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Wolf Instincts

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Chapter 2

13 years have passed since that fateful day.

Stela Nimox was declared dead by not just humanity, but by the Wolf kind.

But, a member of the wolf pack was reborn from her ashes.

She was now known solely as Seff.

Right now, Seff was chasing a deer just like her new kind would. In the shape of them too.

Since she became a part of the pack, her frame changed from a human to a wolf at will.

Seff leaped forward and knocked the deer off its feet before clawing at it, killing it instantly.

Seff heard two soft howls in the sky to inform her that her pack found her on her little trek.

Two wolves came out of the woods and took the deer for her, while her father wolf walked up.

She bowed her head and looked up at him in respect.

The wolf that had taken her in, who would be known as Cheko, looked at her before growling softly, “You know better.”

“Yes father… but… I was hungry…” She gave her usual pup eyes to him.

“The delta wolves would’ve gotten the food.” Cheko reasoned before motioning for her to follow, “Come.”

Seff moaned softly in response.

“Come on.” Cheko took the back of her neck lightly and tugged her with him.

If Seff could, she would’ve folded her arms… but didn’t.

When they reached wherever Cheko was taking them, Seff frowned and tilted her head to the side.

All her life, she was told never to go close to the edge of the woods, and she followed that order always.

Now her father was leading her to it?

“I was just hunting!” She insisted.

Cheko shook his head lightly, “You are coming upon your 18th year in this world… and I know I will not last much longer.”

“Father…” Seff frowned, “What do you mean?”

“You are my daughter… there for you are the heir to my reign. But as the heir… you must go on a journey.”

“Alright… where to?”

Cheko nodded out to the world beside them.

“But! Father! You told me never-” Seff wanted to reason.

“You are becoming a fine young wolf, Seff. And as such you must make hard choices.” Cheko went on, “Your journey begins on your 18th birthday, so be prepared.”

Seff sighed, “Yes father…”

Seff’s 18th had approached all too soon for the young she-wolf.

She was hiding behind all her pack… but not well enough for Cheko not to notice.

“Seff. Come.” He nudged her forward.

Seff howled in displeasure while he pulled her forward. “Come on… not today! I can be 18 on another day…”

“It was written in the stars that you were 18 today.” Cheko chuckled softly.

Seff sighed softly before she stood before her pack.

“Today, my daughter, Seff of the Elverson pack, shall go on a journey to the Human world. She is allowed only one other to go with her on this quest.” Cheko spoke to his pack.

None of them stepped up at first… until Seff’s friend, Trakker, came forward.

He bowed his head, “I would be honored.”

“Thank you, Trakker. Your selflessness will not go unappreciated.” Cheko nodded softly.

The moon rose high enough and the whole pack looked up to start howling.

“Let this be the beginning my Seff of the Elverson Pack shall start her long journey.” Cheko spoke to the sky through the howls, “Keep her safe.”

The next morning came and Seff walked up to her father for final words.

No wolf was asleep as she did this, they were all watching her from their spots… even Trakker who was at the edge of their camp.

“Father.” Seff bowed her head.

“Daughter.” He nodded softly, “Are prepared for the task at hand?”

“Yes Father.” Seff looked up at him, “I am ready for what is to come of me if something does.”

He nodded, “Good… now… you are my daughter… and I expect good things to come from this journey. Are you and Trakker ready?”

“I will see that he is, correct.” Seff assured.

“Good.” Cheko let out softly, “Then I gift you…”

He pulled a green collar with a star constellation Seff could not see.

“The gift of change.” Cheko finished.

“Thank you, Father.” Seff bowed.

Trakker stepped up beside her and bowed next.

“I gift you, Trakker…” Cheko gave him an orange collar with three wolf fangs, “The gift of shifting.”

“Thank you, Cheko.” Trakker bowed.

“I wish you both luck on your journey.”

Seff nodded, “I accept your wish.”

Trakker nodded next, “I do as well.”

They walked out of the group that had gathered and walked to the edge of the area.

“Are you prepared?” He asked.

“Question is… are you?” She reasoned.

Trakker nodded, “Let’s go then…”

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