Beauty In Worship

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Celine gets to work when she was visited by Gabriel, and angel and was told about the secret to success. How far is she willing to go to spread the news? Beauty In Worship is book that talks about the many adventures Celine faces on her path to success and fulfillment the discovery of the power of the mind. As she explores the depths of her dreams, the yearning to do the impossible grows and she pulls through with it. As she ages her belief grows and the essence of positive thinking and hardwork proves to keys to a beautiful life..

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

As the holy book states in the beginning the earth was without form and was void and the angels hovered over the surface of the water.

Creation only occurs in a formless environment- Anonymous

As the saying goes necessity is the mother of invention.

In the beginning

It was a quarter to midnight in the cottage of Brightly Ville and all those who lie in its bosom were asleep as the moon light brightens up. Celine keeps hearing sounds in her sleep and felt as though, she was walking away from the house into the forest. She was pulled away in a whirl wind to a very shiny place embodied with many colors, where all the people there were clothed in white garments and were busy going about their duties.

As she looks on, her eyes caught one of the people wink at her and said come! Okay she replied and stood in the wind that kept moving her until she landed on a cloud on which the person sat on. She asked who are you, what is your name and why am I here? Gabriel smiled at her and said you are here to proclaim to the world the truth which is the secret. And in your quest to know I will show you the way through dreams, visions and songs, so pay heed to the voice when it comes. Curious as she was, asked, what is the secret? Gabriel answered, it is what most people have missed about life and they keep straying away from it, especially those who call themselves Christians. She was marveled by the statement made by Gabriel so decided to know more about the secret. Gabriel sat with her on the clouds and said the only way you can understand the secret and tell the world is to believe in every positive or negative speech you make, this is because out of words the universe was put in its order and shape so it applies to every facet of destiny, life and all there is.

As she sat thinking through what Gabriel had told her, suddenly she felt a drift from where Gabriel was then all and sundry waved at her, and there she heard her alarm ring. She woke up with a smile at 4am and prayed about the dream, sang and began with her morning devotion. The scripture read was Joshua 1:8b; for you will make your way prosperous and have good success. As she meditated, Celine realized that she was the owner of her destiny and thus she can create her world of possibilities and greatness with the help of the Almighty. All that one needed to do in order to succeed was to be diligent at whatever you do, stay positive, what you want to receive; give how you want to be treated do same and many more. She wrote down these statements, prayed and went to begin with her chores before going to school.

Celine started sweeping the house and listened to BBC news on her Walkman, she finished with that, went to prepare breakfast for the family, washed the utensils and bowls and went to take her bath. It was 5:30am the usual time she sets off to school, her goodbyes and I love yous were said to her family and the journey to school began. It was quite a long journey from her house to the school but she always travelled on foot because it was quiet around those areas and she felt better connected to herself and the heavenly bodies. As she walked briskly to school as others watched her in dismay since it had become her regular route for six years. Moreover all those on the road knew her due to her consistency, respectfulness, calmness and meekness. Most parents used her as a point of reference when they advised their children to be studious and disciplined so they came out of school with flying colors and grew up as responsible students. Despite all her many attributes, decency was one virtue that toned up her knowledge and understanding in all areas. She is one girl whose looks attracted the eyes of both sexes and personality pulled many to her company. She greeted anyone who came her way and helped in the least opportunity when called.

Celine returned home from school and started with the evening meal. As she went about her chores, her mother noticed a worried look but since she had always being; so discrete and quiet, mother requested to know why? She asked her what was wrong and she narrated the dream and her mother replied “you are always dreaming above your level and then you tend to become very silent after that, why? Well do not worry it does not mean anything, just keep your cool, she said.

Her zeal to know more about the truth and reality to the dream got her researching on any available medium one can think of; the Internet, in the school library and the community library. Diverse ideas from scholars, philosophers, writers did she find from encyclopedias, quotes books and the bible. Many were the quotes she read about from great scientist such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Newton and other great scientist who knew about the natural phenomena and how to understand it. Through her search many things made sense and they appeared in a form of a small stilled voice or a dream. Each dream she had was an unfolding part of what she was looking for and everything she found was documented. Her dad kept close watch on her every time, as she goes about her duties and steps out to go to school or buy some groceries. This was because they felt that she had found a boy who was feeding her with the wrong information, in spite of her being obedient and open.

They feared that she could easily be cajoled to do something odd but what they missed was the fact that she knew that purity of mind, heart, body and soul was the best gift one could give to you as an act of self love and acceptance. In all her conquest, she loved, worshipped the lord and consistently did right. She knew without a creator her life would be non-existent and all that she seeks to know rested in the creation of the Almighty. Worship was a vital ingredient in as she cooked everyday meals and did anything. Be it singing, writing, dancing, sweeping etc. Worship is an innate part of a person and it builds your soul as it trends on the way to the celestial city.

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