Waiting for Tonight

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Terrence’s Boys

When Sam arrived at Willie’s World he was riding high on some kind of spirituality, until he saw Jaxon leaning up against a wall smoking a cigarette. When Jaxon spotted him, Sam could tell by the hate in his eyes he had fallen a few notches in Terrence’s Boys club standing.

It had been a long haul but in grade 11 Sam had finally been accepted as one of Terrence’s crew. He’d been lured by the vain prick who fathomed himself the all powerful leader.

The thing was, the crew were made up of many of the natural born bullies who’d tackled, teased and cursed Sam all through grade school. Even though he was above average height and solidly built, he didn’t fight back. His being the dark boy with a stammer had earned him a bull’s-eye that haunted him since childhood. Bullies and assholes sense weakness like a mirror onto themselves.

Newer hooligan boys in the crew didn’t get how Sam got in and were oblivious to the fact he and Eunice had grown up building forts and sandcastles by the creek together. The new boys had only heard Sam was interfering with the pretty girl Eunice at her summer school.

“Yo Sam! You got some nerve getting close to foxy Eunice! Who do you think you are chum?” Jaxon asked, exhaling from his cigarette.

“Mind your business,” Sam said, feeling cold tingles from Frank on the bus but half believing Jaxon was right. What did he think he was he doing?

It was wacky to think he and Jaxon had actually been buddies growing up playing sports at church barbecues. What now you don’t know me? His precious allegiance to Terrence had him pretend he never knew him. Jaxon had also laid off Sam since his initiation and since discovering girls and weed.

“What’cha gonna do about it?” Jaxon said, blowing smoke burning Sam’s eyes. Jax it’s me, you dumbass! Terrence ain’t around for you to impress.

Sam wanted to believe he’d risk fisticuffs fighting for Eunice’s honor but he was afraid of what his rage might do to Jaxon. Being the larger stronger one, Sam could easily bust his jaw.

“Shut yar pie hole Jax!” Sam said.

He gave Jaxon a pass for being a dickhead and showed mercy knowing the guy was white-knuckling to fit in himself. Given the chance Jaxon was the first one the other guys ridiculed behind his back.

Terrence showed up wondering why they were sparring. He looked as high as a kite, “You’re an alright fellow Sam but let’s face it, you are what you are,” he said, regressing back to his former bullying voice. “It’s a joke you should even try with her and you know it!”

“And if you don’t leave her alone Sam, you best be watching your back,” Jaxon added.

Sam wanted to break the guys fucking neck.

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