Powers: The Soto Story

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The Stand-Off

"Where's your army Jack?" Victor asked with mock confusion as he walked toward the man. "I heard you had at least 200 of them. And I see no one!" There was mock surprise in his voice.

"Shut. Up!" Jack spat at him.

"Oh, come now. You think that we can get over our problems, just by yelling at each other?" Jack whipped out a pistol from his belt and he pointed it straight at Victor. Victor looked at it and laughed. "You really think you can stop me with that?"

"Try me," Jack said. "Take one more step and you die."

"Suit yourself," Victor shrugged and Jack pulled the trigger. The was silence as the sound of the gunshot dissipated from the air. Victor looked down and saw the hole in his chest.

"Ooh, right in the heart!" he said. The hole was closing over by itself and it spat the bullet out as it healed. Victor looked at the bullet. "You know, even without my healing ability, this would do little to stop me. Heh. Pathetic. You always have been and you always will be." Just then Carlyta came running out.

"Carlyta, stay back!" Jack said looking at her. Victor was already looking at her and he flicked the bullet toward her. Jack quickly did calculations and he was able to fire another round at the precise moment that it hit the other bullet and both of them fell meaninglessly onto the ground.

"Wow, you are good," Victor said. "I guess you're not as pathetic as I had thought."

"Well, you thought wrong. You always have been, and you always will," Jack said with a smirk.

"You're wrong again. I have an army. You and every single one of your precious students will die. Every. Single. ONE!"

"Well then," a voice said, "It's a good thing I have a girlfriend." Jack turned around. It was Rikki and all of his friends.

"HA!" Victor laughed. "That's your reinforcements? You're hilarious!" he was laughing evilly.

"You cannot win against us!" Xane laughed as he threw a fireball at Rikki. Rikki simply caught it and absorbed all of the heat and kinetic energy. Xane looked at him dumbfounded.

"Whoo!" Rikki said with a smirk. "That felt great! Come on, throw another one!" He stood like a baseball player would when they would catch a fly ball, with an excited smirk on his face.

"Don't!" Victor said to Xane. "That won't work on him." His eyes fell onto Suzy. Xane smiled.

"But they'll work on his girlfriend!" he yelled as he threw one at Suzy. Rikki stepped in front and absorbed that one too.

"Dammit!" Xane yelled.

He's going to be hard to beat, Victor thought to himself. I'll have to separate him and his girlfriend. He looked at some of the others, thinking that even though he didn't know what sort of power they had, they would still be no match for him. He pulled out a blade and he threw it at Lotus. She yelled at the impact but she pulled the blade from her chest and her she healed over. Victor took this note. Jack knew what he was doing and he swore.

"He's testing them," he said to himself. He fired his gun at Victor again, but Victor knew Jack and he knew this was just a distraction to get him away from the students. Victor continued what he was doing, until he had pushed Jack to the limit.

"Students!" Jack yelled, "...fight wisely." The students who had all the pent up rage from wanting to fight charged forward. Whether they were on fire or flying straight at Victor. Victor had some of his army run forward to retaliate. They students actually used the defensive techniques that they had learned and Jack noticed that they were fighting wisely. He momentarily felt proud. He looked at Victor with a smirk. Carlyta was watching with careful eyes to see if any student needed medical help. Victor looked at his army then at the students.

"Impressive, Jack. What have you been teaching them?" Victor asked him.

"Just some defensive moves," Professor Drogo Hawking said appearing behind him with his arm reeled back and he brought it forward and landed the punch right in the middle of Victor's face.

"Is that all you have?" Victor asked him. Hawking didn't answer him. Victor grabbed the man by the collar and he threw him across the field. After some more of Victors henchmen had been falling from the students' attacks, his army started to draw back, leaving just some people who were Victor's most trusted followers. They were each standing by a car that they called their own. Rikki wasn't surprised to see them look like they were so rich. After seeing them, Jack had the majority of his students back off and he had Rikki and the others come forward. After Carlyta rounded up the other students she tended to Drogo. Victor's followers lined up with Rikki, Suzy, Dan, Florida, Aoi, Cass, Kilo, Chyanne, Jaylen, Luuk, Lotus, and Kora. For some reason Aaron and Yin were no where to be found. Jack looked around for them, but he didn't see them anywhere.

"Stop!" a voice said. Everyone looked toward the front doors of the school, where the voice had come from. Jack and the rest of them gasped at what they saw as the person stepped outside. Aaron's evil half was holding Yin in his arms with his hand over her mouth. In his other hand, he was holding a knife pressed up to her neck. "Give up, Jack…" he said as they looked at him helplessly. "Give up… or she dies!"

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