The Patchwork Daughter

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Chapter Six - Disadvantages And Distractions - Blake

As I watch Jacob, Luke, Grace and Amy run off to warn Lydia Turner, I realize just how much trouble I must have caused. Jacob is obviously panicking and it seems to be contagious, as Amy and Grace are starting to pick up his jumpy demeanour. I wonder what they told the Mayor? I briefly consider following them, but my thoughts are interrupted.

"Excuse me, young man? Are you Blake Collins?"

"Yes, I am. What do you need?" The police woman smiles good naturedly at me and asks if I would mind accompanying her to the station. I tell her that I probably don't have much of a choice, if the handcuffs are anything to go by, but that I won't be any trouble. She seems quite reassured and cuffs me. She seems completely at home with this job. Either she has been doing it for a long time, or she is a natural. We chat on our way to the station and I find out that her name is Sophie Frond and that this is her fifth job as a sergeant. She tells me that I am being taken to the police station for questioning concerning Lydia Turner and I start to wish I had caught them up and found out what their excuses were, so that I could play along. Sophie is very nice and we get along quite well, but when we arrive at the police station, she starts treating me like a stranger, again. Very professional.

I am taken to a small room for interrogation. I am asked about Lydia Turner and my friends. I am asked if I am well, and if I have had any accidents recently. I don't know what they are talking about, so I presume it has something to do with what Jacob, Grace and Amy told the Mayor. I strongly doubt that Luke had anything to do with the cover up explanations. I stumble over my words slightly and I think that my 'no.' sounds more like a 'no...?'. I sit, silent and worried, for about half an hour before someone comes in and says that I am free to go.

I leave the station and make my way, as fast as possible, to the manor. I knock loudly on the door and Lydia Turner opens it as though it's nothing. She is much stronger than any human I have ever met. I tell everyone about the police and they all seem slightly panicky. Luke tells me smugly that he is on guard duty and that he saw me coming. I congratulate him and he seems happy with the attention. We all turn back to the matter at hand. The whole time we are talking, Fiona stands silently in a corner, listening. Very suspicious. I put it aside in favour of more important things. After a while, I have done all I can think of to help and I prepare to leave. Lydia Turner doesn't seem to want me to go, but I tell her that I want to try to keep the police at bay and she reluctantly lets me leave. On my way back across the fields, I am intercepted by Sophie Frond. She apologizes in advance before Ingecting something into my neck. The last thing I am aware of before I black out is Sophie's voice, apologizing again. When I wake up again, I am back at the police station.

"We have reason to believe that you have lied to us." A police man I don't know tells me.

"Do you?" I ask.

"What reason is that, then?"

"I followed you to the manor in the hills. A woman opened the door for you. She looked a lot like Diana Grey. Was that Lydia Turner?"

"No." I answer simply. He glares at me.
"I know it was."

"It wasn't. She is a friend of mine. She has lived there for a while, now. She comes from the wide world, away from the town. She didn't have anywhere to stay and she found a bedroom in the manor that is in good enough condition for her to use. She is not Lydia Turner. Lydia Turner died centuries ago. Everyone knows that." He obviously doesn't believe me. I was very scared when I reported her before. I guess he must have believed in her before I turned up, or else his decision to believe my first statement wouldn't be so stubborn.

"She is Lydia Turner. I know she is. Sergeant Frond listened to your conversation." I think back to the talk. Did anyone say anyone else's name? I said Luke's name a couple of times and I know that David was addressed. I think Ben's name was used once, as well. Lydia Turner was spoken of, too.

"Okay, then. How many of us were there and what were our names."

"You didn't use all of your names." He tells me. I grin.

"Alright. How many of us and what names were mentioned?" Now he looks worried.

"Well I can't remember names, I just remember what was important."

"And who was involved isn't important?"

"Well, yes, of course it is. It's just that I was concentrating on your escape plans." Hmm.

"We were talking about escape plans, were we?"

"Obviously. You were working out how to get away from the police if we come after Lydia Turner." Oh.

"What else did we talk about?"

"..." I don't tend to like silence, but it is very reassuring in this situation.

"You said that you would hide in a chapel in the grounds." Well. That's nice, isn't it.

"There is nothing you can do now, Mr. Collins. Give up and tell us everything."

"I have."

"Oh really? Where did your 'friend' get her food, then?"

"Grey's fish and chip shop."

"And her water?"

"There is a well in the grounds."


"What crimes?"


"Have I? Well it's the first I've heard of it. I do wish people would tell me these things." I sigh and shake my head in a long-suffering sort of way. He glares at me so hard I think his eyes might pop out if he isn't careful.

"You want to be careful. Your eyes might pop straight out of their sockets if you glare at me any harder." He stops quite abruptly and slowly starts to smile at me. Soon he starts to snigger quietly, then chuckle, then laugh. In a matter of a few minutes he has started cackling manically. His laughter slowly subsides and I cock my head at him quizzically.
"Oh, I see how it is. Alrighty then. I'll just go over there and see for myself, shall I? There's no need for you to act all funny. I won't be distracted."
"You're going to the manor?"

"Well, that is what I just said, isn't it?"
"You don't remember what you said?"
"I will not be distracted by your stupid jokes!"

"Wow. Rude."

"I will go to the old manor in the hills. Goodbye." I am left alone in the interrogation room. I look worriedly after him. I wish I could warn the others somehow, but they are in enough trouble because of me, as it is. I sit back in my chair and stare at the ceiling. Now just to wait.
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