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Of Blood and Honor

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In the village of Kennakara, and throughout Yrivvenna, life follows a steady rhythm dictated by the rainy and dry seasons, but more strictly by codes of duty and honor. For Azerai, as the daughter of a village Elder, this is even more true. But when tragedy strikes and everyone and everything she knows and loves, except her older brother Keravik, is destroyed by the Erivim, a group of outcasts and terrorists fighting for control of Yrivvenna, the meaning of duty and honor change. Along with Keravik, she embarks on a journey not only to survive and find a new home, but to avenge their lost loved ones. Their journey is rife with friendship and betrayal, and much to learn about the world beyond their isolated village. But is taking revenge against the Erivim the best way for Azerai to honor her fallen family members? How will the ties of blood and honor guide her through a new life in a new place?

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Author's Note & Pronunciation Guide

A/N-Hello, dear readers! I’m so honored that you’ve chosen my work, of the plethora of literary offerings on Inkitt, to read. I hope you enjoy it, and I would be thrilled beyond words to receive feedback from you on this piece.

I have sort of invented my own language, system of names, and so on for this series. Please comment on this or any chapter if you would like me to define some of my made-up terms. I am providing a pronunciation guide here/glossary. This will definitely give you a preview of how many characters there are and possibly some concept preview; I recommend skipping over this for now and coming back to it if/when you want to reference it. Because there’s so much, I’m doing it alphabetically from my own notes, rather than in order of appearance. If I’ve missed anything or you have questions, please let me know and I will update this as soon as I can.

A couple of general things: the vowel combination “ai” in this language always sounds like the “i” in “ice”. A “j” at the end of a word always functions like a “y” phonetically. The letter “x” typically makes either a “sh” or a hard “kh” sound, depending on placement. Adding “a” at the end of an honorific or title makes it feminine, while adding “i” or “im” at the end makes it plural.

Adaris --> AH-dahr-ees

Aelyssii --> ĀY-lee-see

Alderon --> ALL-duhr-ahn

Andelxiao --> ahn-DEHL-shee-ow

Ansohn(ya) [AHN-sōn(-yuh)]: Honorific comparable to Sir/Ma’am

Arletta --> AHR-leh-tuh

Askarinset --> AHSK-are-een-seht

Aspresuee --> AHS-preh-sweh

ashka (AHSH-kuh): cleansing plant

Ashkezir --> AHSH-kay-zeer

Ashtenok --> AHSH-teh-nōk

Avizhaisken --> ah-vee-ZHAI-skehn

Ayama --> ĀY-ah-muh

Azerai --> AH-zuhr-ai

Barishnzik --> buh-REESH-nuh-zeek

barzhej (BAR-zhay): plant with fever suppressant properties

Belavik --> BEHL-uh-veek

Berminuk --> BEHR-mee-nook

Cezarya --> SAY-zahr-yuh

Delsheazzag --> dehl-SHAY-ahz-zahg

Dessinsui --> DEHS-een-swee

Enniskzar --> eh-NEES-kuh-zahr

Eravii --> ĀY-rah-vee

Erivim --> EHR-ee-veem

Eskovar --> EHS-kō-vahr

Espora --> ĀY-spō-ruh

Evizhai --> Ā-vee-zhai

Ezinya --> ĀY-zeen-yuh

Faluthor --> FAH-loo-thohr

fariki (FAH-ree-kee): painkilling plant

Filedei --> FEE-leh-day

Firogai --> FEE-roh-gai

Firoguee --> FEE-roh-gweh

Firohn(a)(i) [fee-RŌN(uh)(ee)]: Teacher(s)

Gesporansk --> GESS-pōr-ahnsk

Goramos --> GŌ-ray-mahs

haifalsa [HAI-fahl-suh]: the equivalent of a hotel or bed and breakfast

Hartelok --> HAHR-teh-lōk

Hirowar --> HEE-roh-wahr

Iktrahim --> EEK-trah-heem

Indrajuun --> EEN-drah-zhoohn

Ivrenshya --> EEV-rehn-shyuh

Jarivye --> JAHR-eev-yeh

Jeskovar --> JEHS-kō-vahr

Jorabij --> JŌH-rah-bee

Kalindrei --> KAH-leen-dray

karohn(i) [kah-RŌN(ee)]: Yrivvenna's unit of currency

Kazmiohn (Kahz-mee-ŌN): Rough equivalent of a general in the military

Kedar-Jashun --> KĀY-dahr-jah-SHOON

Kennakara --> keh-NAH-kah-ruh

Keravik --> KĀ-ruh-veek

Kurenesk --> KOO-rehn-ehsk

Larinoi --> LAH-ree-noy

Lukarin --> LOO-kah-reen

Madirozkan --> mah-DEE-rōz-kahn

mamoncillo (mah-mon-SEE-yoh): small green fruit

Marokhan --> MAHR-ōk-hahn

mayinsero (mah-YEEN-seh-roh): Expression of utmost gratitude

Merassnish --> MEHR-ahss-neesh

Meskaiavin --> MESS-kai-ah-veen

Mihaixej --> MEE-hai-shay

Mikhelnae --> MEEK-hehl-nay

Mintrohan --> MEEN-trō-hahn

Miskinin --> MEES-kee-neen

Nevinrul --> NEH-veen-rool

Ninyara --> NEEN-yah-ruh

Orenxiao --> ō-REHN-shee-ow

Oviliya --> OH-veel-yuh

Passekara --> pah-SA-kah-ruh

Pusgiransek --> POOS-gee-rahn-sehk

Revinskan --> REH-veen-skahn

Ridenei --> REE-deh-nay

Santhrobar --> SAHN-thrō-bahr

Shadinee --> SHAH-dee-nay

Shisensui --> SHEE-sehn-swee

Shonarii --> SHŌ-nah-ree

Sohlnir(a) [SŌL-neer(uh)]: Honorific for a young adult single person

takanaiyo (tah-KAH-nai-oh): Expression of forgiveness and response to “tsakinerai”

Tanarin --> TAH-nah-reen

Thariyae --> THAHR-ee-yay

tsakinerai (TSAH-kee-neh-rai): Expression of extreme apology, regret, etc.

Tsukiva --> TSOO-kee-vuh

Umathyar --> oo-MAYTH-yahr

Uzmaztrifor -->ooz-MAHZ-tree-fore

Vaalsk --> VAHLsk

valix (VAHL-eeks): a hand-carved wooden hair ornament given by a boy/man to a girl/woman as a sign or serious romantic interest, often in conjunction with a betrothal.

Veljorae --> VEHL-zhō-ray

Verathriya --> veh-RAHTH-rai-uh

verdai (VEHR-dai): a plant that promotes healing

Vinnyasha --> VEEN-yah-shuh

Virella --> VEE-rehl-uh

Visserov (VEES-sehr-ōv): a pale-skinned people/nationality whose homeland is north of Yrivvenna

Vokazmiohn (vō-kahz-mee-ŌN): Rough equivalent of a lieutenant in the military

Xelsior --> SHEHL-see-ore

Yestizhej --> YEHS-tee-zhay

Yrivvenna --> ee-REEV-ehn-uh

Zaibaran --> ZAI-bah-rahn

zaikarit(im) [ZAI-kah-reet(eem)]: Tribe leader in Kedar-Jashun.

Zelphinon --> ZEHL-fee-nahn

Zevaklin --> ZEH-vah-kleen

Zhohlnya --> ZHŌL-nee-uh

Zhvarohn (zh-vah-RŌN): Equivalent of a priest/monk

Ziksturun --> ZEEK-stoo-roon

Zmikara --> ZMEE-kah-ruh

Zohira --> ZŌ-hee-ruh

Zuluthruyen --> zoo--LOO-throo-yehn

-kara (KAH-ruh) = forest

-fior (fee-ORE) = ruler

-sho (shō) = high end restaurant

-xiao (SHEE-ow) = city

-zhanim (ZHAH-neem) = defense force

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