The Witch's Bond (Book 2)

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Not even the Evil King can compare towards the dark secret between them, The Continuation of the Witch's Pirate. Their Journey is just begun. I wanted him to hate me for what I have done to him. I couldn't hate her since my love for her is stronger. Dark secrets sometimes can be the light to their love.

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Chapter 1: The Plan

(Second Installment of The Witch’s Pirate: Book 2)


I’m the deadliest Pirate that had ever set sail on the seven seas. My reputation has and still cause fear of those who hear my name or sees me.

The only two people that stood beside me for the last ten years is my Father Max and my only crew mate Shawn. They don’t fear me, nor do they run away like the others.

Then I met Crystal Bay, petite woman that has the courage of a thousand men combined. She’s a strange woman that puzzles me, and I met many women over the years. Sure, maybe Crystal is like any other woman in the other man’s eyes, but in mine, she’s the woman that is worthy to stay by my side, even though somewhere deep inside of me wants her to go back home., where she is safe and sound. A darker side of me, see a light on her, that gives me a sense of the peace, something I didn’t’ have for years.

Crystal is my light in my dark world. Maybe God brought her to me for a reason? No matter what is the reason, one thing for sure?

I’m a selfish pirate, and that woman is mine, even if it’s short lived and sooner or later, I might betray her or she will leave me, and no dark secret can separate me from Crystal, the only thing I do ask that she will forget me after all of this is over, and hopefully find her own happiness away from me.


I could hear them rampaging outside, I peeked through the window, watching Captain Jones and his crew mates rushing toward the mansion way above the cliff. I chuckled.

“Like I said, Captain, the girls, were almost out, and that bastard Captain Jones is here,” Shawn said, since he’s next to me. He came a few minutes ago. I moved and walked toward the door, only to stop and turning to face Crystal’s sleeping form.

I’ll come back to you, I forbid you to come after me.

I glanced down at my wrist, remembering that she has placed the tracking magic around my wrist.

Just know I’m going to be okay.

With that thought in mind, I rushed out of the room, Shawn right behind me. Going down the hallway, I stopped as Max came out of his room, placing his jacket on and gave a stern look to say, ‘Don’t try something stupid!’

“I know, I’ll lead the pig and the Duke out of here, just get every girl out of here,” I told him. Max didn’t look convinced at my plan, but nodded his head, with that we all went down the stairs on our right.

“What about his kid and his wife?” Max asked, rushing down the stairs, I stopped for a brief second, and then a chuckle escaped my lips.

“Think about it, why didn’t his wife or daughter show up earlier today?” I asked him. Max blinked, then realization dawned on him.

“Sly bastard took them away since he knew.” I nodded at Max while Shawn went ahead of us.

“I’ll get one of his horses, make sure the pig and the Duke come after me, alright,” I ordered Max. Max sighed and shook his head.

“I hope your plan works,” He murmured, I gave him a sly smile and shrugged my shoulders.

“Aye, it does, if not you will sail my ship next time.”

“Last time I didn’t.”

“Cause my plan worked, but this time around, if it doesn’t tie me up and sail my ship,” I told him. Max chuckled and shook his head.

“You are terrible. I’m getting too old for this.”

With that, he headed toward the front door, and I moved rapidly toward the back. I entered the old kitchen. Thankfully, no one was around, I moved around the large table, that was filled with pots and food. Reaching the brown door, I open it and ran out.

I could spot the greenhouse that we were inside earlier on my right. I turned toward my left, and spotted his barn.

“E’llo there,” I ran at a neck-breaking pace. I only had moments before they would be after me, and I would be damned if I let anything happen to anyone, or to me.

“Now, see if you can really kill me,” Luckily the barn wasn’t locked, the doors were wide open. Entering, I spotted a tall hairy man inside, tending a horse. His brown eyes landed on me and I noticed that he had only one arm. I bowed down.

“Good man, can this old peasant borrow a horse? I just want to take a night scowl.” I asked him. The man arched his bushy eyebrow and moved closer to me.

“You are a pirate aren’t ya?” he asked, in a thick voice.

I nodded.

“Your eyes are sharp mate,” I smirked at him. He actually gave a hearty laugh and moved to the side.

“I like ya, fine go, I do recommend you to take the forest near the cliffs. There’s an old cave you can use to hide out, it’s near a stream not far. Also, I recommend you to wear this,” he moved to his right, and on top of the fence there was a strange armor. I arched a brow, moving up to him.

“What is this?” I asked him. He smirked and handed it to me. I took it and inspect it, it was very heavy and made out of a strange fabric. It shone like glass.

“It’s the master’s tunic. He wears it when he goes into battle with the pirates. Protects from bullets and such. If you can, kill that bastard. Because of him, I lost my family and my arm. Only working here cause I have a daughter he’s captured. I met one of your mates, err, Shawn, he told me you and your crew mates were going to free them. So please, free my daughter,” he begged me with a strong felt longing and hope. That sways me in the strangest way.

“So you guess I was the Captain?”

“I did, Shawn told me, that his Captain has the strangest eyes, silver, so it’s not that hard to guess. I never saw in my fifty years of life anyone with silver eyes.” He told me. I smiled and patted his shoulder, very firmly.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there? While I distract them, your daughter will be saved, as well, we came to rescue my friend’s younger sister. Rest assure, if you can, help Shawn out and show them a way out?” I asked the favor. His brown eyes sparkled.

“No problem there, hurry, here,” He moved away from me, heading down to the fourth stall, and opened the gate. He took out a beautiful black mane horse, already saddled up.

“Well, aren’t you God sent.” I moved toward the horse and patted his head. The horse moved his head and gave me a loud snort. Without a second thought, I mounted the horse and placed on the tunic.

“Then be safe,” the older man patted the horse’s behind, making the animal jump up. I grasped the reigns firmly to steady myself, then I waved at him.

“God will bless you,” I told him, and with that, I ducked down, to pass the door, and started to ride, as in cue in front of me, was Captain Jones and my cousin standing side by side, on their horses.

Apparently, everyone had the same thought.

“Well, isn’t this a lovely family reunion,” I teased, moving the horse to my right, very gently, the pig smiled at me.

“I might say it is, I don’t know if that mate of yours is either stupid or leading us to a trap, but you here alone, is a treat.”

“Trap? Aye mate, it is a trap, but you wouldn’t believe I’m that smart,” I teased him. Austen pointed his pistol straight at me.

“I don’t get it if you knew this was a trap, why would you come so easily? And that woman? You thought I didn’t know she was the princess? How dense do you think I am?” he asked me. I shrugged.

“Well, at least I know you’re not stupid, I should be proud of my big cousin, shouldn’t I?” I asked him. Then that was it, I pissed him off, he fired, only missing me by a hair.

“How about a game? Cat and mouse? I’ll be the scrawny mouse, and both of you are the big mean old cats,” I asked in a mocking voice. They stared at me, as though I had just lost my marbles maybe I had?

“Or you two were just all talk and no bite?”

“Oh, you’re going to regret that,” Captain Jones kicked his horse, and started galloping toward me. I moved rapidly, and the chase was on. I galloped fast as my horse could, bolting up the hills. I could hear the gunfire, I turned to see everyone after me, well it looked like it. I sighed.

I heard another gunshot, and something impacted me, hitting me straight in my back, causing my body to jolt forward.

“Damn it, that hurts,” I hissed, feeling the bullet penetrate into the tunic, bet I’ll feel that tomorrow. Well the impact was so powerful that I lost grip on the rein that I almost fell of my horse. I rapidly ignored my pain and grasp the rein of the horse and straighten up. Without another thought, I kept on going, into the forest.

Please, let this plan work, I prayed.

I kept on going faster and faster, the quickest the horse could take me, they were behind me, I could feel sweat already rolling down my forehead.

Oh man, they sure were persistent. I thought.

“Stop running!”

“There’s no fun in that if I stop,” I answered back while I ducked underneath a tree branch. It was getting harder and harder to see, and that was a good thing.

A few more, I thought, making a left turn.

“Yah, yah,” I encouraged the horse, then another painful bullet hit me on my lower back, causing me to wince in pain.

“Damn that hurts, but this tunic is very good,” I laughed, when I saw a stream ahead in front of us.

“Right, the hairy man told me to hide around here.”

With that, I slowed the horse and dismounted.

“Go back home, thank you for your hard work,” I patted his head, and the horse turned to leave the other way, far from the bad guys.

Good boy, I smiled at the horse, then I looked around, from the little light, I moved rapidly and went down a small hill and hid behind a log. I heard the other horses approaching.

“He must be around somewhere if you see him just shoot him dead, he’s injured already,” Captain Jones spoke. I moved a little and looked up, to see their outlines. I sigh, turning to look up at the sky, watching the stars twinkle down at me.

Please, take care of Crystal, until I come back, I prayed, standing up, I moved rapidly to lead them away from the mansion.

“You two were slow, this is your only chance to kill me,” I yelled, running further down.

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