Powers: The Soto Story

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Everyone was applauding. Some of the students were cheering. Dan was talking to Luuk about bachelor party plans, already. Suzy was hugging Rikki with tears shining in her eyes. Jack looked around at all of the students. They were all clapping and cheering. He glanced back at Aaron and Yin. He guessed that they would be next.

That next June.

The wedding party was standing outside the outdoor chapel that was on the college grounds. It was in a special area on the tree line to the east of the college with a small gravel road leading to it. Rikki was standing in his suit with Dan as his Best Man. Their parents had stopped being angry with each other long enough to enjoy their son's wedding. Jack was ordained as the minister and was standing next to them, while Rikki's father was telling Rikki some things.

"Make sure that you make her happy," he explained to his son.

"I will, Dad."

"Also…" he sighed, "Also, for me… if you have kids… be a good father. I want them to have the best childhood possible."

"Sure, Dad."

"That's going to be very hard, though, giving your kids what I never gave you."

"Well… you did your best, sir." His father chuckled.

"And of course, remember, happy wife, happy life."

"Yes, sir." The guests had started to arrive so everyone took to their proper places as more and more guests arrived. The chairs that were set up began to fill as everyone signed the guest book. Jack was standing at the podium straightening his tie. Rikki was standing near the podium with Dan by him.

Back up at the college.

Suzy was standing there in her wedding dress. It was very beautiful on her and her deep sea blue eyes, shown nicely from behind the veil. Her mother was standing next to her.

"I'm so happy," she said with happy tears. "It's my baby girl's wedding day."

"Thanks, Mom," Suzy said.

"I just wish your father was here to see it."

"Me too," Suzy said after a few moments. They were standing in the college main room with the Rolls-Royce waiting just outside the doors to take her to the chapel.

"It's too bad he couldn't be here, to walk you to your husband," Florence continued.

"Mom, technically, he's not my husband yet."

"Oh, don't sass me on your wedding day."

"Sorry, Mom." There was the sound of a man clearing his throat. The looked over and Suzy saw her father standing there in a suit and tie. "Daddy?" she asked.

"I see today is your special day," he said. "Aren't I supposed to walk you down the aisle?"


"Well, then I'm here to do just that." Florence hugged her husband.

"Oh, my God, it's been so long. How long can you stay for?"

"Just the wedding and the party."

"That's plenty of time… for us to catch up."

"Florence, is what Suzy told me about you and Rafferty true?" Her mother looked heartbroken.

"Oh, n… not really. I… don't think… he… loves me back."

"Aw." They hugged each other again. "Come on, let's go. We have a wedding to attend." He walked her daughter to the car out front and they all climbed in. Suzy and her Dad in the back with Florence riding in the front. The chauffeur drove the car down to the chapel.

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