Powers: The Soto Story

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The North City Docks

Somewhere in the North City docks.

"How could you dumb-asses let them escape?!" the man yelled at the group on henchmen standing in a line in front of him.

"We-we w-weren't h-here, s-s-sir," one of them shakily said to the man who looked like a demon. He was tall, thin, and very, very pale. His skin was almost gray in color. He had long jet-black that covered half of his face which was lined with scars. His red eyes glowed evilly. He picked up the man who had spoke and he threw him across the warehouse. The man screamed as he flew through the air and he landed in a pile of metal drums.

"Find them!" The henchmen scrambled trying to do what they were told.

"Victor, what are you yelling about?" a female voice asked.

"SHUT UP, SERINA!" Victor yelled behind him. The woman stopped and gasped. All the yelling he usually does was never toward her. He must have been really mad. She stopped and her eyes teared up, as she was obviously very hurt. She turned and started to walk away. "Get back here!" he commanded. She gasped and stopped where she stood. "NOW!" She briskly walked back to him, whimpering. "How long were they gone?"

"T-th-they've b-been g-gone f-f-for ah-a while n-now." He waited. "S-sir!"

"How. Long. Is. A while?!"

"A-a-a f-few d-days." He paused for a few moments.

"Tell me… again. Exactly what happened."

"Th-they came by a-and they got th-them out."

"I. Need. Details!"

"Th-They came by and they saved the girl and that other guy we had locked up!"

"More! Dammit! I need to know what happened!"

"Jack and some students came and got their girlfriend back and they took that other guy we had with them!" She shut her eyes and yelled out. There was a few moments of silence. She opened one eye, then the other. He was looking at her with his normal expression. He stepped toward her. She looked up at him in the eyes and she gulped out of fear. In an inhuman speed, he raised his arm up and he smacked her across the face, leaving her cheek red. She exhaled at the impact as her head was forced to the side. She slowly brought her head back to face him. His expression showed a little more anger. Sure Victor was mean to her, but he had never hurt her, let alone physically hit her. She continued to stare at him with her surprised and angry expression which was slowly turning to sadness. Her eyes welled with tears.

"You gonna cry now?" he asked her. She absentmindedly nodded and she started to cry. He shoved her onto the ground. She hit the ground and she continued to cry. "You're a disgrace." He walked away and left her on the ground. Her tears stained the concrete floor beneath her. He had some men surround her. "Lock her up," he commended them. The grabbed Serina by the shoulders and they dragged her to another small room. She did nothing to resist. They threw her inside and she lay there crying. The door was slammed shut behind her and locked. Victor felt nothing for her. He walked back to his office, which was an old TV sitting on a tabletop on the ground as the table legs themselves had long ago collapsed. There was a few old chars in front of the TV with some people sitting in them.

"What now, Vic?" one of them asked.

"Now, Xane, we attack."

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