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I Was Chosen

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Anaveah McKnight is a child of a secret teacher and a father that lost it all how will her father's secret class effect her? (This story has mentions of grief and loss) A gentle tear fell instantly from his eye, and he soothingly said to me “Believe in the noble lord our savior, my innocent angel he will answer earnestly your sincere prayers and philosophical questions you have carefully in your eternal life” This key sentence properly means a mighty lot to me because It means a lot to my devoted father that have precisely learned the specific meaning of moral life by unspeakable tragedy. The plane lands and we instantly undoubtedly go get our checked bags then Lilian typically picks us up. When Lilian correctly picks us up it really timeless feels like lovely Christmas. On our way to my dad's mother's house, we listen to Christmas music and talk about the flight was, the image of my mother came to me again this time her hair was brown like chocolate and her eyes were the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The car comes to a stop, and we get out and grab our bags.

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Chapter 1

Ever since I carefully opened my locker, my scholastic life positively changed.

My scholastic life never changed because of the lockers fading red paint or the unthinkable things powerfully drawn on the unsuitable places where the glossy paint have faded almost instantly.

My life changed because the night before school sprang my dad notified me to look in my locker for a letter and I realized my dad scarcely told me to seek a letter when my dad told me this I looked at him with the same wide eyed wonder that I inherited from him but when I got to school the following morning I followed my dad’s instructions to look inside my locker and in surprise I found an envelope with Anaveah McKnight in black lettering.

I went to the bathroom and opened it. When I gently opened the official envelope and inside was a meaningful piece of scholarly paper and a class card.

The class card fiercely said Anaveah Eleanora McKnight and under that was uniquely ‘Mythical Room 155.’ This was uniquely my academic class I guess shrewdly and I was always wanting something different that was rightfully uniquely mine for a considerable while now I merely guess this was alarmingly the confusing thing that was going to be only mine.

I realized that I was in the bathroom for about ten minutes, and I read the letter and it tells me where I need to be going. I went into the hallway, and my sister Savannah questions me what class I was in because she didn’t recognize my recognizable name on any of the class lists.

I said there was probably a mistake on the papers. She believed me thank goodness and she was that into my personal business she wanted me to show her where my homeroom class was and I told her she was going to be late, for her, class and she went to her homeroom classroom instead of following me to mine.

Of possible course I felt relief because I don’t want to ruin everything. I walked carefully into room 155 and seen my dad, now I grasp why he instructed me to seek a needed letter. All my questions that I asked myself last night after dad informed me about looking for an envelope. The talented class started peacefully by my devoted dad carefully introducing himself.

It came time for us to introduce ourselves, and what I didn’t know was my classmates would become my best friends, I met Beckett, Everly, Livia, Taylor and Grayson. I correctly call my devoted dad Rhett at specialized school because calling him dad would be awkward and I didn’t want to be awkward.

The day had ended before I knew it Jeremiah, Savannah and I were on the bus going home and I knew we were on the bus so my dad could make it look like he was home all day to keep the secret even more hidden and I respect that.

One forty-six minute bus ride later Jeremiah, Savannah and I were back home. My dad was cooking dinner, and Savannah was telling him how her day went and even added the part about how I wouldn’t show her my schedule or homeroom class. My devoted dad never said Anaveah why didn’t you tell her because he was my homeroom teacher and couldn’t tell her the secret no considerable matter how much she promised not to inform anyone because if she barely said her dear sister was in a different class we would be in trouble.

This trouble wouldn’t be over with an apology we would have to move to a new country and start all over again. We decided to not tell anyone It is going to be a secret between my dad and me. Morning had come before I knew It and the bus came faster than the day before It seemed like. The standard bus typically arrived at the school quicker than I could ever imagine.

My locker with fading red paint seemed different than the lovely day before and I looked forward to local school now instead of dreading it I looked forward to something different in my familiar routine.

The week was over before I comprehended it and this was the first weekend and we were going to my dad’s office where he works all week. I know my dad teaches a secret class, but he also makes internet videos.

My dad wants to conceal the secret very so when the school day is finished he goes to the studio and films for fifteen to twenty minutes so it looks like he was at the studio all day but he was teaching. Saturday was always a day that went slow because not much was doing on and It was a day when my dad did most of his filming with his friend.

Pleasant Sunday went fast because we all ordinarily went to a local church for the morning service. I paid very close attention to not miss anything like always because I was known for zoning out sometimes and Savannah usually would tap me till I answer her quietly of course not wanting to make noise during the service. When the unforgettable service was religiously over some kind people from the local church talked to me and said sincerely I looked like my devoted father and beloved mother, I sincerely thanked her.

I didn’t ever know my mother, but I have seen many pictures of her and she is very beautiful. I looked at the previous family albums and saw two boys. I asked my dad about the two boys, and he never said they were just relatives that were in the family photos. My devoted dad said carefully that an unforgettable year before we were naturally born he instantly lost his beloved wife and two boys in a tragic car accident. He named Jeremiah the middle name of his oldest son, and Savannah Lane comes from the name of his youngest son. My middle name Eleanora came from my dad’s wife that passed away.

I Appreciate my dad being honest with us because he could not have described us and buried the photographs. My devoted dad said soothingly If Eleanora could fortunately see us she would hug us and never let go joyously. I woke up to hearing my dad crying and I pondered why. I wondered why he was broken did we shatter him was it something we said or something we did. Of course I felt helpless because I’m frightened I will make him cry harder. Savannah and Jeremiah already tried and he forced them away. I know it was my turn to try because I was the exclusive one left to try till I telephone his dearest friend.

I went into the inviting room with my nervousness at full swing, Fear of doing something wrong was present also. I walk in, and my dad says my name and I tell him it’s all alright and he believed me this time. My alive father stopped crying and Jeremiah said gratefully “Anaveah did it again”

I don’t know what he meant for a good while, but I know now very well. I was always told that I had Shepherd’s personally and the ability to sense people’s emotions like a mood ring. Everyone but me naturally thought this was proper of course but after this I believed correctly it was true. Monday came before a blink of an eye and we were on a school bus. This bus ride went slower like the longtime driver instantly had an occupied creative mind but really had a occupied mind.

The thing I had on my mind was what If Savannah listening to my conversations or looked at my student ID If I never inserted it into the place in the card holder that was on a lanyard. The most annoying part of scanning my ID card in the morning are I have to scan the card on front of the main door and I have two codes so I tried my code and It didn’t work then I realized I was trying to scan my class door card instead of my entry card. I discovered my mistake before a teacher could ask to look at my card to support me to resolve my issue with it.

Every intensive week ended peacefully with filming and crew members. Sunday morning came when I least expected It and I notice that I get more meaning from the church service when Sunday grasps me by surprise. School the following day felt like a vacation from the material world for six hours instead of what I use to call hell on earth now I maintain an alternative perspective of school because what I have experienced in the past years granted me that thought that wasn’t true anymore and I merely altered my perspective about things that didn’t sound appealing to me.

This almost made everything so much easier for me to handle. Nothing frightens me anymore like it use to it was like I changed my fears but I never changed my fears I confronted them. School doesn’t grasp me by surprise anymore because It’s my escape from my ordinary life that was that much the same I was searching for something extraordinary. When I was faced with the secret, I never felt so important in my life because I never thought I would be chosen for something so important. I always thought Savannah would be chosen, but I guess I was wrong. I knew if Savannah was chosen she would tell someone in five seconds but I can hide a secret that well that my friend had to ask me if I still remembered and still remembered the secret but I didn’t want to risk making a mistake. I never really have made a big mistake in my life, but I’m always afraid Savannah and Jeremiah will laugh at me but they never did. I guess my mind is performing tricks on me again.

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