Powers: The Soto Story

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Flame the Cat

Yin was able to help Aaron get through the first two classes then lunch time came. Yin helped carry Aaron's food to the table.

"Thanks," he said.

"No problem. I actually like it cuz' they let us go early."

"Yeah. It's great." He looked out the window. "Aw, look at that." Yin looked out the window as well. It had started to snow.

"Ooh, it's snowing."

"I like it when it snows."

"Why do you like it?"

"Because it reminds me of Christmas."

"Well, it is late November."

"And I heard that we get to go back to Secret City for the Christmas Festival."

"Where'd you hear that?"

"In Jack's office Just now as he noticed the snow."

"Well, Mr. Aaron, you are not wrong," Jacks voice said from behind them. "I understand your capabilities, son, but I'm going to ask you to "stay out of my office" per se, alright?"

"Yes, sir," Aaron said.

"And my wife's office."

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Enjoy the rest of your classes." Lunch later ended and they went through their other classes. They walked outside and they marveled at the falling white. Just then Yin saw something run by her feet.

"What was that?" Yin asked. Aaron ran after it and he stopped as he bent over and he picked something up. "What is it?"

"Do you like cats, Yin?"

"Yeah?" She gasped, as she hoped that he was holding a cat. "Is it a-?"

"Yep!" Aaron said turning around and showing the tiny orange cat he had in his hands.

"Can we keep him?" Yin asked giving Aaron puppy dog eyes. He paused momentarily as Yin took the cat and petted it. Aaron then facepalmed.

"Headmaster Trades does not allow pets!" he remembered.

"Aw," Yin pouted sadly. "But I can't send him home." Her eyes teared up.

"Why not?"

"Because… I don't have one and… my parents and my family are dead." A tear made it's way down her cheek and it froze as it hit the ground.

"Oh… no… I'm… I am so sorry. Let me talk to him. Maybe I can get him to see reason." Aaron walked inside and Yin sat down on the bench underneath the decks roof with the cat. She looked at it and it looked back. She smiled as she pet it.

"Flame," she said and the cat purred in response. She held it close to her. Aaron came back outside.

"Alright, the bad news is we can't keep him here, but there's a really nice couple in Secret City who are willing to do some long-term care for him. Would that be alright?" Yin looked at the cat and she nodded.

"Yes. Thanks."

"I can call the pet delivery service. Don't worry they're the best in the entire world. And Secret City is only a few hours from here, so Flame won't be too far."

"Okay." She pulled out a collar with a small Yin-Yang symbol on it and she put it around the cat's neck. "Be good okay?" she asked the cat as she pet it again.

"I'm sure Damianus and Emmalyn would be happy to care for him."

"You do know that Flame's a girl, right?" she smirked at him as Aaron looked up from his phone and he stared at her with a slight frown. She then started laughing. Aaron's face lit up as he couldn't help laughing either.

"He laughs."

"I do indeed."

"I'm glad to see you happy."

"I am too. It feels good." Yin smiled and she looked at the sky.

"Hm, I'm sure it does."

Later the pet delivery service came up and Yin gave the lady the cat and the address.

"Don't worry, Miss, I'll get this cat where she needs to go. All warm and safe."

"Thank you so much," Yin said to her. "Stay good Flame!" she yelled to the cat as the lady carried her over to her car. The cat was gently placed on a warm blanket in the back seat of the car and the lady then drove off.

"I miss her already," Yin said.

"Don't worry, when we all take a trip back to Secret City before Christmas, we can see her again."


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