top that will be left unanswered for the time being. Over the next few hours Cornelius updated me with information about himself. He is an ancient spiritual wolf guardian that has been put on the island to help guide Romulus through the dep this of the island. Armed to the teeth with information of the island, and on how to fight Cornelius refused to give me the information up about the island and how to get off the island with Rocco in tow. Even though I became angry and annoyed at Cornelius at not telling me the information that I desperately needed to know I reeled it all in and tried – unhappily – to understand what his role is in helping me though the island safe and sound. In the hours that we spent together wondering through the forest aimlessly Cornelius taught me the north, east, south, west of the island and also a few survival strategies to be able to with stand the island to long period of time before the island seeps through our brain and eventually kills us off. (Cornelius’s words not mine.)

By the time that the sun rises in the north Cornelius has slowly started to heal his minor wounds. I have more scraps, bumps, and bruises than I would like in just mere several hours. Meanwhile, the two of us perked up at the nearby sounds of running water. I picked up the pace leaving behind the limping Cornelius to get to the water quick enough. The logical side of my brain switched off as I pelted down the side of a small kill. As a result of that I tripped over a tree stump head first place planted into the shallow stream at the bottom of the said small hill. Cornelius trotted to my side snorted and mentally laughed at me for my stupidity.

You`re not much of an outdoors type person are you?

Not really

Well you’re going to need to suck it all up and be one because if you want to get your brother back and get off the island then surviving outdoors is a total must

Why can`t you do it for me. I`m not mentally built to with stand behind outside in a forest for a long period of time

We spent a few minutes in silence slurping at the crystal clean clear stream water listening to the sounds of the wildlife around us. I didn`t want to say anything to break our silence in case I missed something around me. A snap of a twig and some quiet slurping of water alerted me to a small deer downstream drinking a fair amount of the stream water. Staring at it in awe its light brown fur coat glistened in the morning rays of sun shine through the branches of tall trees.

Don`t be fooled by a creature’s appearance Romulus. That deer may be all cute and innocent but when you get close enough it will ripe your head off in one swift blow

That can`t be true the deer looks perfectly normal to me

Yes it looks normal it is meant to took that way to draw people clueless like you for the kill

People like me, what is that supposed to mean?

You don`t understand the inner workings of the island just yet so for the moment you and your brother are two clueless people who could potentially die in the next few days

The sound of howling in the distance interrupted out conversation and the staring competiton between the deer and I. The deep changed into something that I didn`t recognise before it scattered away. In advance I was able to get a look at the deer before it dispersed back into the forest further away from the stream. First off I noticed its razor sharp teeth peering out of its jaw. Secondly the general size of the deer changed rapidly as well as the giant wings that has all of a sudden sprouted out of the deer`s back. Thirdly before it ran away its eyes turned motionless and completely white. Almost as if the deer is afraid of smoothing much large and more powerful than its changed self. More certainly something to do with the howling in the distance.

Come on Romulus we need to get out of here now and find some shelter to rest up in before we decide to rummage through the forest without any strength

Y-y-yeah okay let’s go I believe you now and I don`t think I am going to be doubting you again Cornelius for a little while’

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