Tight Spot

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Chapter 2: Step 2

The light woke me. The door was ajar and Tank was no were to be seen.

I panicked. I grabbed my backpack and wrenched it open to find the book still inside. Releasing my relief in a long exhale, I laughed. I should have known that Tank wouldn’t be the type to go back on his word and steal the book leaving me here.

I flipped to page two.

The title at the top of the almost empty page read - 'Step 2 - Don't get bitten, avoid contact with their bodily fluid, and run and hide if you see one.'

I re-read Step2 several times.

They were kidding right?

No! This was a serious document! It had to be.

There must be some cryptic meaning behind the words. Maybe I just didn’t understand it. Maybe I just wasn’t reading it right. Maybe there was some sort of code within the words.

Damn, I wasn’t very good at code breaking and somehow I doubted that Tank was either.

On the page underneath step2 was a list of things you should pick up on the way to your hiding spot.

Water, preserved food, torch, spare batteries, radio, weapons (e.g. sledge hammer, axe, shotgun, chainsaw), and a change of underwear.

I rubbed my face with my hands and put the book back into my backpack.

This was our salvation. It had taken almost a year of my life to find this?

I tried to find the answers to this riddle on the roof of the meat locker. No such luck. But as my hands reached out on the concrete floor my fingers brushed against a piece of paper. Maybe something had fallen out of the book? This might be the key to break the code. I turned and reached for the scrap of paper.

I smiled in disappointment but also in relief, as I picked it up.

“MORENING,” it read all in capitals, “GON TO GET CLOETHS - LUV TANK.”

I laughed at the various spelling attempts he had made and crossed out, before he settled on ‘cloeths’.

I crawled out of the meat locker and lay on the floor in the backroom just inhaling the sweet smell of fresh air. Next to the door was a large bottle of water, a bar of soap, and a small bag of dried fruit and nuts. I practically inhaled the food. It wasn’t enough but it tasted good. The water was clean so I drank enough before I looked at the soap. I was still naked and my skin was past filthy. Using as little water as possible I washed by body. The soap smelt of jasmine and my skin tingled with gratitude. My hands touched on my hair. I couldn’t leave that. I decided to be frivolous and I used the last of the water rinsing the soap suds from my hair. I was pretty sure I moaned like one of the models on those shampoo commercials.

I was squeezing my hair out when I heard the pacing on the other side of the door to the shop space.


“Yes Ma’am?” the pacing stopped.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a towel out there would you?”

“No ma’am. But I you can use this,” a hand appeared holding a large clean shirt. “It’s a spare. There’re clothes out here for you Ma’am. I’ll turn my back.”

I pulled on the large Tank sized shirt and gingerly opened the door. Tank had his back to me so I closed the door behind me. He was dressed in a pair of jeans that hugged his ass in a way that should be illegal. His t-shirt did nothing to hide his muscular back either. My fingers itched to be dung into that back again.

I dragged my eyes from him and to the piles of clothing on the shop counter. There was a large pile of jeans and shirts. On another display case was a show of dresses, all the same and all still on their hangers. Between the piles and the dress was a plastic bag. Spilling out of the bag was a tangle of colourful lace and shiney satiny material.

“Sorry Ma’am, I ain’t no good with sizes, so I just picked up a bunch of stuff,” he shuffled his feet.

“Do you like the dress Tank?” I smiled as these were laid out carefully.

“Yes Ma’am,” he whispered.

I smiled as I fished out a matching set of underwear. There was quite an assortment of lingerie. Some of it was quite scandalous. I flashed a look at Tank but his back was still turned. I wasn’t sure what he was expecting but I wasn’t the sort of girl who wore crutch-less panties.

I took out a pair of jeans in my size and a shirt. These were practical. My eyes went to the dresses. Ohh damn! What the hell?

It was a pretty dress. The floral pattern was bright and summery without being gaudy. It had a wide swooping neckline and small capped sleeves. It was shaped around the bust then straight down to a flared out short shirt. It was cute.

“Tank, can you help me with the zip?”

I heard him turn as I held the dress to my body. His fingers trembled as he eased the zip up to the top of the dress.

I dropped my hair and turned smiling at him.

His face took on a pained expression and as he stepped backwards away from me.

I took in a deep breath, “Tank, did you shave?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Are you alright Tank?”

His eyes flowed down my figure then he closed them tightly and turned away.

“Tank what’s wrong?”

He mumbled something that I couldn’t hear. Using my hands I gently turned him to face me.

“Tank, what’s wrong?” I asked again with a gentle voice.

“Nothing,” he hung his head but his eyes lifted to me quickly before dropping back to the floor.

“It doesn’t look like nothing. Tell me what I have done.”

“What you have done?” His eyes lifted to mine again.

“Yes Tank, what have I done to upset you like this?”

“You’ve done nothing Ma’am.”

“Why are you calling me Ma’am then? Why aren’t you talking to me? What have I done Tank?”

“You’re too good for me Ma’am,” he blurted out then dropped his head lower.

“I’m sorry? I don’t understand?”

“I’m not good enough for you. I ain’t been with a lady before Miss Kate. I don’t know what to do.”

I waited while he shuffled his feet.

“You’re so beautiful and you ain’t like the other girls I been with.”

“Now Tank, that can’t be true.”

“You’re different Miss Kate. You wanted to sleep with me. The others just wanted Tank for sex. They never wanted to sleep with me.” His cheeks blushed again, “They jumped my bones then I’d have to leave. They didn’t want to wake up in my arms or snuggle with the Tank. What I am trying to say is that I ain’t ever made love to a woman before Miss Kate. The cheerleaders said I was their property and they would use me for sex when they had the need.”

“And you let them?”

“I’m a man Miss Kate and they were mighty pretty and flexible as all hell.”

“I see,” I dropped my eyes away from him.

“But not as pretty as you Miss Kate and they ain’t all that flexible now,” he grimaced, “Did you love him?”


“The guy, your boyfriend,” he whispered.

“I thought I loved him but I was wrong. He lied to me. We made a pact to take TIGHT together. He obviously didn’t wait.”

Tank shuffled his feet and was still looking at the floor.

“Tank can you look at me? I still don’t understand what I did?”

“Ma’am, the girls I’ve been with only wanted me for what I could do for them in bed. You had me last night all ready for you and you curled up in my arms and slept instead. No one’s ever done that before. I held you in my arms as you slept. You ain’t only an angel Miss Kate but you are a lady. I don’t know what to do around ladies. You wouldn’t want a meat head like me.”

“Tank, you saved me last night. You found this place and you got us in here. You might not have been good at school work but you aren’t dumb. And I wasn’t lying when I said that I like you.”

“So you ain’t in love with someone else?”

“No Tank,” I smiled at his hopeful face.

“Ohh Miss Kate,” He stepped in and picked me up into his arms, “I’m ever so happy to hear you say that. I thought for sure you didn’t want me because you belonged to someone else.”

I took a deep breath and breathed in his manly scent as I relaxed in his arms, “Ohh, I want you Tank but I don’t belong to anyone. And I won’t have sex with you just because you are pointing that thing at me.”

“Sorry ma’am,” he blushed slightly.

“That’s fine Tank, your reaction to me is very flattering.”

“I want you so much Miss Kate, it feels like my balls are gonna explode,” his arms tightened around me, “Ohh shit, sorry Miss Kate, I shouldn’t have said that.”

I just laughed and said, “It’s probably time we left because I don’t want to spend another night in that meat locker.”

Tank slowly released his grip on me with a reluctant look on his face, “I got us a new truck this morning.”

“Really? Why?” I asked as I walked towards the doorway. I gasped as the answer to my question was very clear. The truck was on its side and was wet with blood and other substances that I didn’t want to know about.

“Seems that it still smelt strongly,” was all Tank said.

He walked towards a large new Truck which he had mounted the roof lights on. I looked like he had already reloaded it with the equipment he had salvaged. I could see several containers of water so I guessed that he washed it all before it was put away.

“You weren’t worried about being infected?” I carefully stepped over a puddle of something.

“I don’t recon they can turn anyone Tight but I’m still mighty careful around blood and stuff, just in case.”

He opened the door for me and I climbed into the new Truck.

“The ones I’ve seen them capture don’t get turned they just get raped to death. Pa thinks they just want to ease their pain by prodding themselves into any hole. So the humping and being cannibals is all I’ve seen. I haven’t seen any new Tight, although I don’t want to think about what any babies might be like.”

I shivered at the thought.

“Ohh shit, sorry Miss Kate, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“It’s alright Tank. It’s just I don’t like remembering some things.”

He nodded and started the engine.

“You must have been up early this morning to get all the clothes and a new truck?”

Tank’s hands tightened on the wheel just enough for me to notice.

“You didn’t sleep did you Tank?”

“No, Ma’am. It ain’t your fault but you felt so good curled up against me.”

“Ohh Tank, what am I going to do with you?”

“I got some suggestions, if you are asking?” he sent me a cheeky smile. His dimples were so clear and deep on his freshly shaven face.

I laughed, “I’m sure you have Tank!”

We smiled at each other and he reached over and took my hand.

“Have you been alone all this time?” his eyes touched on me before he focused back on the road.

“No, there are other survivors out there. I used to meet up with quite a few but it’s getting less and less now. I don’t know why. I hope it’s because we are getting better at hiding not because more have been caught.”

I felt Tank’s hand tighten around mine.

“Other guys? Were there other guys?”

“No Tank, you’re the first for a long time. I think the lure of having a larger,” I pointed downwards, “Manhood and six pack abs was just too much. I didn’t think so many men would take TIGHT. I just didn’t think guys were so vain.”

“Yeah, I don’t understand it either.”

“I did meet up with a small group of guys in that first month, when we still didn’t understand what was happening. They were convinced they could protect all the women, including the Tight women. They thought that they could stop the Tight guys. They were wrong. They were outnumbered and it takes a lot of bullets to stop one Tight. A lot of people died in those first weeks.”

“How did you survive?”

“My parents weren’t rich so we lived in a suburb on the edge of town. After seeing what happened at my school, I left. I couldn’t see people I knew doing that. I thought that if I hid outside town I could wait it out. I thought someone would come along and fix it. They would invent a cure and everything would go back to how it was before. I thought I would be able to go home when it was all over. I was a coward Tank.”

“You survived Miss Kate that takes a lot of guts.”

“No Tank, I should have done more. Maybe if I had helped they might have survived. That’s why this book is so important. I have to do something to help. I’ve been searching for it since I realised that the good guys weren’t going to win. I’ve walked so far to get it.”

“You walked? Through the Cities too? But how did you avoid them?”

“I hid up high. They can’t lift their arms above their heads or climb. So as long as they can’t knock you down, you are safe off the ground. I spend the nights in trees, on roofs, shelves, or anywhere that’s over ten foot off the ground and stable.”

Tank nodded and squeezed my hand.

“What about you Tank? Doesn’t it worry you being amongst them?”

“It worries me more dying an old man alone,” he whispered. “When it first happened I was on the farm working. We didn’t have a game until Friday night and so coach said I could go help my pa with the hay. So I worked with Pa from sun up to sunset all that week. It was only when I went into town that I found them. I didn’t know. The last practice we had most of the team were sent to the gym to limber up because they were complaining about being stiff and the coach was fuming because a whole heap didn’t bother showing up. The cheerleaders didn’t turn up to practice either. It was unusual but I didn’t think anything about it. If I had been smarter maybe I could have saved them.”

“Tank you can’t save them from TIGHT.”

“Yeah, I know Miss Kate. I don’t mean them. There was a group of girls that made a stand against TIGHT. They protested it. They said it was stereotyping the female body, whatever that means. It looked like they barricaded themselves in the Sheriff’s office. If I watched TV or listened to the radio I might have been able to save them.”

“Tank, but don’t you see that’s what the guys I knew thought too. They all died. Their best friends and teammates killed them. The Tight didn’t know or care who they were. They just wanted to get to the girls. You wouldn’t have saved them.”

We sat in silence remembering the horror of those first few weeks.

“I met a girl called Melissa a couple of months ago. She was convinced that they had some harem somewhere. She believed that when they drag off the girls before sunrise that they were being taken to somewhere and the Tight made them into sex slaves. I hope for her sake she was wrong.”

“She was caught?”

“Yes,” I looked out at the houses flashing by, “She got pulled down from a tree. I couldn’t save her. I tried but I couldn’t. I closed my eyes but I could still hear them. She had stopped screaming by the time they dragged her off. I hoped that they would leave her when the sun came up and I’d be able to get to her then. But they took her with them.”

“I’m sorry Miss Kate,” Tank said softly, “I’d kill them all if I could. But I reckon that if they can’t infect others, we just have to out survive them.”

“Yes but food’s starting to get scarce. The canned goods won’t last forever.”

Tank laughed softly, “No Ma’am, but remember you live on a farm now. We got plenty of food. I might not be good at the school work but they guys on the team used to joke that I had the F’s covered - football, farming and... ohh shit, sorry Miss Kate.”

I laughed, relieved to have the change of subject. I listened as he told me about football and the farm. He was so child like with his enthusiasm. After so many lonely days, dark nights and the constant fear, Tank was like a breath of fresh air. Not only did I felt safe for the first time since this started but I felt at ease with him. I loved his innocence. He was like a huge teddy bear.

We stopped for fuel and food in a small town mid-afternoon. I got out and stretched my legs as I watched him work the hand pump. His biceps flexed with the movement. I couldn’t see his abs but I could imagine them tensing too as he steadily pumped. As I watched I felt that tugging sensation in my core.

He looked up at me and his eyes widened but he dropped his gaze back to his job and said nothing. However I didn’t fail to notice the muscles in his jaw tightening and he shifted his hips as he discretely tried to re-arrange himself. He packed up the fuel pump into the back of the truck and pulled out a map without turning to me. I could hear him muttering a continuous stream of words.

“Tank? What’s going on?”


“Let’s not do this again Tank. Tell me what is wrong.”

“I’m trying to be good Miss Kate. But it doesn’t help when you look at me all lusty like that. I can’t control my dick. I just want you.”


“Ohh shit, I’m sorry Miss Kate,” he interrupted, “I’ll wait for you. I’ll just have to keep distracting myself until we get married.”


“You’re a lady Miss Kate and I’ll not disrespect you by treating you like anything less. I won’t go pushing myself onto you until we are married.”

“But... Married?”

“Shit, sorry Miss Kate. Shoot me now. I don’t want to pressure you but I’m kinda falling in love with you. I know I ain’t the sort of man most girls want to marry but you said you liked me and I can’t help see the way you look at me. I figure you might be waiting for me to ask you. I ain’t good enough for you Miss Kate and I ain’t known you for long but I want you for my wife.”

I looked into Tank’s nervous eyes. His gorgeous face was lined with concern.

“I gotta ring with a big-ass stone in it. I’ll get down on my knees for you.”

He started to drop to one knee but I stepped in close to him and pushed my lips against his. With a deep groan he kissed me back and pushed me against the truck. His hands went to my breasts which he gently worked while his tongue explored my mouth. The other hand slid down my waist, over my hips until it rested on my thigh. His fingers gathered up the skirt of the dress as his hips pushed in between my legs. My panties were now exposed as his bulge pressed into me.

“No, not here,” I breathed as he fought with the zip on the dress and ground against me at the same time. “No Tank.”

Tank dropped his head to my shoulder and breathed heavily. The hard ridge was still pressing into me but he didn’t move.

“Ohh shit, Miss Kate I’m sorry.” He pushed away from me and looked down the deserted street, “I did it again. It’s just this is killing me. Hell, I can’t think. I can’t go five minutes without my cock throbbing in my pants. My balls ache for you Miss Kate. They are so fcuking tight.”

His eyes widened as he realised what he had just said. He spun away from me and his shoulders dropped.

“I’m no better than one of them. Shit. I’m sorry Miss Kate. You deserve better.”

My heart melted.

I stepped forwards and ran my hand down his back, trailing my fingers as I walked around him. When I stood in front of him with my palms resting on his abs, I pushed him back against the truck. His face was a mask of confusion until I undid the button on his jeans and brought the zipped downing freeing the weapon he was named for.

He mumbled soft curses as I eased his boxer shorts off exposing him. I admired him. He was quite the man. His cock stood out like an extra appendage, ramrod straight and almost a thick as my wrist. It was an impressive piece and more than a little frightening. My body ached for it but I had no idea how it was going to fit inside me?

I ran my fingers over it as he tried to free me from my dress again. I shook my head and small lines creased the area between his brows. I smiled and dropped to my knees.

“I can get down on my knees for you too Tank.” I smirked as he groaned even before I took him in my mouth.

I had done this to my boyfriend before but this was a different ball game. Tank was massive. His large helmet of a head slid into my mouth smearing the salty taste of his precum on my tongue. He throbbed gently as I watched the muscles in his body tighten. His hands came down to rest in my hair. My lips pressed down around his shaft and I sucked.

“Ohh baby,” he moaned loudly.

My hands went to the long length of him that was still outside my fill mouth. I gripped him with my fist and began to pump him just like he had pumped the fuel a moment ago. His skin was hot and soft but underneath that satin was a rock hard muscle straining for attention.

“Ohh, yes baby, yes,” he groaned even louder. His hips were making small movements of encouragement.

I sucked harder as I increased the strokes I made with my fist. Tank’s hips now came forward with each and his fingers were tangled in my hair.

“Ohh, yes please baby please,” He began to plead.

I dropped the roof of my mouth onto his swollen head and applied my teeth gently to his shaft as my hand rapidly moved the layer of skin covering the muscle.

He begged me using excited expletives.

My arm muscles ached and my lips were stinging as they held the suction. But I didn’t slow down.

“Please baby, I’m so close,” his hands tightened around my head as he leaned into me.

My other hand came up and cupped his scrotum massaging the soft orbs inside and that was enough to send him over the edge. He erupted in my mouth. His hips thrust forward and, had it not been for my hand between my mouth and his pelvis, I would have choked on it. I pumped his release while my name echoed off the vacant buildings.

He slumped back against the truck. I sat back on my heels observing the man in front of me. His jeans and boxers were still around his ankles and his hands were gripping the door of the car as he breathed heavily.

“Ohh shit Miss Kate, holy shit that felt good.”

I smiled and dusted off the dirt as I stood back up. He pulled up his jeans with a look of concentration on his face.

“Marry me Miss Kate. Be my wife.”

I dropped my eyes before he could see my expression.

“You... don’t want me?” the vulnerability in his voice was endearing.

“You don’t have to marry me Tank.”

“What do you mean Miss Kate?”

“You don’t have to marry me to get what you want.”

“What? But? You don’t want me as a husband? You don’t want me like that?”

“Ohh Tank, of course I want you. It’s just... I don’t want you to marry me for sex. You might be the last man on the planet but every girl dreams of romance. I don’t want to get married to you just because there is no one else around. I want you to sweep me off my feet and make me crazy in love with you.”

The worry didn’t leave his face, “I’m not the last man on the planet and Jed’s better with the romancing.”

“Not the last man? Jed?”

“Jed, my brother, remember. He’s the ladies man. They say I’m better in bed but Jed sure can sweet talk.”

“Your brother isn’t Tight?”

“Ohh, shit, sorry Miss Kate. I should have told you before but I figured if I had a couple of days without the competition you might wanta marry me before the others get a go.”

“The others? There are more?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” his eyes showed his guilt.

“Tell me Tank. Tell me the truth.”

“We were heading for the finals. The team you know. We had this unbroken streak and the Coach said that we shouldn’t jinx that. He said that if we took the TIGHT we might not get settled into our new muscles in time.”

He stopped as if remembering something and frowned.

“I didn’t lie to you before. He did tell me I shouldn’t ever take it, that I didn’t need it. He just told the team to hang off taking it until after the finals. Most of the guys didn’t listen but I brought back five guys to the farm that Friday night. We looked for more but, like with the girls, we found them too late. Then we lost Josh, Tom, and Alex during the year so now it just us four guys and my folks.”

“There are four of you?”

“Yeah,” he raised his eyes to me and grimaced, “Me, Jed, Nate and Matt.”

“And that’s why you wanted to marry me? So you could stake you claim before the others had a chance?”

“Yeah, I mean... fcuk. You ain’t gonna want anything to do with me now are you?”

I clenched my jaw. This hurt more than it should.

“Is marriage a condition of me coming with you? Because if you are going to ditch me I’d rather know now when there’s still time to find somewhere to stay tonight.”

“I wouldn’t ditch you Miss Kate, even if you can never love an idiot like me,” his voice was small as his eyes showed his hurt.

“You lied to me Tank!”

“I didn’t lie to you. I just didn’t tell you about the others. I can’t compete with them. They are clever and good with girls. I ain’t like that. And I want you, Miss Kate. I want you plenty.”

“But you don’t love me. You only want me because I am the only woman around!”

“You’re wrong Miss Kate. I love you something fierce.”

“How can you? You met me yesterday. You don’t even know me. You just want to get into my pants.”

“Hell Miss Kate, I want that yes. But that’s because I love you. I want all of you.”

“Lust isn’t the same as love Tank.”

“I know that. But I ain’t ever felt this way! You are different Miss Kate. You listen to what I say. You don’t talk to me like I’m five years old. You don’t look at me like I’m a moron. You don’t treat me like a dick. You don’t jump my bones just because I am hard. You look at me like I’m a man, like I’m your man. I want to take care of you for the rest of my life because you don’t want to take care of me. Nobody’s ever made me feel like you make me feel. I don’t know if its love or not Miss Kate but it makes my heart beat a hundred miles an hour and ache like it ain’t ever done before. I can’t let you go without a fight and I don’t have any idea how to make you mine.”

I looked into his glassy eyes.

“Ohh shit, sorry Miss Kate. Now I’m crying like the five year old everyone thinks I am.”

“No Tank, you’re crying like a man in love.”

His eyes lifted to mine as the tears ran down the now smooth skin on his jaw.

I smiled at him as I took his hand lacing my fingers with his.

“Will you give me a chance Miss Kate? Will you let me try to win your heart?”

“I think I might Tank.”

He closed his eyes and when they opened they danced with joy.

“It’s getting late Tank. We should find somewhere to sleep.”

“Do you want to stay here tonight Miss Kate? The gas station has a flat roof and it’s gonna be a clear night. I can show you the stars?”

I smiled as he wiped away his tears and then bit his lip.

“But we don’t have to if you want to go somewhere fancier.”

I laughed, “This is good Tank. I’m looking forward to it.”

His dimples were back, “Me too Miss Kate!”

“Ok, you get things ready. I’m going to run over to the mini mart and get some supplies.” I smiled a flirty smile at him as I walked in the direction of the shop.

“Oh and Tank,” I said over my shoulder as I walked away, “I liked it when you called me Baby.”

His face split into a broad grin as he leaned against the truck and watched me walking.

I couldn’t help but feel a little heady as I glanced over at the man who wanted me enough to shed tears for me. He was so beautiful inside and out. Sure he wasn’t a rocket scientist but he had a good heart and that was enough for me.

I picked up a basket at the door and went in search of canned or dried food that wasn’t spoiled. I stopped in front of the home corner. Sitting there on the shelf was a selection of candles.

I closed my eyes and made a decision. I grabbed a number of candles. I would let Tank make love to me tonight. I would give him everything he wanted. Then we would see what tomorrow brought. If this was just lust he would work it out of his system before we got back to the farm. And if it didn’t work out or if the spark died then we wouldn’t be committed. From everything he had said about his parents, it sounded like they were old fashion. I would rather have a passionate short term lover than a resentful husband.

I was standing in front of the condoms when I heard him come up behind me.

“Which ones do you prefer?” I smirked without turning to see the surprise on his face.

“Gnnaaa,” the groan behind me had me jump, turn and throw myself backwards into the shelf at the same time.

It stood directly blocking the aisle. Its arms were outstretched and it was naked. It was Tight. Its body was covered with open sores but the muscles were well defined. The erection between its legs was bloated and red with misuse. It was coming for me. The tight pointed his weapon towards me as I failed to breathe.

It was day time. They didn’t come out in the day. He shouldn’t be here.

“Tank!” I yelled knowing that there was no way he could hear me from outside.

“Gnnnaaaa!” the Tight groaned again as his shaggy hair fell in his face. He stumbled another faltering step towards me.

Flattened against the shelf, I ducked as I tried to avoid his arm. The door was in sight all I had to do was get past him and make a run for it. Tank was just outside that door. Tank would protect me. He just didn’t know I was in trouble.

Packets of condoms rained down on my head as the Tight’s arm knocked them off the shelf with another sweep. His erection bumped into me as he made a jolty turn. He turned and I had no choice. A narrow gap between the shelf and his rigid body was my only chance of escape.

I pushed off the shelf and dashed across to squeeze past him. If I could be fast enough. If I could just get by him then I would be safe. I dived through the gap but something snagged on my clothing. I came crashing to the ground landing awkwardly on my arm. I screamed in pain and in fear.

I was sprawled out on the floor and I wasn’t alone. A heavy weigh rested on top of me my legs were held together with solid objects on either side. I looked down to find a dirty head of hair resting between my breasts. The Tight was on top of me. I struggled but his arms were around my waist. My arms were free but everything below was firmly in his grip.

Then despite the fact I was fully clothed and he was hugging my waist I could feel him thrusting his hips and drilling his erection into the space between my knees. I fought as I screamed. I pushed at his shoulders and his head. His arms were like steel around my waist and I was having trouble breathing.

I retched with the sensation of him jacking off against me. What Tank and I did at the Council offices had been beautiful. This wasn’t that. This was disgusting and dirty.

I knew as soon as he was done he would be moving up my body and I was wearing a dress. Why did I wear a dress? What was I thinking?

A tight had me and Tank was just outside. He wouldn’t be able to hear me through the glass. I was going to die in here while he prepared our love nest. Hell. If only I had left the door open.

I looked down at the tight gyrating on top of me. He lifted his head and stared back at me.

I screamed and thrust the heels of my hands into the blank face. His eyes were pure white. There was no large black pupil like all the others. His white eyes made him look less than human. It made him look like a true zombie.

I screamed again.

He didn’t even react as I threw all my strength at him. I hit him with everything I had and he didn’t flinch. He just kept grinding himself into me.

This wasn’t working. I wasn’t going to get out of this.

My arms flew out wide and grabbed anything I could. Maybe I might find a weapon. I just had to stop him.

I grabbed a hold of the only thing I could reach. I looked at the tub of face pain’t in my hand. Damn this wasn’t going to help! I couldn’t entertain him to death.

Hang on...


It probably wouldn’t work but it was worth a try. I twisted and threw the tub with all my might at the front window. It splattered on impact with the glass. I had no idea what Tank was doing but if he looked towards the shop I hoped that the red smear of pain’t on the glass would alert him to the trouble I was in. I grabbed for a second tub and it followed the first.

The fourth tub exploded just as the Tight groaned a guttural noise.

Ohh shit.

“Tank!” I screamed. “Tank! Tank! Tank!”

The Tight was now rocking against me as he shuffled upwards. The sticky wetness was gross as it seeped between my calf muscles. Ewww! I couldn’t die like this!


I was screaming and struggling with new vigour as his hips moved higher taking my dress up with them. He managed to get his knee on top of my legs and now he was putting his weight on it and using it to prize apart my thighs. I knew that once he got between my legs I wouldn’t stand a chance.

Somewhere I heard a soft ding. Maybe it was the bell to let me know that my time was up. Thank-you for coming, have a good afterlife.

No! I wasn’t ready! No! I wasn’t going to die like this! I screamed in my fury and continued to pound the Tight with my fists.

I could feel him getting ready to start humping me again. I closed my eyes and wondered if I what I would die from. The act wouldn’t kill me. Although the shock of what I was about to endure might kill me before dehydration and starvation took me. I knew he wouldn’t release me while I had the means to dull the pain. And his pain and his urges would never be eased.

It was also possible that his body fluid contained the drug to turn me Tight.

What did it matter? I was dead whichever way I got there.

A roar of aggression, that didn’t think a Tight could make, surprised me. The Tight looked up as a large hand wrapped around its neck. The hand squeezed and lifted at the same time. I watched in amazement as with that one hand the Tight was wrenched from my body. He had not been holding me at the time, instead relying on his body weight to subdue me. Now he was peeled off me as my saviour lifted him and threw him with another bellow of fury down the aisle to collide with a shelf of baby formula.

He struggled to right himself but I didn’t want to watch. I looked up and saw Tank looking down at me with his face a melting pot of fury, pain, pity and sorrow. I couldn’t take him looking at me like I was soiled. I crawled up into a ball. But as I did I saw Tank bring up the shot gun. I covered my ears against the sound. I sobbed as Tank fired again. My body shook as I broke. Tank continued to fire the gun without saying a word.

I smelt like him, the Taken. I was sticky with his discharge. I was dirty.

I didn’t know how many shot gun pelts Tank fired but the ground was littered with the red casings. I didn’t care. I was still in my ball.

I expected Tank to take one look at the state I was in and walk away. I sobbed as I realised that was what he should do. That thing had touched me. I was dirty, polluted and possibly infected.

Without saying a word Tank scooped me up and carried me out of the mini mart. I had no strength to resist him. I pushed feebly against his chest while mumbling soft No’s.

He had to go. He had to leave me and go. I didn’t want him to see me like this. And what if they were contagious? He should have left me. He should have let me die on that floor.

I still had my eyes closed when he put me down gently.

“I’m sorry Baby.” He finally muttered as he kicked a door open.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I wondered if I was dead. I heard the sound of running water. Maybe I was in heaven. Yes that was the only place where waterfall cascaded down white marble to pools.

“There ain’t much water in the header tank and its cold Baby but it will get you clean.”

I was in his arms when we stepped into the waterfall. The cold water shocked me out of the dream world I had hidden in. The waterfall was a shower, the white marble must have been the tiles.

Tank washed me as he stripped off my clothes. His face visible relaxed when he saw my panties still on and looking undisturbed.

“Aren’t you glad I didn’t pick the crutchless knickers now?” I laughed with no humour.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” he murmured.

“He was blind Tank. Blind. That’s why he was out in the daylight. I didn’t even look for him. I thought I was safe.”

“Shh Baby, I have you now. I ain’t ever going to leave you now Baby. I won’t ever let them touch you again.”

I closed my eyes, “What if I’m infected Tank? What happens if I turn into one of them?”

“You won’t Baby. I’ll look after you. I won’t let you go.”

I looked up into his face and saw great rivers running down his cheeks. I reached up to wipe them away. I knew as soon as they touched my finger tips - they were warm tears not the cold water for the shower.

“Please forgive me Baby. Say you forgive me for not being there when you needed me. I want to be your man but I wasn’t there. Baby, I’m so sorry!” his shoulders shook.

I let my hand cup his face and felt him lean into it.

“Tank honey, I’m cold.”

“Of course baby,” He turned the water off and wrapped a towel around me. “I love you Baby. I have to get you up onto the roof. It will be dark soon and they will come. I gotta protect you.”

I closed my eyes and let Tank carry me out of the house wrapped only in a large fluffy towel. He left all my clothes on the floor of the shower. He ran with me in his arms.

The truck was positioned under the roof and with a couple of strides he went from the ground, to the deck, to the cabin roof, to the flat roof of the service station.

The sun was an orange ball on the edge of the sky.

“I got to go and move the truck just to be sure.”

I gripped onto him, “Don’t leave me Tank,” I whispered as I felt my body shake in fear.

“It’s alright baby. I won’t leave you. I just have to protect you.”

He lowered me onto an air mattress that was inflated on the roof. I looked at the inflated bed in surprise but when I turned to Tank to ask him how, he was gone.

I had more than a moment of panic. I wrapped my arms tightly around me as the sun’s final rays of light hit me. I heard the truck’s engine start, the wheel skid, the brakes being heavily applied, and then the engine cough as it died.

The next sound I heard was “Gnnnaaaa!” from more than one direction.

“Tank!” I screamed. “Tank, Please!”

I heard him swear from below my vantage point. I hear him running and the sound of metal straining. Then the crunch of something large landing on the metal roof had me scream in fear.

“Baby, it’s alright. It’s just Tank. It’s just me.”

“Tank? I thought they had you,” I cried as he pulled me into his chest.

He held me on the air bed smoothing my hair and whispering soft words as I cried.

“Don’t leave me Tank,” I managed through all the tears.

“I don’t plan to Baby. I’ll be yours for as long as you want me. I love you Baby.”

I dropped my head in shame. I was tain’ted now. He shouldn’t want me now.

“Just let me hold you Baby. I ain’t ever been in love before Miss Kate. Hell, it feels so good but it hurts at the same time.”

He dropped his head to kiss me but he stopped, winced and moved away before his lips touched mine.

I closed my eyes and my body shook in shame.

“You don’t have to do this Tank. You don’t have to feel sorry for me. If you want to let me go, if you want to leave me - I understand.”

“What are you talking about Baby?”

“I’m dirty now.”

“No you ain’t. I cleaned you up.”

“Not on the outside Tank. He touched me now you don’t want to touch me.”

“Ohh Baby, I still want to touch you. But you just had that monster all over you, and that ain’t your fault, but I figure you don’t want me and my hard cock against you right now.”

“You still want me?”

“I love you Baby. Of course I still want you. I’ll always want you.”

“Tank, where did the air bed come from?”

He laughed softly, “I picked it up this morning. I figured that a lady shouldn’t be sleeping on the lumpy ground. Actually, you spent most of last night on top of me and I was lumpier than the floor.”

I smiled as he kissed my forehead.

“I wanted you to be comfortable Baby. I wanted you to sleep in a bed good enough for an angel. But this was the best I could do.”

He started to point out the stars and constellations. He had plenty of stories to tell me as he held me. I listened and tried to ignore the sounds that came from below us. We were safe, I chanted in my head as I gripped a hold of Tank.

“Tank?” I looked out into the night as he was showing me a group of stars near the horizon, “What’s that?”

“Ohh, that’s just some lights. Street lights and house lights make it hard to see the starts. Why in big cities you can hardly see any.”

“Tank,” I said his name slowly, “Those are lights?”

He was quiet for a minute, “Shit! Lights!”

We both looked at the small patch of light in the distant. There was some sort of settlement there and they had electricity.

Tank’s arms pulled me into his chest, “Don’t you worry about it tonight Miss Kate. We’ll see how you feel about it in the morning.”

I couldn’t keep my mind away from the possibilities. I closed my eyes and didn’t see the Tight. Instead I saw a future.

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