Powers: The Soto Story

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How the Others are Getting Along

Rikki and Suzy were standing on the front porch. It was a house that, with some help from Suzy's mother Florence, they had bought. They started the next chapter of their life together.

"I like it," Suzy said, "but..."

"It's a bit nerve racking owning a house?" he finished.

"Yep," she finished. She was right. They were only 19 years old and they had bought a house.

"Well," he said walking her inside, "We might as well get used to it."

"I guess you're right." The truck pulled into the driveway, and they directed where they wanted the things to go. The moving went on into the afternoon. By the time they were finished, it was nearly 5. Suzy sat down on their couch. "I am so tired," she breathed.

"I am too," Rikki said sitting next to her. She looked at him and she gave him a tired smile. He did the same. "I wonder how the others are getting along..."

Somewhere on the west coast.

The Volvo was driving down the road. In the driver seat, there was a young man. Next to him, was his girlfriend. They were only at that stage together in their relationship, but they knew they were destined to be together forever. It was Aaron and Yin. Aaron was driving along the tree-covered coastline when Yin pointed to an area by the seaside.

"Over there," she said. Aaron pulled off the road and he drove onto what would later become their driveway.

"I like this place," Aaron said. Yin smiled as she was petting her orange cat, Flame.

"I do too. It's by the ocean, we have a lot of land, and it's in a place where it will be just us." Yin was hopeful. Aaron was too. Ever since their small wedding, they have been looking forward to this their whole time they've known each other. Aaron parked the car and he and Yin climbed out. Aaron looked around.

"Hm. There's plenty of trees to use."

"For what?" Yin asked him.

"To build our house." She looked at him unsurely. "Hey," he walked around his car and over to her, "Don't worry. I'll hire some professionals, to help out. I'm just saying that, with all this, we can build anything we want!"


"Pretty much, yeah."

"Oh, okay then. Then I want... hm, what do I want?" she walked around thinking about what she wanted to build. Aaron took a look around the surrounding area. They could do a lot here, and he and Yin knew that.

Outside Tokyo

Aoi was riding the train. She had returned to her home in Tokyo. She was still single, but she remembered a friend that was still around somewhere. The train was leaving Tokyo and was on it's way to the cherry blossom orchards outside the city. In the middle of all of the pink trees, was a large mansion. The Hashimoto home. The train stopped in the station and she got off. She walked up the road and toward the pink colored hillside toward the top of the mountain. She was finally going home. She smiled, as she thought of all of the family that she left. Then she looked at her phone. All of the pictures of her and all the friends she made back at the College of Trades. As she scrolled through the pictures, a tear fell onto the screen as she realized that she missed all of the fun she had. She wiped her eyes and she looked up, to find herself looking at a large iron gate. She opened the gate door and she walked up toward mansion.

"I'm home," she said in Japanese. She used her gift to look ahead of what was waiting for her. She laughed. "Akira, you're here!" she said to herself.

LaGuardia Airport, New York.

Lotus was waiting in the departure lounge for the all night flight to London. Luuk was with her. Yes, after many, many attempts, Lotus finally let Luuk take her on a date. It went well, and they actually did fall in love. Now they were going to fly to London to find a place to live. Kora was also with them so that she could get a connecting flight onto Berlin.

"Can't wait to be home," Kora said with a tired smile. It was 10 p.m. and the flight didn't depart until 11, let alone start boarding until 10:30.

"Same here," Lotus laughed. She was leaning on Luuk, who had dozed off.

"I am so going to sleep on the plane," she yawned.

"You are?" she sighed.

"Já," she said in German. Lotus giggled and she fell asleep, snuggled against Luuk.

College of Trades.

Jack was looking around the empty main room. He sighed sadly.

"You always miss the students," he said to himself. "I just hope that they are able to find their way into the world." Every year, before the students leave, he gathers them together in the main room for one final announcement. He distinctly remembered it. "If you cannot find a way into society, then you are always welcome to stay here." Then a man walked into the room.

"Jack," he said. Jack turned and looked. It was the head of the Order, 1.

"1," he said. "What are you doing here?"

"You cannot use this place as a home of solace for those who cannot fit into Ungifted society."

"Then, what are you suggesting, sir?" The man put his hand on Jack's shoulder.

"Jack, I am simply saying that this place cannot be both." Jack gasped.

"Oh, he said. "Oh, alright, now this is great. Because, I had this idea: Trades University. What about that? That would be the school, and this will be the home." 1 thought for a few minutes.

"If you can found Trades University, then by all means, go ahead. This place may need some remodeling done though."

"I will get right on it."

"Good." 1 walked out and left. Just then someone walked into the main room. It was Will.

"Father?" he asked. "What are you doing up?" Jack smiled and he walked over to him.

"Son, this place will change. It will now be a home for the Gifted who cannot find solace in the world. Trades University will be built around around this place.

"So this is the final year of the College of Trades?"

"No, Son," he said placing his hand on Will's shoulder. He paused as Carlyta walked out. She smiled as she heard the whole conversation. "This is only the beginning." He wrapped his other arm around his wife. "The World will turn."

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