Modern Mythology

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Chapter 2

Quincy walked ahead of me with a pistol ready. I didn't think he would have brought a weapon this high up. Even if something was up here I doubted it would have attacked us.

The tunnel ahead was nothing special to me. Just a round hole carved into the cold stone, no doors or chambers were attached which made me wonder what this place was used for.

If it was a temple there would be rooms for prayer or one large chamber where they would have practiced, if it was a home or palace there would be rooms, even if it was a mine there would be branches off of the main one to get to the stone they were after. But there was none of that.

There was a snap of ice ahead of us making us turn to face whatever it was. Nothing was ahead of us but there was sunlight showing through the ice, that meant we were already on the other side of the cliff.

I pulled my hood down as I approached it to check the ice. It was sturdy and I could tell it was a good five or six feet of solid ice between us and the sunlight. "This was nice, but..." I paused turning to face the Professor. "There isn't anything in here but the old hieroglyphics."

The man nodded lowering his gun with a chuckle. "And to think we were worried about nothing," Quincy smiled turning back towards the entrance.

"You think we should head out?" I asked walking back over to him with a smile.

"Yeah, get a group up here to start documenting everything," He said walking towards the opening.

There was another snap ahead of us, it was louder this time. Quincy raised a brow as he pulled the gun up again, "Come on." He whispered with a frown. "Someone else is defiantly up here."

We walked slowly towards the opening as my partner looked about in hopes of finding the source. With only two tunnels after the main chamber, it wasn't hard to search for something here. We, of course, found nothing more than before. The place was abandoned after all.

But that's when it happened. A loud huffing and angry wheezing as the creature stepped from somewhere we hadn't seen. It stood above us by almost a foot and was donning leather armor covered in scratches and cuts for battles long passed.

In its right hand was a large sword, easily five feet long and made of bronze, the orange glow it gave off making that fact easy to tell. It face was piglike, a large sucked up nose making its lip pull up with it showing the large yellow teeth. Its skin was covered in scars and its flesh was green and rough in appearance.

It raised it suddenly before heading into a charge, Quincy managed to get off a few rounds, but they did little more than lodge themselves into the thick hide that creature's skin was made of.

The blade swung heavy into the man's side. He was thrown nearly ten feet and landed with another loud crack against the thick ice. Blood was already pooling so I knew he was hurt badly.

Then the creature looked to me, rage filled its eyes as it reared up its sword and charged at me. I was frozen, there was nowhere for me to run or use as a weapon.

Even if I did manage to get to the gun I would be full of the cold sword before I even got to shoot the thing. My mind was in a frenzy but before I could react to anything it hit my leg.

I let a scream as I fell to my knees and gripped the wound. It was deep and basically filleted the appendage. The creature loomed over me with a dark smile forcing the blade slowly into me, it was like it enjoyed my screams.

There was another yell as the third shoved into my stomach slowly. It was clear this thing cherished the feel of my agony being caused by its blade.

Then the fourth stabbing went it, and finally a fifth. Then it seemed to be getting bored of harming me as it leaned down to look me in the eyes.

Its breath was heavy as it looked at me and let a slow smiled grow across its face. Then it spoke, it was low and heavy. Whatever it was saying was in a language I didn't understand, it laughed making my nose burn from the full force of raw meat.

The light was fading around me quickly and I knew I was starting to bleed out. How was I going to get out of this one?

The creature spoke again as it stood and began heading towards the entrance. I didn't think something like that would know how to use climbing gear. But for it to have been able to survive this long it must have had a way down.

I simply lie there as the lights got dimmer and dimmer as I watched it disappear and I finally succumbed to my wounds and blacked out.

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