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Two: The Enemy

Inspector Gutierrez

Inspector Gutierrez glanced at a hair held between his tweezers; he was looking for more information on the plots but he could not find anything on the enemy, nothing at all. Sighing, he rolled his office chair to his lab table where the results of his investigation on the young Kamlin were stored, his only connection to the enemy in the victim’s injuries. He picked up his touchscreen pulling up the medical files which he had erased, thinking about the boy Kamlin who had glowing blood.

“How did this boy get glowing blood? What is the connection?” Inspector Gutierrez scrolled through a touchscreen as he observed the files he had erased on Kamlin’s medical condition. He knew it was illegal, but whoever was the spy within the ranks of the Dawns could have gotten hold of Kamlin’s medical records and turned the boy against the Dawns. In his perspective, he was bypassing the law to protect someone who could potentially destroy the Dawns without realizing it.

He ran a hand through his hair feeling the long locks he had pulled into a neat gather at the bottom of his neck. They were tight, just the way he liked them being not allowed to have long hair before his job as an inspector, being in the military. Something about his hair made him feel in control of his situation and he smiled at the way he used to feel when he would snap orders out to his soldiers.

“Ah, those were the good old days,” He muttered as he picked up his touchscreen’s stylus thinking what he could do to crack the case of an enemy spy within the Dawn’s ranks. Kamlin’s medical files on his glowing blood kept coming to the inspector’s mind. There was a connection between Kamlin’s files and the Jurishaon Mentor files which the enemy had erased. Was glowing blood a sign of Jurishaon abilities?

This new mystery sent the inspector off on a new train of thought. He rolled his office chair back to his computer monitors where he had files on the security cameras from around the Dawn’s HQ dating back to the time the founders had been around. After scrolling through some of the files he found one from right after the relief team returned from their onslaught, and found it had recorded an unknown Dawn agent standing over a computer.

“This must be the enemy I am looking for.” He touched the screen pinpointing the exact location of the moving figure and his eyes grew wide. The video showed a member of the relief team with long brown hair and very pale skin. From his appearance looked like he was wearing an expensive suit of black leather. It was evident he was different; everything about him was powerful and freaky. This was something which told the inspector what had happened to the two survivors of the onslaught was out of the ordinary realm of war.

“Computer, identify relief team member.” He bent over the thirty second footage his amazement growing in which he saw the Jurishaon files erased the relief team member breaking into the deepest parts of the Dawns’ database.

“Inspector Gutierrez, the relief team member’s name is Valdin Twinsworth. He is a Human male between the ages of 18 and 20. Birthdate is not in the database nor is team member authentication.”

“Thank your harddrive Computer, now access files on Valdin Twinsworth’s last mission.” The inspector relaxed into his chair and waited as he stared at the midnight sky his mind beginning to connect the dots between Kamlin and his suspect’s actions. Valdin had erased files on the Jurishaon Mentors because of the finding within Kamlin.

“Inspector Gutierrez, there are no files on Valdin Twinsworth’s last mission. The only thing found on Valdin Twinsworth was the file you just recently made on him.”

The inspector felt shocked, he had never been put up against an adversary who knew his search patterns and the very thought of a boy outwitting him in his abilities with technology aggravated him. It was so annoying to him he started to bring all his theories about the actual story into play. His plans including cutting and pasting his theories to form a new hypothesis, one in which he would be able to pin Valdin Twinsworth as the enemy.

“Computer, shut down after saving new files to harddrive. Also, put thirteen of the “inspector only” passwords on each of the recent files.”

“Actions complete, shutting down.”

The inspector rubbed his hands together. “Now for a visit to Kamlin’s quarters, the young Man should be able to answer my questions.”

Leaning over his desk he searched for a button on his private communications channel. “This is Inspector Gutierrez to Dawn entry terminal. I have a request for two agents to accompany me to on a risky errand as I have found the enemy spy.”

“Dawn entry terminal to Inspector Gutierrez; we will send two agents over there shortly.” The voice on the other end of the communications channel said.

The inspector smiled as he drew on his outercoat he felt a satisfying bunch of satisfaction as he inspected his office. “Ah, now the case is almost complete, just for the small amount of information I must get from the young Man Kamlin.”

The lawyer Rahvana met him when he exited his door office. “Inspector, it’s good to see you. I must report my findings to you on the case.”

The inspector looked at Rahvana with a puzzled face. “What have you found on the case Rahvana?”

“The enemy wants to kill Khyber Levitates. They are also bent on hiding something which we now know about Kamlin. The medical files on the young Man’s glowing blood are gone from our database.”

The inspector put a hand on his chin. “The Council must be informed of this Rahvana. Every single thing is leading us closer to catching our enemy’s spy. You would do well to inform them.”

“Here’s another thing inspector. Our true enemy is amongst the Council and is trying to foil our investigations.”

Rahvana’s last remark set the inspector pacing with his focus on the partially-lit hallway before him. “Your investigations are more thought-out than mine. You should have had my position in this job now that you have helped me to connect the dots. Kamlin and Khyber are at risk of death from the Council’s minion Valdin Twinsworth. He is the servant to the mastermind who messed Kamlin up.”

Rahvana looked into the inspector’s eyes her face seemingly aglow with excitement. “Now that we have our suspect’s name we can probably coax some stuff out of Kamlin.”

“Affirmative Rahvana, let us move.”

Inspector Gutierrez noticed Kamlin’s hospital room was spotless and sterile upon entering it, the bed surprisingly unoccupied. “Rahvana, look at this. Kamlin is up and about as if he knew we were coming.”

Rahvana turned to look at the empty bed and an alarmed look crossed her face. “Inspector, where do you think Kamlin is? I have a feeling he’s in danger.”

The inspector noticed Rahvana froze as they heard a faint scraping noise accompanied by a click. He felt his inside pocket where his triline was; ready to fire if the Council’s minion was present to kill Kamlin.

“Drop your weapons.” He said firmly holding his weapon to the door as the clicking increased, the people drawing closer. He was prepared for any sort of an enemy, ready to defend his charge Kamlin against the attacks so either Rahvana or himself might finish solving Kamlin’s case.

“Inspector, we were sent to escort you to your charge’s hospital room. It’s us; Dawn agents Royce and Macie.”

The inspector looked at the grey-clad agents; their helmet visors a distinct golden color, setting them apart from the other members of the Dawn ranks. They were tall recruits, well-trained and polite to him earning his pre-judgment of good agents.

“Glad you are here agents I need you to keep watch by the door while Lawyer Rahvana here and I talk to Kamlin.”

“Understood and will do Inspector.” The two Dawn agents saluted and positioned themselves by the door as the inspector turned into the room his heart pounding as he caught a glimpse through the green vines in the room of Kamlin sitting with his back to Rahvana and him.

Cautiously, he made his way to Kamlin who was sitting very still, the only evidence he was alive was the slight movement of his head when the inspector came close to him.

“Greetings Kamlin are you well?” The inspector saw how pale the skin on Kamlin’s neck and hands was in the light of the angry red burns which crisscrossed his neck.

Kamlin clenched his teeth. “No I’m not well Inspector. I have had many painful things happen to me in the last week; one of them the loss of my best friend Valdin to my attacker.”

“I am sorry about your loss Kamlin and I am sorry that you, as the youngest member of the Dawns, has had to go through the most pain; feeling the responsibility for six dead relief team members.” The inspector put a hand on Kamlin’s shoulder hoping Kamlin could see the pity he had in his eyes.

Kamlin seemed to focus on him but the inspector felt something was off in the fact that he could not see Kamlin’s eyes hidden by the mass of black hair hanging over them.

Kamlin grasped the inspector’s arm. “Thank you for your sympathy Inspector. However, I do not want pity, I want results on the case and justice to be brought for my deceased team members, as well as for me for the stolen blood the medical team took from me.”

Fear shot through the inspector, he was the one who had Kamlin’s glowing blood in his office. His heart pounded as he felt the strength of Kamlin’s hand, even in his injured state Kamlin’s awareness was uncanny. The desire for justice Kamlin had a plea for him to be honest and show his true colors in this situation he was faced with. The young Man can read me like a book. He thought as Kamlin’s grip loosened on his wrist the feeling of dread passing along with it.

“Inspector, you seem quiet. Is something wrong?” Rahvana walked up to him as Kamlin bent his head a shudder running through his injured body.

“Kamlin has a desire for justice and he wants to see his deceased comrades get a proper avenging.” The inspector tried to sound as calm as he could but Kamlin’s directness had shaken him and he could not get his voice steady.

Rahvana’s eyes told him that she wanted to know the full truth her face displaying its hard lines. “Inspector, tell me what you are thinking; from your expression I see you are feeling guilty about something and I want to hear it before I call in the Dawn agents.”

The inspector saw there was no way out of the situation. Rahvana had him cornered, and now she wanted him to confess something which might awaken Kamlin’s anger. Something which he knew he had had no right to do was the crime he had committed; forcing himself to believe the self-created lie Kamlin could potentially destroy the Dawns.

“Rahvana, I made Medical Facilities here at Dawn HQ surrender Kamlin’s blood sample. I believe it could be useful to our cause to protect Kamlin and Khyber and that is why I did it.”

Rahvana gasped her hand on the butt of her triline. “You-you traitor what you have done here is completely illegal, how dare you not respect Kamlin’s rights as a citizen of the Dawns!”

Rahvana’s anger was kindled. A fury which the inspector hated as he knew he was powerless to stop it, the only thing to cool her jets being the solution to the problem.

Doing his best, the inspector tried to explain. “Listen Rahvana, I did it all under protocol. I was ordered to get Kamlin’s blood from Medical Facilities by our contact outside the Council and I obeyed the order.”

Rahvana whipped her triline out and pointed at him as she stood in front of Kamlin her eyes flashing with a cold fire.

“Inspector, I’m afraid you won’t be needed on this case anymore. You have just fitted the last piece into the puzzle which I have been trying to complete, admitting that your contact was outside the Council. I am sorry Inspector, but you have just proven yourself a traitor to the Dawns. Agents, arrest Inspector Gutierrez. He is the one who we have been looking for in relation to Kamlin’s stolen blood, proving that he is a traitor to the Dawns by his actions.”

The Dawn agents entered the room their stun weapons pointed at the inspector. What surprised him was that they obeyed Rahvana since he had been assigned by his outside contact and the Council as overall head of security at Dawn HQ. He hoped his authority would work.

“You cannot arrest me I am Inspector Gutierrez. If you are real Dawn agents you would be under my command.”

“Affirmative, Inspector it is true you were once in command of us, but since your breach of protocol and traitorous actions which we have on the security camera, Undercover Agent Rahvana has been our commander.”

Angered, the inspector looked at Rahvana. “I thought you trusted me! Why did you do this Rahvana?”

Rahvana crossed her arms her triline still pointed at the inspector. “I have never trusted you Inspector Gutierrez. Your breach of protocol and the law have proved to me that you were working for the Dawn’s enemy from the start.”

“His contact had him also send Kamlin on the mission which killed my sisters and almost killed Kamlin himself.” Khyber Levitates stepped out from amongst the green vines where the inspector presumed she had been standing the entire time. Her eyes were surprisingly calm as she walked up to the inspector.

“Why did you do it Inspector? Are you a monster?” Her words pierced his soul for a moment as he looked into her eyes and saw the hurt and the pain he had caused when he had purposefully sent Kamlin on a mission. He was not one to feel pain for long though, he had his own motives his end goal to get his money no matter what price had to be paid…

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