Little Prince

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"And I want to marry you. Simple as that." "I'll marry you when I grow up." The little Prince chimes as he steadies himself to walk on top of an old abandoned log. Her pigtails sways aggressively to side as she whips her attention towards the boy, an unamused look featuring her face. "You can't." She states simply. "A Prince should marry a Princess, and I'm not a Princess so you can't marry me."She adds before resuming back to the coloring book in front of her. With a grunt he hops off the wood. "My mom said I can do whatever I want when I'm already crowned as King." He argues back, plopping himself next to her. "And I want to marry you. Simple as that."

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Chapter 1

People, people and more people.

Little you can’t do anything but stay frozen at the spot, no clear thought circling that tiny mind of yours as you’re left in a state of shock, nervousness and fear.

You don’t recognize any of this somewhat high-class individuals. You should’ve listened to your mom from the beginning and stood put instead of just running along to chase that pretty butterfly that had seemingly disappeared the second you almost took a hold of it.

If only you just listened, then this would’ve been avoidable. But no. You chose to allow your skimpy chubby sun-kissed legs to stride themselves along the perfectly white carpet with your silky Cinderella like dress swaying left and right to the movement. Now look what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Mrs Ji continues to scheme through the sea filled people with hawk-like eyes. This wasn’t a good place to leave a mere 5 year old on their own, considering the event had a somewhat special theme.

“Excuse me Ma’am.” Mrs Ji smiles politely to a random women dressed in an all expensive blood red gown.

With a martini in her hold, she slowly turns her attention to Mrs Ji, the multiple layers of her hardcore red lipstick probably to give it a somewhat more fuller effect, didn’t go unnoticed at all and not to mention the amount of cosmetics she’s able to apply on her face.

Mrs Ji holds back the urge to just scrunch up her face in pure disgust,. She can practically feel a wave of goosebumps rising her every portions of skin at just the sight of that. Who puts that much make-up at an event such as this. The woman’s practically a cake. A disgusting, flavorless peice of cake.

“Make it quick, can’t you see I’m busy?”

Busy luring man with money I see.

The high shrill of her voice makes itself notice, and Mrs Ji can’t help but secretly compare her tone to a chicken getting slaughtered inside a slaughtering house.

The look on her face completely showed that she was annoyed-way above annoyed to say the least.

Nevertheless. Mrs Ji forces a smile, chuckling a bit before shaking her head instead. “Ah. Its nothing.” She doesn’t wait for her reply and passes the pissed out woman in a flash.

Where are you Y/n.

You continue to fiddle with the extra lace of your dress, head drooped down low as you mumble out a few words from a nursery rhyme you learned a few days ago at school.

“Twinko twinko witto sta, howa wando watu ah. Apabo dawol so ha, twinko twin-”

“Yah! That’s not how it goes!” An energetic voice screams from a few feet away and you look up to find the source of the voice.

A young boy with some loose front teeth approaches you with a grin, his dark locks swayed to the back leaving a rather neat rake of style. From top to bottom, your eyes freely examines him.

The boy surely was somewhere around your age if not younger, yet and inch or two taller that you. To say you were surprised to see another kid in such area as this would be left as an understatement. Cause from the beginning you stepped foot in here, you haven’t encountered a single child. Only a bunch of fully grown suited men and perfectly dressed-up women.

But unlike the color attire where the men wore black suits. The boy before you had worn a red one instead, with a bunch of tags pinned to the left side of his chest, that you’re sure for a fact symbolized something yet you’re still too young to be paying such attention to that, so you let it be for the meantime.

It also didn’t seem like a suit when you secretly compared it with the ones running around the place. His style of outfit was totally different.

“It goes like this.” He steps forward with a strict look in his face.“Twinkle twinkle little star. Not twinko twinko, That’s just wrong!”

You unconsciously flinch at the sudden raise of voice and the boy notices that. “Yah, I’m just teaching you the right way to say it!” He exclaims exaggerating with his arms by throwing it up in the air, his eyes going wide as if to prove a point.

You stay quiet, blinking a few times before you drop your head low again.

You want your mom right now, not this annoying creature.

“I like your dress.”

He suddenly states rather bluntly, and look up to send him a somewhat surprised look.

The boy doesn’t hesitate to lock gazes with you before leaning in to send your cheek a deep peck. The impact of his action causes your body to almost stumble back, but you’re able to stable yourself when he detaches himself from you.

When he draws back completely, you’re about to wipe the disgusting feeling away but he stops you by grabbing your hand just in time.

“Don’t do that. “He mumbles with a pout, sliding his hand down to grasp unto your wee hand. “You’re lost right? Maybe my mom can help you out.”

To reach that specific destination wasn’t a peace of cake. Two kids running amongst tall people wasn’t a piece of cake yet he was still able to get the both of you through the area.

“Mom!” He calls out with that same energy he’s been using before looking to face you with a big smile. “Let’s go.” He tugs unto your hand, speeding up his pace towards that stage like section of the room.

A beautiful woman with long smooth dark hair comes to view as you neared the place.

“Mhh.. Who do we have here?” She asks sweetly slowly crouching down to reach your level. You stay frozen, not knowing what to do but send her your lost round eyes. She chuckles at the sight of you, finding your confused expression somewhat cute.

Before anyone’s able to utter another word, you hear a familiar voice coming from the back and you instantly turn your head.

Your mom locks gazes with you and she sighs in relief, but the look on her face drastically drops when realizing who you were with.

“You’re Highness.” She greets politely before bowing, to which the beautiful woman responds with a gentle smile as she stands up. “Is she yours?”

Mrs Ji nods with a smile. “Yes she is. I apologize on behalf of my daughte-”

“No, no. There’s no need for that.“she giggles before facing her son. “Taehyung-ah. That’s your little friend’s mom. Why don’t you escort her?” She says softly, a gentle smile plastering her luscious pink lips.

“Y/n let’s go. You’re father’s still looking for you.” Your mom speaks out, relief lacing her every words. The grasp on your hand tightens when you’re ready to move and before you’re able to take a step towards your mom. You feel a pair of arms sliding around your body before feeling yourself getting pulled back into a tight secured hug.

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