Powers: The Soto Story

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Later that evening in the cafeteria.

"Why did you post our relationship online?" Suzy asked Aoi.

"Because I felt like it," Aoi responded, not looking up from her cell phone.

"You could have at least asked," Rikki told her.

"You didn't give me a chance. I-" she stopped as she had foresaw something bad. Something really, really bad.

"What is it?" he asked.

"We have got to find a way to get everyone to…" she trailed off stood up and quickly went to Jack's office.

"What's with her?" Luuk asked sitting down.

"I don't know," Rikki said, "but I have a bad feeling about something."

Over in Jack's office.

The door burst open startling Jack. He looked away from his computer.

"Aoi, what are you-?"

"No time to explain, listen, I saw him," she said to him quickly.


"I saw him. He's coming."

"Who's coming?" He started to sound concerned.

"Victor. It's Victor." Jack stared at her in disbelief.

"Miss. Hashimoto if you think this is funny it's-" he was interrupted by the power outage. "-not."

"Told you," she said barely above a whisper. In the cafeteria all went quiet and dark. One boy toward the middle of the room began to glow with a white light. There was a few laughs from near him. Rey had switched on his night vision. Jack was carrying a flashlight and was walking into the cafeteria.

"Let's try to get to our dorms," he announced to everyone. The other teachers drew their flash lights.

"Can anyone help with the lights?" Hawking said to a group of students. A girl stood up and held her hand out. A small flame formed over her palm. She gave it some juice to help it glow brighter.

"You," Jack said pointing to the girl, "take all of the girls to the dorm hall. You," he said to the glowing boy, "Take the boys to theirs."

"Got it," he said to Jack. "Alright follow me," he said. Rikki found Suzy's hand in the dark.

"Stay safe," he told her.

"I will," she said. They gave each other one quick kiss before they separated. He followed the boys to the boy's hall and Suzy followed the girls to their hall. Rikki had managed to get back to his room where Luuk was already waiting for him.

"Hey, you alright?" Luuk asked him.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Rikki said. Their door opened. It was Hawking.

"You both here safe?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," Luuk said.

"Yeah," Rikki agreed.

"Alright," Hawking said. "Stay in here until we can come and get you."

"Yes, sir." The door was shut. I hope she's alright, he thought.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the hall.

Suzy was trailing back a bit from the girl's line as she noticed something a bit weird. How had the power gone out? She just happened to glance into a mechanical room and she thought she saw something move. Was someone hiding back here? She stepped into the room.

"Hello?" she whispered. As she stepped farther into the room, the door shut be hind her, causing her to jump and her hair stood on end. Then the door locked. Someone was in here. She moved her head around, trying to see something, anything. Suddenly, an arm wrapped around her and a hand pressed a cloth over her mouth. There was a heavy chemical smell. She then blacked out.

Back out in the hallway.

"Let go, come on, come on," the girl with the Fire was saying to the line of them as she was ushering them into the hall with her other hand. "Head for your rooms quickly." The last girl walked by. "Is that everyone?"

"Yeah, I think so," she said to her.

"Do we have a head count?" McCracken asked as she came up with multiple flashlights hovering around her.


"Then we're missing one," she ran as fast as she could to Jack.

"Who's missing?" the girl said to them. Just then, Cassandra came running up.

"I can't find Suzy," she said with a worried expression.

"Who your roommate?"


"What happened?" Ms. Martinez asked as she walked to the girl.

"We're missing one."


"Suzy!" Cassandra answered. Martinez checked all of the other rooms.

"She's not up here."

"She's not over there either," McCracken said coming over with Jack.

"No," Aoi said with a mildly calm voice. "She's with Victor."


Suzy's face twitched and she groaned softly as she came to. She was lying on the ground. Her eyes opened to reveal a person standing next to her. Far off, she could make out the silhouette of a large building in the gloom of night. It was the college. She tried to move only to find that her wrists and ankles were bound.

My second day of college and I'm kidnapped?! she thought. Great. But, what comes after this? She had a horrifying thought of what usually happens to girls when they are kidnapped and her hair turned to a scared yellow. She hoped it didn't have to come to that. She could only hope.

"Dammit!" the person standing swore. "Where is our ride?" It was a man's voice.

"I don't know, so shut up!" an unseen female voice said. Suzy did her best to try be small. "Is she the one he's looking for?" The man walked over to her and picked her up by the shirt collar. He studied her face in the meager moonlight.

"Yep. She's the one." He dropped her back onto the grass. She landed with a groan. She winced in pain. Then, there was the sound on an approaching engine.

Over at the college.

Rikki was standing by the screen door looking out over the large field. I hope she's alright.

"What's that?" he asked aloud hearing a noise off in the distance. He opened the screen door.

"No!" Luuk whispered harshly. "We're supposed to stay inside."

"Get Jack! There's someone out there!" Luuk ran out and into the hallway and right into Jack.

"Mr. Vennen, what are you-"

"Outside!" Luuk said. "There's someone out there!"

"Where outside?"

"Near the trees out front," Rikki said coming out.

"Ailsa!" Jack said.

"Jack, what is it?"

"Hurry, outside there's someone there. By the gate."

"I'm on it!" she said as she sprinted out the front door and using her Gift to hover and fly. She flew out toward the front gate.

Back at the gate.

The man picked Suzy up by the collar again. She couldn't see his face from the shroud of night. There was a look of terrified horror on her face, her hair a scared-witless yellow-white and the color was draining from her face.

A van came up to the gate. She was shoved into the back with the doors slammed behind her.

"Let's go!" the man said. The van sped off. McCracken saw the van between the trees. She followed the best she could. She was flying after the van as it entered the highway. The passenger, the woman, climbed halfway out the window of the van and pulled out a gun. McCracken gasped and the woman fired a shot. The bullet left the muzzle of the gun and it went straight at her.

"Aaugh!" McCracken screamed as the bullet buried itself in her shoulder. She lost her focus and fell onto the ground and rolled because of the momentum. After getting terribly beat up from rolling along the ground she groaned and put her hand over the wound, with blood seeping between her fingers. She strained as she tried to stand up. She was finally able to push herself up into a standing position. "Dammit," she hissed between her teeth as she gave a beaten, angered look in the vans direction. She sighed painfully and she limped back toward the school.

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