Waiting for Tonight

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No Ordinary Love

“Welcome Eunice. Welcome Sam,” Dr. Lynch extended his hand to shake, “Now don’t you kids go worrying, about tomorrow today. Some hurdles are difficult but moving through them can make life a little better, than it was before. Have you ever heard of the phrase, the only way out it through!” he said, making no effort to smile.

They both sat quiet.

“Sam tell me in a sentence or two, what you see as the issue between the two of you,” Dr. Lynch said.

“I believe my fiancé,” air quoting fiancé, “thinks herself superior. Don’t get me wrong Eunice is definitely more intelligent than I am but I’m talking about sancti-mon-ious...” his voice trailed off realizing he’d forgotten, what the word he looked up meant.

His face felt flushed at sounding foolish. He hoped his use of a big word showed he was serious. He fantasized that Dr. Lynch would simply agree with him and provide instructions on how to make the trouble go away.

“Eunice I’ll ask you the same question. Tell me in a sentence or two what you see as the issue between you and Sam,” he looked at her as if to say; ready, set, go!

“Well. Um. How should I put it. Sam is definitely a jealous type. I’ll admit, I see Terrence and Gabrielle because I need a break from his mood swings,” her voice was assertive.

Her secretive ways made sense now. Sam started sweating. Out of the two of them, Sam appeared to be the whack job!

“Okay, let’s pause for a moment. We are not trying to solve the world’s problems but merely here to uncover issues,” Lynch said.

They both stared at him.

Sam didn’t see how that was going to help.

“Couples today find the world so fast paced, they begin to resent their partners for the smallest things,” he said.

“But doctor we are total opposites,” Eunice said.

“Yes, but opposites attract!” Sam said, hoping to cue Lynch to a magic solution, so they wouldn’t have to see him again.

“Studies show true opposites are quite rare. What we discover is people are attracted to qualities, they recognize in themselves,” Lynch said.

Sam was intrigued.

“Sorry. What do you mean?” Eunice asked.

“It’s less complicated than you might think. It’s simply different sides of the same coin,” Lynch said.

He imagined Eunice already forming an argument, on how dumb she thought the session was for the walk home.

“Dr. Lynch I don’t feel motivated, to make plans with her. I don’t know what she tells her friends about me. I’m pretty sure, they think I’m the instigator,” he said, knowing he sounded like a whiner.

“Sam! That’s not true,” she said.

“Oh really!” he said. His jealousy of Terrence bubbled to the surface. She was lying in front of the head shrinker! Cardinal Rule number one broken.

Didn’t anyone else see what she was doing?

Eunice started to describe wrongdoings from her past; swearing at her mother, manipulating her father. She went on to explain gleefully, how those were juvenile behaviors and she wasn’t like that anymore.

“Well once in a while, if I’ve had drinks I might be unkind but everyone is sometimes,” she said. “With Sam I try my best. All I want is harmony,” she said, blinking pretty eyelashes, like Clarisse from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Sam rocked back and forth in his seat, to keep from speaking out. He wasn’t surprised by her slanted version. Of course this was how it would go. He finally got his revenge set up by making her see a shrink and here he was foiled again.

“Eunice’s examples of drunk behavior, sound like sober Eunice’s bad behavior to me Dr. Lynch. We aren’t dealing with the root of the problem,” he said.

“Let’s face it Eunice, you have depression and that’s okay. We’ll get you help if that’s the case. I’ve behaved awful,” he looked to Dr. Lynch for back up but received blank eyes. Sam had reservations about Dr. Lynch. Ma was right. What a quack!

“You have no right…” Eunice glared at him in disbelief and began to cry.

“Sam, we do not diagnose, here?” Dr. Lynch interrupted gently.

That was rich! Eunice had never cried in front of him before. The tables were turning on him in a major way. What a cow!

“If I have depression, you have been the cause!” Eunice said, grandstanding in front of Mr. Credentials. She was acting out the movie clip, that played just before winning her Oscar.

“You really think, I cause your depression Eunice?” he asked. He felt out of control.

Dr. Lynch cut in, “Alright. Let’s leave this for now.”

A voice in Sam’s head said, Stop Talking.

He listened.

Their words hung in the air.

His skepticism had him thinking, he’d played right into her hands. Was she manipulating him? Making him think he caused her depression? He couldn’t guess how he was the cause of anything, prior to three years ago.

“Are you saying I trigger you? Sam asked.

“I’m saying, how do we know? It’s like which came first the chicken or the egg, as you like to say!” she said.

“Our time is just about up,” Dr. Lynch said, nodding to the large wall clock, with dollar signs for numbers.

“I thought communication was supposed to remove our misunderstandings,” Sam said, back to his compassionate self.

“This is what is meant by, Let sleeping dogs lie,” Lynch said, handing each of them a pamphlet.

By the end of their first session of couples counseling, Sam felt betrayed. He imagined Dr. Lynch, would leave them with the assessment, ’The two of you are FUCKED!”

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