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Jeffrey the Bat 2 Reborn Again

By Jeffrey Drummond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Adventure

The Secret of the Past

On a peaceful evening on Planet Chauren (Earth II) of the Emobin Galaxy, Jeffrey the Bat was standing on a mountaintop on an island floating in the sky. From above the airborne island, he could see almost the entire world for miles around. Ever since Jeffrey the Bat had become the god of storms, his world has been safe and secure due to his heroism.

But tonight, he was detecting an omen over the horizon. “It’s quiet,” he said to himself, “but maybe too quiet…”

Sure enough, a large thunderhead swooped down from the sky, with a swirling vortex of dark clouds surrounding it. From inside the vortex, Jeffrey’s arch-rival, Turbine the Dragon, came out and to him. “Well, well, if it isn’t Jeffrey the Bat,” he snickered. “What an honor; it’s been quite a while since last we met.”

“What do you want?” Jeffrey asked calmly, but angrily.

Turbine glided closer to him. “Jeffrey, haven’t you wondered why you were chosen by the Storm Rings as their vessel?”

“No,” Jeffrey answered calmly.

“Or how about why you came to be a bat with four twins, none of which alike you?” asked Turbine.

“No, I haven’t.”

“Well, hasn’t it come to you that you are a legend yet?”

“Yes it has, Turbine; but whatever you want, then you just say it.”

Turbine took Jeffrey’s hand and motioned him towards the vortex. “If you truly desire to know why you are here… it seems that you must see what happened in the past—to you.” Then before Jeffrey could even break away, Turbine dragged him into the vortex along with himself.

Jeffrey lost consciousness, but then he slowly opened his eyes. What he found was his home planet, only everything to him was colorblind; when he looked at himself, however, he was still seeing the same colors. “What happened? And where am I?” he wondered.

Turbine came down from the sky. “You are now on your home planet, several million years ago,” Turbine answered. “But this was long before your home planet was even inhabitable.” Then he brought Jeffrey with him, to a mysterious and inactive volcano.

“What is this?” Jeffrey asked.

Turbine brought Jeffrey up to the caldera at the very top of the volcano, where it erupted from. Turbine pointed down into the crater, and Jeffrey saw… himself. He also saw another Turbine, and also Tenbra!

“Huh?” gasped Jeffrey. “What am I doing here…? I mean, there?”

“Tenbra and I were alive long before the planet even had other living organisms,” answered Turbine. “Basically, we gave life to this planet.”

“Then why did you two get reawakened if you’ve been around since the beginning of time?”

“We perished in this volcanic eruption, alongside you, Jeffrey,” answered Turbine. “But because we are from the future, we are not affected by this timeline’s calamities.” Then, the volcano started to erupt all of a sudden.

Now Jeffrey started worrying. “What’s happening, and why did it all happen?”

Turbine answered, “Long before the volcano erupted, Tenbra and I found you as an egg. In danger of dying as being the first non-supernatural being on the planet, we took you in and cared for you. Tenbra wanted to raise you as being a supernatural being like himself, and possibly a god, but I wasn’t so enthusiastic about that—we couldn’t transfer our powers into you, nor could we keep you alive forever because you weren’t born supernaturally.” Then, Turbine and Tenbra from the past took Jeffrey’s egg out of the volcano, and they held up seven rings.

“Those were the seven Storm Rings,” added Turbine. “Tenbra and I created them so that you would be able to harness our powers and prove yourself immortal and a supernatural being—but sadly, we never got the chance.” The two from the past threw the egg up, into a purple hole they summoned, and it was safely transported to another time period. As for the two from the past, they took the rings up to the cauldron, and they set them along the perimeter of the volcano.

“It took extreme amounts of power to transform the original rings into what they are on you, Jeffrey,” continued Turbine. “In fact, the power they needed was required from the both of us, and it would take us an entire day to recharge. So Tenbra and I, knowing that time was running out fast, decided to make the seven rings what they came to immediately, hoping to someday bring our world to peace.”

Jeffrey saw the past Turbine and Tenbra gather around the core of the volcano, which was now seconds away from eruption, and together they called, “Oh, seven ordinary rings, please give our powers to that one with a brave heart and a determined soul, whom shall be awakened in the future in the far future, so far that we shall not know when, but for only one destiny:” They then relinquished their powers to the seven rings, and they all floated in midair as they first acquired their powers. Then, after several long minutes, the past Turbine and Tenbra said their

last words just while the volcanic eruption consumed them: “Bring hope to the world!” They then disappeared into the lava, but the seven now-granted Storm Rings each went off into space, and then in seven different directions, and stayed out of awareness for several millennia.

Jeffrey and Turbine together watched the volcano erupt, and then they both went forward in time, but not to the exact present; instead, they arrived eighteen years before their current present, when Turbine and Tenbra were first reborn.

“How did you two get revived?” asked Jeffrey.

“Just watch,” answered Turbine. He pointed to the ground, and a large pile of ashes and a miniature black hole came out of the ground. The piles of ashes revived into Tenbra and the black hole brought back Turbine. Also, right next to them was Jeffrey’s egg.

“How were you granted immortality just like a phoenix?” asked Jeffrey.

“I wasn’t granted it: dragons have immortality just like phoenixes do,” answered Turbine. “So if your friends believe that I’m a dragon with phoenix abilities, that is not true; dragons and phoenixes are the only two creatures capable of eternal life and reviving themselves,” he continued. “But because Tenbra is a phoenix, and he is revived via ashes, I get revived by an unusual and different manner: via black hole.”

When Jeffrey looked back down at Turbine and Tenbra of the past, Turbine continued speaking. “When Tenbra and I became revived for the first time ever since we were killed by that volcanic eruption, we managed to find your egg again, so we wondered if it was right to allow you to be born amongst us as a supernatural being once again. We had control over the seven Storm Rings, and we summoned them to us out of their sealing place.”

Then Jeffrey noticed the past two speaking:

“Should we allow this egg to hatch, and train whoever hatches from it to be like us using the Storm Rings, Turbine?” asked Tenbra of the past.

“No,” answered Turbine of the past. “The time of his peaceful awakening is still not yet; conflict still exists amongst our galaxy.”

“Well, we must be sure we can stop it from happening, Turbine.”

“Our powers are too powerful for this planet now, Tenbra. We will need to seal ourselves inside the planet until we can handle our powers much better.”

Then, Tenbra and Turbine sent Jeffrey’s egg eight more years into the future, and the Storm Rings with them—only two years into the future, all via purple hole. Turbine then took Jeffrey with him two more years into the future, when Tenbra and Turbine had first encountered seven young dragons—four male, three female—soon to become the seven Storm Dragons.

“Is that…?” asked Jeffrey.

“Yes,” answered Turbine instantly. “Tenbra and I searched for two years for a guardian to guard our galaxy. But when we first met those seven baby dragons, we granted each of them one of our seven Powers of Stormality; immediately they became just as powerful as we did, and one went to each of the other seven planets in the galaxy to keep the galaxy safe. Tenbra and I also named them: we also granted them each the protection duty of the seven Storm Rings, and we told them about you and that in sixteen years to grant whoever comes with a determined heart and soul with the rings. So Infernus, Cycloni, Ramus, Tonitrui, Lumbra, Blizzar, and Skye kept the galaxy safe for the following sixteen years, and Tenbra and I sealed each other inside the center of the planet to keep ourselves safe while we regenerated completely.”

Then Turbine took Jeffrey four more years into the future, to when Jeffrey was about to hatch from his egg; his egg was right next to the one all his twins hatched from. In order of those who hatched, first was Dark Night, then Lizzie, then Jeffrey himself, then Felicia, and finally Shea; each hatched one second after the other.

But now Jeffrey was extremely puzzled. “If you were actually caring about me when you found me, why are you evil now? And why did I end up with my other twins? And how was it the rings chose me? How did everything happen how it did, Turbine?!”

Turbine slowly explained. “I was reawakened by Dr. Dark, and he raised me to be evil. You were sent to be born with your four twins so that you would be born with a family. And the rings chose you because Tenbra and I granted them with a soul just like what was yours to come.”

Now Jeffrey knew the whole story, so he was wondering, “Is that everything important you wanted me to know?”

“Yes, it is,” answered Turbine. “So now you know everything: you were intended to be born at the very beginning of time, but Tenbra and I had to send you to a more peaceful time so that you wouldn’t be exposed to world calamity while inexperienced. The seven Storm Rings chose you as their vessel because we gave them a soul like yours even though you were currently unborn: the way we cared for you as an egg helped give you the determined heart and soul you have today. Still, you made yourself who you are today. So that is the entire story, Jeffrey.” Then Turbine created another purple hole. “Now,” he said, “let’s go back to our own time, shall we?”

Jeffrey trusted Tenbra, and together, they went back to their own time, right back to when Turbine had just appeared from the thunderhead; only now, Turbine brought Jeffrey home, and he trustworthily left Jeffrey to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night at his own home. However, although Jeffrey would from time to time remember the truth about his life, he vowed to himself to forget it all.

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