Powers: The Soto Story

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Years Later

The school bell rang and the students filed their way outside. It was the last day of the school year and the boy stepped out into the parking lot. He breathed in the air as his Ferrari red hair waved in the nice breeze. His blue eyes, the color of the sea looked around and he saw only students' cars.

"Ah, nothing like fresh air to start off your summer," he said with a smile on his face. He was a sophomore at West Coast High School. After summer vacation, he would be a junior. He was then tackled from behind.

"Heeeeeeeey, buddy, whassup?" The boy turned his head and he saw the face that was his best friend.

"Come on, Jadd, I thought I told you to stop doing that."

"Come one, dude, you know me!" Jadd said. "I ain't gonna stop doin it, cause I know it makes you mad," he laughed.

"Well, could you at least let go of my neck?"

"Sorry, man. Hey, you ready for a summer vacay?"

"Yeah you know it!" They both paused as a girl walked by. She was wearing a pink shirt and a short black summer skirt that matched her hair color.

"Wow," they both said.

"I want that!" Jadd said.

"Dude, Jadd, that's Vegas Meyers. There's no way she'd fall for guys like us."

"What the heck are you saying?!" Jadd asked loudly which caused Vegas to stop and look back. "Dude, seriously? You're having doubts? You're Leaf Soto! Your parents are rich, your mom is like super hot, and you drive a freaking Maserati!" Vegas gasped. She walked back over to them.

"You're the kid with the Maserati?" she asked Leaf. Leaf's heart skipped a beat, as Vegas was actually talking to him.

"Uh… yeah," Leaf said with his heart aflutter.

"Hey, Vegas," a voice interrupted. They all looked over. It was a boy with spiky purple hair. He wore a sleeveless leather jacket and black jeans. "Vegas, what are you doing talking to these nerds?" he asked.

"Leave us alone, Cross!" Leaf said.

"Hey!" Cross yelled at Leaf. "I'm talking to Vegas here, not you, you pathetic piece of trash!"

"You can't yell at my friend like that," Jadd said stepping up. Cross grabbed Jadd's shoulders and he shoved him to the side. Jadd hit the concrete with a grunt, causing his arm to bruise.

"Come on Vegas, let's leave these nerds."

"You know what Cross?" she asked him. "I would have, but now I know that you're just a big jerk, I don't even want to think about you anymore." Just then, Leaf heard the sound of an engine. It was his mom's Ferrari. The white Ferrari FF pulled up by the door and a woman stepped out. Leaf looked back to where Cross was but Cross was long gone. The woman walked over.

"Leaf, is something wrong?" she asked.

"No, Mom. We're alright," Leaf said. The woman brought her hand to her forehead and she sighed exasperatedly and she shook her head. Vegas then stepped to the side as she answered her cell phone.

"It doesn't look that way to me."

"Come on, Mom-"

"Leaf Soto!" she said loud enough to make him cringe. "That's enough," she said as she ran out of patience. She looked at Jadd. "Jadd, you're hurt. Let me take you to our house and I can get you fixed up."

"Mrs. Soto, I'm fine."

"Dude, there's no use in arguing with my Mom," Leaf said.

"Fine." Vegas stepped back over to them.

"Uh, excuse me Mrs. Soto, but, my mother just called and she said that she can't pick me up because she has to work late so I was wondering if I could come to your house to wait for her."

"You're Vegas, right?"


"Hm," she thought for a minute. "Well, if it's alright with your mother, then it's alright with me."

"Thank you."

"Leaf, you'll have to give her a ride, I have groceries. Jadd, you'll just have to come with me."

"Yes, Mrs. Soto." Suzy helped Jadd into the front seat while Leaf was walking toward his car with Vegas following.

"So you seriously have a Maserati?" she asked him.


"That is so badass."


"Yeah." Leaf walked up his off-white MC Stradale. He opened the door and he pressed the unlock button to let Vegas in on the passenger side. "Wow, you have a nice car. Seriously."

"Thanks." Leaf started the car.

"Ooh, that's a sexy sound," Vegas said.


"Come on, take me to your place."

At the Soto household.

They all arrived at the house. Leaf carried the groceries in while Suzy marched Jadd to the kitchen to get him cleaned up. Vegas sat down on the couch with a novel. Leaf was done carrying the food in he sat his things in his room and he turned on his PlayStation 3. Vegas looked up over the top of her book.

"Hey, what game is that?" she asked. Leaf looked at her.

"Oh, it's Gran Tourismo 6. On the PlayStation 3."

"That is so cool." Leaf did a double take. How could this girl who he barely knew, know so much about cars? "That game is vintage."

"That's what my Dad said about it."

"Smart man." She moved off the couch to sit next to him and his heart skipped a beat again. "Do you like this game?"

"Oh… I uh, play it all the time."

"I bet I could beat you in a race," she said with a wry smirk.

"Oh, you do, do you?"

"Yeah," she said slipping on a pair of black glasses. Leaf thought that they made her look even more prettier than she was, because they suited her so well.

"Well, then," he said giving her another controller, "Let's just see if you can."

A couple hours went by so quickly.

Vegas's mom was at Leaf's front door. Vegas stood to leave.

"Well, Leaf Soto, it's been fun. She leaned in and kissed Leaf on the cheek. Leaf's face instantly grew as red as his hair. "What, first time a girl kissed you?"

"Y… yeah," he said barely audible. She giggled.

"You're so funny. It was so nice to meet you Leaf." She gave him a hug and she kissed him again. She then walked to her mom's car and she waved back before she climbed in and the car left the driveway. Leaf watched the car leave. He then sighed dreamily.

"Dude, she kissed you," Jadd said appearing behind him eating an apple.

"I know dude," Leaf said with a dreamy look on his face.

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