Powers: The Soto Story

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Aarons Dimension Lesson

The next morning. Yin was up early. She walked down to the cafeteria and she found it empty, except for one soul. It was Aaron. She walked over to him.

"Hey," she said. He turned around.

"Hi," he said. "Yin, right?"

"Aww, you've forgotten me."

"No," he said. "I just didn't get your name."

"Oh. Well, I am Yin!" she said with a friendly smile. "Uh, how did you know my name was Yin?"

"I asked Jack about it earlier."

"Oh. Uh, why are you up so early?"

"I want to get a head start on the day." She then noticed the cast on his arm.

"Oh, I see you got your cast."

"Yeah. It makes it hard to do some of the easiest things." He was at the breakfast bar trying to get some bacon. "I can't get the bacon," he said with a sheepish expression.

"Here, cool guy," Yin said laughing, "let me help." She took his plate and she used the tongs to get some bacon and she put it on his plate. "That enough?"

"Yeah thanks," he said as he grabbed a bottle of milk from the mini-fridge. Aaron walked over and sat down at the table by the window. Yin set his plate down in front of him. "Thanks."

"No problem," she said with a wink. Aaron ate his bacon and eggs while Yin enjoyed a stack of pancakes. "So, tell me a bit more about yourself," she said after a while.


"That's okay. You don't have to if you don't want to."

"No, no it's fine. Let's see… uh well, my name is Aaron, but you already know that." They laughed. "I grew up in the Midwest and my favourite color is orange."

"Yay! I love orange!"

"I can tell." He looked over and he saw a few more students who were working their way over toward the breakfast bar. "I see others are getting up."

"Mr. Aaron," a voice said behind him. Aaron looked behind him and he saw Jack standing there.

"Professor Trades," he said.

"Do you think that you can get to class today without any incidents?"

"I'll be fine," he said a little quickly so he added, "sir."

"Are you sure?"


"Hmm. Ms. Harmony, would you care to escort Mr. Aaron to his classes?"

"It would be my honor, sir," she said.

"Fair enough. Take care, now," he said as he walked off. Rikki and Suzy sat down with their breakfast.

"It's nice to see you," Rikki said.

"Nice to see you too," Aaron said to him.

"Hi, Aaron," Suzy said to him with a smile.

"Morning." One by one the others joined the table. Lotus, Aoi, Cass, and even Kilo and Chyanne, who stopped fighting long enough to meet Aaron, said hello. They were enjoying some small talk when Aaron was interrupted by someone putting their hand on his shoulder.

"Well, well, well," a voice said. Aaron looked and saw Dan with Florida standing next to him. "So this is the boy with the evil twin."

"Hello, Daniel," Aaron said. The group went totally silent.

"Whoa! Wait, how the hell do you know my name?"

"Rikki told me."

"Yeah, but I didn't tell you his full name," Rikki said.

"I am a third dimensional being," Aaron explained. "I can be everywhere at once, so I already know everyone's name."

"Then what's my name?" Florida asked in her Irish accent.

"You are Ms. Florida Gators. You're Irish, but your parents moved from Ireland to America." She leaned in and looked at him in the eyes.

"How the bloody hell do you do it?"

"I just explained. I'm third dimensional."

"You're so amazing," Yin said.

"Thanks, love."

"If you're third dimensional, then what am I?" Aoi asked.

"You can see things before they happen?"


"That's nearly time-travel. So you, Ms. Hashimoto, are fourth dimensional."


"It really is quite interesting." Before everyone readied themselves for class they all signed Aaron's cast.

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