Powers: The Soto Story

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The Secret Revealed

Suzy was very surprised to see that Aoi was a Hybrid. She was a human-cat Hybrid. But if there has been a constant uneasiness between the Gifted and Hybrids, why was she at a Gifted school?

"How are you like this?" Suzy asked stepping toward her.


"You-you're a Hybrid."

"Stop it!" Aoi said. Suzy took a half step back. "I'm not a Hybrid. This is a Gift. I can control it. It came from my mother."

"Your mother?"

"Yes. She was a Hybrid."

"But, how… with the-?" Suzy couldn't understand any of this.

"My mother married a Gifted man." Suzy's eyes widened.

"W… what?"

"I come from a bloodline of both Hybrids and Gifted people who have remained friends for generations. Even through the wars, including the worst one, the Gifted War of 1984. In fact it was my uncle's cousin that had stopped it. The legendary Gifted man Tadashi Ayalti." Suzy was still standing there her expression unchanged. Aoi walked over and hugged her. "Please, you can't tell the others."

"I-I…" she faulted the words she wanted to say.

"Please," Aoi begged looking at her directly in the eyes, with tears glinting in the moonlight. "You have to promise me."

"Not a word," Suzy smiled.

"Thank you so much. You're a true friend." Aoi hugged Suzy.

"Thanks. I try." There was a few moments of silence. "We should probably go inside."

"Okay. Give me a moment." Aoi stepped back into the shadows and Suzy could barely make out her morphing silhouette. "Okay," Aoi said with a mild shortness of breath. "Let's go back inside." Suzy handed her the half eaten chocolate bar. Aoi took the half and she broke it in two. She gave Suzy the other half. The two girls came back and Rikki and Jaylen were sitting on one of the couches in the main room by the large fireplace, and Lotus and Florida were no where to be seen.

"Where'd they go?" Suzy asked Rikki.

"To Jack's office," he answered sipping a cup of tea that he was holding.

"Why?" Aoi asked as they sat down next to him.

"Their argument did turn into World War 3," he said with a laugh. There was the sound of a door opening down the hallway. They all quieted.

"Now, I want this argument to be forgotten. If I learn that you two girls are arguing again, I will have you both in detention with Coach L. Understand?" They heard no response. "Good. Now I suggest that the two of you get to bed." They heard the sound of footsteps. They all acted as if they heard nothing as Lotus and Florida walked by. Suzy and Aoi looked over at them and gasped silently. Lotus showed no sign of injury, obviously, and Florida was holding an ice pack to the side of her her head, just behind her right eye. Both of them looked as though they had been crying. Suzy knew that their relationship would be awkward from now on. They both sat down on opposite ends of the couch and they avoided each others eye contact.

"Dammit guys," Jaylen said to them, "it's not that bad." The two of them said nothing and Jaylen gave a defeated sigh. The mood seemed gloomy in the dying firelight.

"We should probably get to bed," Rikki said.

"Yeah," Suzy said, hugging him. He then kissed her on the cheek. They all then walked up the stairs and to their rooms. Rikki wasn't surprised to see Luuk asleep in front of the TV with the Xbox home screen showing. He was still holding the controller. Rikki thought this was so funny that he pulled out his cell phone and he took a picture of him sleeping and holding the controller. Rikki took the controller from his hand and he put a blanket over him. He then climbed into his own bed on the other side of the room.

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