The Patchwork Daughter

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Chapter Nine - A Clockwork Death - David

The journey to the police station is spent in solemn silence and the sky slowly settles from the colour of tiger lilies to the endless, melancholy beauty of the night and its constant reminder of the limitless infinity that is the universe. In this moment, I am tiny. I am so small that I am hardly important. My life, my struggles, my laughter, my tears. All unimportant. All ridicules in the grand scheme of things. I feel so tiny and insignificant, and yet I am happy, in a sort of bitter sweet way. I find a sort of peace in the knowledge that I don't matter, that I will live then I will die and I will undeniably be forgotten. I smile quietly to myself as I stare out of the police station window. Sophie concocted some sort of story about what happened.

She told her superiors that Miss Turner was keeping us hostage. She said that she found out that we had gone to the old manor, as a lot of curious teenagers had before us, and that Miss Turner had kept them prisoner in her ballroom, where they were found. Blake, Grace, Jacob, Amy and Luke had managed to escape, somehow, and Blake had told the police. The others, thinking that she would punish them for revealing her, had tried to discourage the law from taking action. They had then told Blake of the threat he had caused, and he had played along, but they had forgotten to tell him what their excuse had been. Miss Turner had then kidnapped them again, and Blake, who had been safe in the police station, had gone to try to save them. He had then been taken hostage again and Fiona had panicked and tried to attack me, since I was starting to sympathise with the cyborg. Miss Turner had then pushed Fiona under the falling machinery and accidentally been caught under the rubble, as well. Therefore, because of Sophie, we are all made innocent in the eyes of the law. We all attend Fiona's funeral to make it all more believable. Her parents are devastated. I leave early and get a little drunk. I regret it in the morning and promise myself that I will never do it again. We all hold a secret funeral of sorts for Miss Turner and we all eat quite a lot of chips in honour of our meal together. We all regret that soon after, as well, but it makes us feel a bit better. I don't mean to be selfish, but I think that her death has affected me the most out of each of us. Miss Turner would roll her eyes at me and tell me that when in doubt, I should look to the stars. I follow her unspoken advice and look up to the heavens. I pray for the first time, tonight, even though I have never had any kind of religion. I feel slightly better for it and I sleep deeply and dreamlessly. It takes quite a lot of effort to wake up the next morning, but I manage.

It doesn't take too long for me to realise that I can't stay in the town anymore. It's depressing and cold to me, now, even with all my friends here. Amy's brother and Theo's boyfriend, Ted, is soon a friend to me, as well. He helps us persuade Theo to explain his and Diana's part in the adventure to us all. So, even with my friends, old and new, still at the town, I find myself a flat in the outside world, though I choose not to leave England. I do, of course, bring James the cat with me. Most of my friends from the old town follow my lead, but Blake, Ben and Sophie stay at the place of their births. They had nothing to run from, and no one to run to. It takes me a few years to get over it all, but I never regret leaving. We all still meat up at the old town, of course. As painful as the memories are, they are mine and they make me who I am. They are unique and precious in a way that many people can't begin to imagine. I never take life for granted again.
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