Powers: The Soto Story

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Gifted Emotions

Back to the classes. Power Management.

"Today we are going to learn how to keep your Gift in a stable state," McCracken said. "But for now, does anyone here already know how to keep control of their Gift?" A few students raised their hands, with Aoi being one of them. McCracken pointed to her.

"Because my Gift is being able to see things before they happen, I can't really… well actually, I don't really have anything to say about that, now do I?" she said with a half smile. A confused look crossed McCracken's face.

"I guess you can't do anything about it. Hmm. What about you… uh," she pointed to that one kid.

"Rey," he said.

"Thank you. Night vision, if I'm not correct?"

"Yeah. I can control it by like a uh, like a mental switch. If I want to see in the dark, then I think to myself, like uh, 'Hey, I want to see in the dark' or something like that."

"I see," she said writing down 'mental switch' on the whiteboard.

A girl, which turned out to be Lotus, raised her hand. "Yes?"

"Can I ask how you control yours?" she asked.

"Well, I suppose that I can show you." She set the marker down and stepped away from it. The marker began floating in the air. The cap came off the marker and the marker went over to the board and it wrote out: 'This is my gift. Helpful?'

"Oh, yeah," a boy on the other side of the room said.

"Another way we control our Gifts is by…" Rikki started to doze off, but he threw himself awake.

"Careful, there," the boy sitting next to him whispered.

"Sorry," he whispered back.

"The main source of control in the majority of most of us however," McCracken went on, "is our emotions. When we are angry, we want to lash out and kill or destroy anything that stands in our way, or whatever it is you do." There was a few laughs. "Yes, ha-ha. Now, does anyone here have control over their gift by having a steady temper?" No one raised their hands. "No one? Well, does anyone have a Gift that is directly tied to their emotions?" Rikki figured that she was talking about Suzy but she wasn't in this class. "Still no one? Hmm." she thought to herself for a moment. "Alright," she said after a minute, "does anyone here think that they don't have a gift?" One boy raised his hand slowly. "It's okay. I'm not mad. Anyone else?" A couple more students raised their hands. "Is that it? Come on, it's okay. We don't discriminate." One more raised their hand. It was Lotus. Rikki looked over at her. That's why she never mentioned her Gift. She hasn't discovered hers yet.

"You may not have discovered it," McCracken said to those students, "but that's okay. For the average Gifted person, they don't discover their Gift until they are about 18 years old. So, it may be a simple matter of age. There are other factors that fall into this category but for the majority of us, it's our age." The students exchanged glances. "If you are having any sort of problem, do feel free to stop by here and talk to me. I'll be glad to help in any way I can." Her eyes moved toward the clock. "We seem to have a couple minutes left, so are there any questions?" No hands raised. "If not, then talk quietly amongst yourselves." Rikki decided that he would just wait until class ended.

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