Powers: The Soto Story

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Who is Zephyr?

The very next day.

Leaf was playing videogames on his PS3 with Jadd online. There was a tone as a notification message appeared on the screen. Vegas had logged online. He invited her to play NFS with him and Jadd. Leaf was wearing a chat headset and he, Jadd and Vegas were talking while the game lobby was loading.

"Jadd, I'm sorry Cross hurt you," Vegas said.

"Hey, I'm alright," Jadd said. "It was just a scratch, and besides, Leaf, your mom is so nice to me."

"Hey, man," Leaf said, "That's just the way she is."

"I know."

"Leaf, your mother is really nice," Vegas said.

"I know," Leaf said. Leaf then saw a name appear on the list on-screen of the people who were in the same game lobby as them. The account name was simply called 'Zephyr'. Leaf looked at the name, thinking that he had seen it somewhere before. "Hey, do you guys see that name?"

"What, Zephyr?" Jadd asked.


"Yeah, I see it. You see the name under it? What kind of name is 'Black Nova'?"

"I don't know, but a I personally think that 'Black Rose' would have been better."

"I've never seen a black rose before, but if they exist I would love to have one," Vegas said.

"I'm sure you could get some somewhere," Leaf said.

"Thanks Leaf." There was a pause. "Did I tell you that… even though we've never talked before… and I was always with the popular kids… and we had a few classes together… and uh…" Leaf was shocked by her sudden outburst of truthfulness.

"Vegas, just say it," he said.

"I… I… I've always liked your name. I think it's really interesting and cute."


"Yeah, a-and if I would've known that you were the one who owned the Maserati, we would've totally been friends a long time ago."


"A-and what I wanted, to say was-"

"Hey guys we're starting!" Jadd interrupted. The cars were sitting at the starting line on the road. Leaf in a Ferrari F12, Jadd in a Lamborghini Aventador, and Vegas in a Lamborghini Veneno. The mysterious Zephyr was in an orange McLaren P1. The Black Nova was in a black Pagani Huayra. The race then started. The McLaren shot off the line and was almost instantly gone. Leaf struggled to catch up in the Ferrari. Vegas shot into second place followed by Black Nova. She pulled through a repair shop and she was able to use a turbo boost to pull ahead into first place.

"Go Vegas," Leaf said pulling up next to Jadd. "Jadd can you see Vegas at all?"

"No, man, she's too far ahead," Jadd said swerving to avoid a traffic car. They heard Vegas laugh. The comms of the other two remained silent and Leaf hadn't muted them. Who ever they were, they were really focusing.

"I'm a full 7 seconds ahead of Zephyr," Vegas said as Leaf was catching up to the Pagani. Jadd was behind Leaf. Vegas then groaned, "Noo!"

"What?!" Leaf asked.

"I crashed."

In Vegas's house.

She was sitting on a pink bean-bag in her bedroom. She was face-palmed as her car regenerated. She gasped as the P1 was right there moving at an incredible speed which then used a shockwave pursuit tech. Vegas' car shot into the wall and her screen read "Wrecked" in large white letters. She gasped and yelled, "Damn firetrucking hacker!"

Leaf's house.

"What?" Leaf asked.

"This Zephyr guy's a damn hacker! I had little damage and he shockwaved me and I'm wrecked!"

"From one hit?"


"I'll win for you. I'll avenge you."

"Do it, Leaf!" Leaf's car shot forward and he passed the Pagani. He then came upon the P1 with an active ESF. He hit the P1 in the side and he sent it flying into the wall and it flipped and rolled many times. It finally came to a stop on the side of the road. Leaf stopped his car and the Pagani shot by. Jadd stopped by Leaf.

"What's wrong dude?" Jadd asked. Leaf waited. Zephyr's comm finally lit up. It was a man and he was laughing.

"Boy, I haven't been thrown around like that in years," he said.

"So, what of it?" Leaf asked him.

"I'm not a hacker. That stunt with the respawn and the instant kill… that's a glitch."

"That's a glitch?" Vegas asked.

"Yes. I try not to use it."


"Because as you found out, it's really unfair and if you master it, please save it for the AI."

"Oh." The race was then over.

"Hey, she's done," the man said.

"What?" Leaf asked.

"Nova, she won." Leaf then remembered the Pagani. It came back a minute later.

"Dear lord, Zephyr, what happened?" an accented female voice asked.

"This kid wrecked me. No one's done that for a while. He has some real skill."

"Hey, I think I recognize your voice," Vegas said. "Are you Aaron Paul?" The man laughed.

"No I am not Aaron Paul."

"Hm. Are you a celebrity?"

"Uh, no I am not. I am a humble billionaire." There was a pause as Leaf, Vegas, and Jadd all showed the same confused expression.

"Wait," Leaf said, "A billionaire?"


"Zephyr, stop bragging," the woman said.

"Sorry," he laughed. "I will be a billionaire. I'm not a billionaire quite yet. So, where do you kids live?"

"Uh, we're all in West Coast," Leaf said.

"Hey, us too."


"Zephyr and I," the woman said.

"We should meet up then."

"That's sounds great. Meadow Mall? Saturday at noon?" Zephyr asked.

"Sounds like a plan."

"Good. We'll meet Saturday."


Leaf, Jadd and Vegas were in the Meadow Mall food court.

"Over here," a man said. They walked over to him. The man was young and in his mid twenties. He had white hair and goldenrod colored eyes.

"You Zephyr?" Leaf asked.

"You the kids from yesterday?" Zephyr asked them.


"Good. I'm Zephyr."

"I know," Jadd said.

"No, see, that's my actual name."

"Hi!" the accented woman said. "I'm Jaesyn, his girlfriend!" She had a friendly smile on her face.

"Hey," Leaf said. Jaesyn was a pretty young woman about her mid twenties. She had short blond hair that framed her face and accentuated her blue eyes. "You must be Black Nova."

"Yes, but please, call me Jaesyn." She blushed slightly.

"Where'd you get your accent from?" Vegas asked as they sat down.

"It's part Italian and part Russian."


"Thanks. I was born in Paris."

"You know, Leaf," Zephyr said.

"What?" Leaf asked.

"I have a feeling that we will know each other for years."

"Me too, sir."

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