Powers: The Soto Story

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For the Love of Victory

Victor raised him arm up, ready to deliver the kill blow when suddenly, he felt the pain of a blade being shoved into his heart from behind. He gasped and he looked behind him. Yin looked up and gasped. It was Aaron. He had no hole in his chest and the only proof he had of being stabbed was the blood-stained shirt that had the rip where the blade came through it.

"A… Aaron?" Yin asked.

"How the hell are you alive?!" Victor yelled. "I killed you! How are you alive?!" Everyone looked on with a sigh of relief. Rikki noticed that some of Victor's followers were sitting down, obviously bored.

"It's going to take a lot more than that to kill me," Aaron said calmly.

"Fine then!" Victor almost whined. "But how. Are. You. ALIVE?!"

"In the fire, Yin destroyed my evil half. His destruction caused him to join back with me. Aaron and Emo Aaron are now one in the same person. I am now whole once again."

"Of course!" Lotus said. "The destruction of your purged emotions, has caused you to be whole again."

"Right," Aaron said, nodding toward her. He walked over to Yin and he helped her up.

"I… Is it… really… you?"

"Yes. I am still the same Aaron you fell in love with a few days ago. Even my broken arm is healed." Yin burst into tears of joy.

"It is you!" They hugged each other. "Don't you ever leave me again."

"I won't."

"NOT IF I HAVE ANY DAMN THING TO SAY ABOUT IT!" Victor yelled as he charged at Aaron from behind. Aaron grabbed Yin and he jumped out of the way. Victor missed and he stumbled and fell onto the ground. "Help me you dumb-asses!" he yelled at his followers. He stood up and looked at them. "Come on!" He knew he was looking like an idiot.

"No," one of them said.

"Jerry, what the hell, did you just say?" Victor asked a boy wearing an orange shirt and a green hat and blue jeans.

"I said 'No', Vic! I didn't sign up for this revenge shit. Kill them yourself."

"Don't you fools turn against me!"

"Sorry, luv," a beautiful blond girl said with a French accent. "I don't listen to you. I only listen to Rov," she said pointing at her car.

"You too, Saleen?"

"Oui," she said.

"I still follow you sir," Xane said.

"Thank you. Anyone else?" No one spoke up. "You… damn... traitors," he growled. "When I am through with every single one of you you will all be begging me for dea-" he was interrupted as Jerry had manifested a lightning bolt in his hand and had ran it through him. The horrific scream he made cannot be described by mere words. The electricity was shutting down his body. Victor fell to one knee. "Y… you… fu… fools!" he rasped. His vision was fading. He looked up and saw a blurry Saleen with an angry expression on her face.

"You, killed my parents!" she yelled at him. "Now you die!" She touched her car, a metallic tan colored Range Rover Evoque, and it sped forward straight at Victor at such a high velocity, that it severed his head from his body at impact. The car came to a stop as she exhaled. She said something in French under her breath. Dan looked around.

"Is that it?" he asked. "Have we won?"

"It would appear so," Aoi said. Jack looked at Xane. Xane looked at Victor's headless body with a terrified expression. The others leaned in on him. He looked around fearful for his life and he turned tail and ran, yellow like a coward. Just then some other adults arrived.

"13, we received your distress call," a man in the group said.

"It's fine, 22, everything is fine now," Jack, or 13 apparently, said. They guessed that in the Order you didn't have a name, you had a number.

"Are you sure?" a woman asked in an Australian accent.

"Yes, 7. We are all fine."

"Well, not Victor," Dan said. 22 looked at Dan.

"Victor? Oh, 12. How is he-whoa!" he said as he saw the headless body. "Th-that's 12?!"

"Yes. My old friend. Wherever he is I hope he can learn to forgive," Jack said.

"Ah, I remember the day 12 went rogue. It was a tragic day indeed." Suzy then pushed her way to them.

"W-What about my father? What happened to my father?" she asked them.

"11 was her father," Jack said.

"Oh," 7 said. "Miss, 8, your father went missing looking for 12. We lost contact with him shortly after. We found the source of his last communication and we found him, but…"

"I understand," Suzy said tearing up and her hair turning blue.

"Hey, don't be sad."

"Why not?" A hooded man stepped forward. He removed it. Suzy looked at him and she gasped as she was struck with a sense of dé-ja-vú. She had seen this man before, but where? In a dream perhaps? A vision?

"Hello, Susan," he said sweetly bending down to her level. He looked a bit like her with dark blue eyes and jet black hair.

"D… daddy?" she asked. The man nodded. Suzy hugged him. "Daddy!" she cried. "Why weren't you there when Mommy needed you? When I needed you?"

"I'm sorry, Susan. Truly… I am."

"Why didn't you come back?"

"Because I'm needed here, in the order." Suzy let go and she wiped her eyes.

"Mom has started to see someone else, you know," she said with her beautiful voice broken by sadness. At first, he was concerned but then he thought otherwise.



"Man. My best friend. Heh, I haven't seen him in twenty years. How is Raff doing?"

"He's doing fine."

"Well then, are you and him taking good care of Mommy?"

"Mm-hm," she said nodding.

"Good," he said with a smile. I'll try to visit whenever I can.

Thanks, Daddy. I'm sure Mommy will be happy to see you again. But then again, she'll probably also be upset with you.

Oh, my little Suzy, Mommy was never mad at me when she found out that I had left.

She… wasn't?

No. She understood, in fact, why I had to go. I'm sure she was sad, but she understood.

"Come on, 8," 22 said. "We have to go."

I'll stop by. I promise. He told Suzy.

Pinky swear? Suzy held her pinky finger out.

Sure. Her father met the gesture. They hugged one last time and then the Order members disappeared. Just know this, Suzy my dear daughter, I will always watch over you. By now, Saleen was done cleaning her car of Victor's blood. Jack looked at Victor's ex-followers.

"Care to join?" he asked them simply. They all looked at each other, like why not?

"Eh, why not?" Jerry asked. He walked over and he shook Jack's hand. Saleen and another young Russian man, called Alexsey Volikov, did the same. He and Coach L. bonded rather quickly. Rikki was standing by Suzy as she was still looking off in the direction where her father walked off.

"At least I know he's alive," she said.

"I know," Rikki said as they kissed.

"Rikki, you know that the boyfriend is supposed to have a dinner meeting with the girlfriends parents first, right?"

"Suzy my love, I have a feeling he already knew we were dating."

"I guess you're right," she said with a smile. Yin and Aaron were holding each other.

"I love you," Aaron said.

"You do?" Yin asked.

"Yeah," he blushed slightly.

"Good," she smiled.

"Why?" Yin kissed him on the lips.

"Because I do too." Aaron kissed her back. Dan and Florida kissed each other. Jack and Carlyta found each other and they kissed as well, and of course, Rikki and Suzy were kissing. Chyanne gave her little sister a hug. Aoi and Lotus hugged each other as well. Lotus then looked over at Luuk, who was looking off some other direction. She walked over to him and she planted a kiss on his lips. Aoi laughed. This was a good way to celebrate victory.

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