Powers: The Soto Story

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The Wait for Death

Yin was struggling against evil Aaron's grasp but he was too strong. She couldn't say anything either, because his hand was over her mouth. She felt helpless for the first time.

"Y...Yin!" a weak voice called from inside. Evil Aaron looked behind him and he could see Aaron limping down the hallway. Evil Aaron had managed to get out of the locked room and he immediately went for Yin and Aaron. He wanted revenge on Yin and Aaron was already weak, so he was his first target. He had found Aaron by the library and he was able to get Yin away from him, not that she could do much about it since that if she used her Gift, she would burn the entire school down. He was able to easily beat Aaron and he then turned onto Yin. Without her fire she was easy to beat, yet she was stubborn as heck to drag out here. Aaron made his way outside and onto the snow covered ground where there was spots where fire was thrown so the field looked like an absolute mess. Aaron stumbled his way over to his evil half, who smirked.

"Stop!" he said. "Stop or I'll kill her." He pressed the knife against her skin and Yin felt the pressure. She whimpered from under his hand. Aaron stopped walking and he continued to breath heavily, holding his more broken arm.

"D... dammit," he hissed.

"That's right. Stay there and I won't kill her." He looked at Aaron, then back at Yin. He saw sadness in their eyes and he realized something. "Oh! So that's what's going on here. It's all clear for me now. You two are in love! Pity, when one of you dies, you'll be without each other. Heartbreak is my favourite kind of pain." Aaron growled as evil Aaron laughed. "You two are so pathetic." Victor was walking over toward evil Aaron.

"Don't move or she dies," he reminded them. "Are you his evil half or something?" he asked evil Aaron.

" 's right," evil Aaron said.

"You're good. I like your style," he said as he walked over to Aaron. Aaron stared at Victor as he walked to him. Victor stood behind him. Aaron thought the inevitable was going to come, so he stood there and waited for it. "Correct," Victor simply said to him, using telepathy he had stolen from someone a while ago, to read his mind. He pulled a long blade from his belt and everyone heard the sound of the blade being shoved through him from behind. Yin saw his eyes go wide as the tip of the blade come out from the center of his chest. She screamed from underneath evil Aaron's hand with tears cascading down her cheeks as she watched Aaron fall to his knees. The fallen snow from yesterday was changing from it's natural white to deep red.

"I'm sorry… Yin…" Aaron forced out the words as he fell onto the ground. Yin grew so angry that her eyes turned red and her body became covered with flames. Evil Aaron yelled out in pain as she expelled all of the flames while she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Evil Aaron did his best to get away from the spreading fire, but to no avail as he was swallowed up by them. He disintegrated into nothing in a yell of fury. All of the snow within twenty feet of Yin instantly melted and evaporated. Everyone moved back, except Victor. Yin focused all of her energy and she pointed at Victor while orange tears made of liquid fire fell from her eyes and onto the ground. All of the fire shrunk into a small ball in her hands, then it a humongous line of fire at least a mile long exploded from her hand as she concentrated it to where Victor was standing. After she had set fire to the trees far far off from the school, her firewall dissipated and she collapsed onto her hands and knees next to Aaron. She heard laughing and she looked up and saw Victor, still alive and rather unaffected.

"Impressive work, girl. You should join me, and together we can take over the world."

"Aaron," she sobbed weakly, "I'm sorry…dammit... I'm so… sorry. I couldn't… avenge you… I'm sorry!" Victor came over to her and he pulled out another long blade similar to the one that he killed Aaron with. Yin looked up at him, with an angry defeated look, her face still awash with tears.

"Do it!" she yelled.

"As you wish," Victor said as he raised his arm. All Yin could do was wait for the pain to come and go.

"I'll be with you soon, Aaron," she said crying to herself. She closed her eyes and waited for death.

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