Diana Will: The Caveston Legend

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''Whatever happens, I will never leave you.''- Valerie Allen. Diana Will, a 10-year-old girl gets lost in the woods. Valerie Allen, who was lost in the woods, 5 years before finds her. The girls try to find a way to get out of the forest. During their search, they meet woodland fairies, nymphs, and mermaids. Read, to know what happens next to their adventure.

Adventure / Children
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Muddy water and decayed leaves

''Urg! This stupid leaves drive me crazy. Oof!'' Valerie falls on top of a pile of leaves. ''I need my momma!'' she yells and starts to cry. She hugs her legs, trying to sink into her body and disappear. Why did she have to follow that stupid butterfly? Why? Why? Why? She only needed to catch it and save it from other insects, she wanted to help the butterfly, but instead, it gave this as a punishment? Why? Valerie's mom always told her that she always had to help others. ''This is cruelty.'' Valerie yelled to no one in particular. Valerie stood up and tried to balance on her little feet. ''I am just 5 mother Earth! Let me live in peace'' Valerie shouted to the ground. She started walking and found herself in front of a pool of muddy water. Valerie said,''You've got to be kidding me. I should walk through this???''

Valerie got prepared to walk. A long distance...

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