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Rachel Lillie Morgan a normal girl who was raised by a normal family and has a normal life, until her family hosts a party and she meets the truth. The fire cast all shadows from my face and I stared at the brilliant blaze in shock. Though the ice chilled me to my bones, both were wild, free. "Impossible," The angel man breathed, "Well, look at her mother," The elf man said eying me with awe. "This might be the first Zodiac's Cry." One said. "Or the beginning of the Dystopian world." One muttered.

Adventure / Romance
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The damp stones were slick from the months of rain and the small houses were so compact together that the alleys were only big enough to fit garbage bags, most of which I didn't want to know their containment.

The horrible scent of sewage, cigarettes, meth, and many other smells that makes me wish I couldn't smell shrouded the area like a heavy and dense fog, the light drizzle of the rain hit my dark coat and the dim lights from the identical homes made it seem even more stereotypical.

Kids ran around and many people gave me a dark eye as I walked through the small houses to get to my own, many kids whispered as I passed by, I knew they planned on robbing me, but these kids were a grade below me and I had a deep feeling I could take them on, so I kept my steady pace doing my best not to alarm them.

A deep whistle rang from the group, and it wasn't a whistle to grab my attention, it was the whistle people make when they see someone they like. At this I pushed down my rising anger, living in a dumb shithole like this, it happens all the time, I should be used to it, but some deeper part of me demands respect, and when that deeper part doesn't get the respect it gets mad.

"Problem?" I asked slowing my pace to a stop but kept my gaze forward, I don't need to get into a fight, I never have before, but something in me itches for it. The same side that demands respect.

"Yeah, I need a bed partner for a few days, you seem like you haven't had one, in a while either." His friends started laughing and I flicked my tongue over my cracked lips reminding myself that if I got in a fight now my mother would get me fired from my job.

Finally, I shifted my feet to look at them the part that got angry over this stuff stretching and yawning, sharpening its claws and opening the floodgates of adrenaline. I flexed my tingling fingers ignoring the buzz of excitement in my veins.

"That's because I don't spread my legs for guys with STD's," I purred out letting the rain soak over my hood hoping it still hid my hair and eyes, I let the corner of my lip curl up as I saw rage fill his eyes.

"Those are just rumors darling, and the fact you know them means you go to my school." He responded taking a step to me, I kept my place moving my legs in a more defensive position.

"Congrats Einstein, though the rumors have to start somewhere, eh? Good night Peterson. See you at school tomorrow." I finished off before continuing my strides back to my house.

After I arrived at my door I pushed open the heavy oak and shrugged off my rain coated jacket and hung it up on the stand before swiping my feet over the rug and making my way to the living room the scent of dinner wafting into my nose. My brown-blonde hair curled and cascaded down my elbows, I caught a glimpse of my one silver eye and one blue eye, the blue one had a small brown ring around it and the silver one had a red ring around it.

My skin was naturally a golden tan and I was surprised it hadn't faded due to living in a swamp place like this. Sitting at the table my mom instantly turned around, "How was school?" She asked, I instantly put my guard up.

"Good," I answered blankly checking to see if I had any new assignments.

"Look at me when I am talking to you." She barked out and I took a slow breath pulling my eyes up to hers. "Do the dishes, clean the floors, set the table, and you can't do anything until it's done."

"But I have homewo-" I began.

"No buts! Get on it! NOW!" She snapped after I didn't get up instantly and begin cleaning.

I muttered under my breath and she yelled, "That's it your grounded for back talking! I'm tired of your stupid sarcasm and disrespect to me! You would think being grounded every day would get you to learn! Guess not!" No matter how much people I don't know get on my nerves, she manages to get on every single one of them.

In case you were wondering, I am the youngest of four girls, two of them have already graduated and Jolie never really lived with us, Jolie is my dad's daughter, Lisa is my mom's daughter. Rebecca and I are both my mom and dad's daughters. Rebecca, by the way, is so favorited. By both of them.

Literally have no idea why, I have great grades, my mentality is way higher than hers, and I took a real test that I paid for, I can cook and fix cars. Both of the two abilities I taught myself.

To add on top of that they are so stupidly strict. Here are a few rules:

No friends over
No going to friends house.
No boys over/no boyfriends until you move out.
No male numbers, even if family.
Must attend church whenever it is held.
Must have phone checked three times a day.
No apps or games.
No social media.
No going outside when parents aren't home.
No walking home or to school unless having a parents permission.
No bad music, it must be Christian, if not, lose any privilege to music.
If we don't like your friends, you can't have them.
No cussing including Crap, Oh my God, Jesus Christ, Jerk, Shut Up, Idiot, Retarded, etc...

Heh, I have broken all of those. Mostly on purpose. What? You can't have that many rules, and not expect them to get obliterated.

Honestly? It's a hobby at this point, we are locked in the house twenty-four seven. By we I mean me, Rebecca has more privileges than me because she's 'older' Rebecca is nineteen, I am about to turn eight-teen, and my maturity level is more than my mother's age!

My maturity level is fifty-three, my mother is forty-six, my dad is forty-six also. I just favor my dad more because he leaves me alone. My mother just loves getting on my nerves.

Let's not mention my Depression! Because we will be here far too long and you guys just want the juicy stuff.

I quickly began cleaning and my mother hit me on the back of the head and growled, "Hurry up! That lazy butt isn't good for anything if you're moving that slow, we have a party tomorrow." I almost screamed as she reminded me, it's a big family gathering. Christmas party. Fucking God I hate people with a vivid passion. Though it's kinda an open party, my mom put signs up inviting anyone.

Remember when I said I don't follow most rules? Yeah, I wouldn't live without my curses, shit, I don't think I could keep my damn mouth contained at home if I didn't run my mouth like a common slut outside these doors.

"Move!" My mother shrieked shoving me away from the dishwasher and I stumbled dropping the plate and it shattered.

"Look what you did you little-" She didn't finish that sentence as she glared at me and demanded "Pick up your mess! Watch where you going."

I bit my tongue and swept up the pieces and stashed them into the bin and finished up cleaning then collapsed into bed.

Your probably wondering who I rant to when I mad because we all had that one person we rant to, I do, they just don't live in Texas. Jolie and my Uncle Neil, I just call him Neil. They are awesome, not because I can relate to them 100% but because they are the only ones who spent time getting through my walls. You see, when someone gets too close to me I say something I don't mean and shove them away, its almost like ultra instinct. I've had it for as long as I could remember.

Though Jolie and Neil took it like a champ, now they are the only ones I let in, my friend Lacey has been getting closer to me and it is kinda set me on edge. I know soon I'll push her away and she will hate me, like everyone else besides Jolie and Neil.

I also have the worst luck in history, every time anything can go wrong it goes wrong, and I can predict it at this point. I think there is a curse that had a name to it...Murphy's Law! That's it!

Yeah that Murphy's Law thing, it was a person, I would unleash my rage upon it.

At that thought, sleep pulled me under.

"Rachel Lillie Morgan!" My mother huffed bursting into my room like an unknown bull. "Get up now! You have so much cleaning to do!"

"Can Rebecca do it?" I asked

"No! You did nothing last night besides breaking a plate for nothing, she did the floors, the dishes, and the table while you did nothing," She growled.

"I did all that while she did nothing!" I shouted,

"Don't shout at me! You'll be living on the streets! YOU LIE TO ME ABOUT DOING CHORES AGAIN AND YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE THIS ROOM AGAIN! We all know your the laziest and most useless person on the face of the universe." With that she slammed my door closed, I let out a screech of rage and threw my pillow at the wall billowing rage filling my gut.

I'm glad I am not some superhuman because I would have burned this entire house down.

Storming down the hall I emerged across the corner and my dad gave me a soft smile. "Don't forget to take your medicine!" My mom shouted from the kitchen.

Why I have medicine? I have a heart problem, and I have had to take my medicine since I was born, if I went a week without it I'd probably die.

So that's why I pretended to take it and tossed the rest in the trash. I gave her a weak smile and did the chores she told me to, I was so exhausted, mentally and physically.

A knock banged from the door and my dad sighed and went to open it, two men pushed their way in and before my dad could protest they recognized them, they where two tall white men that was no doubt in a local gang.

"Time to pay up," He growled setting their hand on the holster on the gun. That part of me that demanded respect roared in rage and thrashed inside me. The roar had somehow escaped my lips with a small grunt. One of the men looked at me, he had white hair and wrinkles, I cringed at his age. He was in a gang at what, seventy?

"Is that her?" The old one asked his eyes ranking down me in hunger, his tongue licked his lips lustfully. I nearly vomited.

"Yes, but you can't touch her, trust me, everyone in this neighborhood and their family will regret it." My mom choked out and I rolled my eyes, my mom couldn't hurt a fly if she tried her hardest. Only mentally defeat it.

The younger man who was paler than snow eyed me up, "We'll take our chances, have her ready by tonight, we'll take er' after the party." With that, they walked out and my mother was as pale as the other man.

When the door closed I whirled to my mom. "What was that about?!" All she did was swallow and disappear down the hall my father behind her.

I stayed in my room until the guests started arriving, and I unhappily dragged my feet into the living room to see my Aunt Sara smiling happily at me.

One after another they piled in and then the gangster men piled in and my mother grabbed my arm and hissed. "Don't anger them," Then pushed me towards them.

"Oh darling," A voice said from the shadows, a man emerged from the shadows but a thick cloak covered his broad shoulders and hood covered his features. "I wouldn't worry about angering them."

A woman appeared beside him, she was shorter the top of her head stopping just below his jaw, they reached up pulling their hoods back showing their faces.

Stunning was all I could think about when I saw their faces, the woman had little-pointed ears and glittering cheekbones, her blue-brown eyes bore into mine as her blond-brown hair swished like a golden goddess.

The man had a perfect golden tan his crimson orbs scanning the crowd his dark brown locks nearly black in the dull light of our house, a scarred hand rested on the hilt of a sword and his lips were pulled into a tight line.

"Who are you guys," The old gangster asked obviously trying to hold back a laugh but when our front door exploded and a large hand ripped him out into the pouring rain horror fixed on all of our faces as we saw the towering man.

He had bull-like horns winding from his black curls, his dark skin and clothes would have made him invisible if the street lights weren't on, the giant ax and weapons were taller than anyone in the room. He had a swirling tattoo on his neck, it was the Zodiac sign of Taurus.

"Where is she?!" The crimson eyed man boomed storming towards my mother drawing his sword, she yelped and scrambled back. I had no urge to protect her.

"Right there!" She squeaked pointing at me, the crimson eyed man met my gaze and a relieved expression spread over his face and he dropped the sword.

"Fayre?" The woman asked softly, her gaze was a smooth and something my mother never looked at me with, it was full of awe, love, and pride.

"My names Rachel." I stammered out.

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