Waiting for Tonight

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Practice Makes Perfect

Days later after enacting Dr. Lynch’s pamphlet, Ground Rules and Respecting Boundaries, the tension between them cooled.

Eunice came home pleasant, cooperative and a little more interested in him. It took the tension away when she pranced playfully, flashing bare breasts and holding a mischievous smile. At least it contradicted his thinking she wasn’t interested.

His downfall had been not reciprocating her playfulness. His mistrust assumed her sudden interest was fake and she had ulterior motives. He’d remained quiet carefully watching her.

She’d asked him what was wrong, which implied he was the problem. Pride kept him from being himself. It was a bad dream where fear left him mute.

“Nothing, just a lot on my mind, dealing with a situation at work,” he said.

“Fine,” she said annoyed.

“What? Now I’m the villain?” he said, regretting his pandering for pity.

“Sam are you playing mind games with me?” she asked.

He could have turned it around, by asking her to sit and watch an episode of Friends but he didn’t. Who was selfish now?

“I’m off to bed. I’ve got to get up early,” she said coldly. He got up early every day. Oh well. It was his own fault and his own stomach ulcer to live with.

The next morning, she still said, “Have a great day Sam!” chipper and smiling.

His jaw had stopped dropping in surprise, once he realized her congeniality was like putting a coin in a juke box. She was Miss Happy-go-lucky most of the time.

His thinking had changed since Dr. Lynch dissected their personalities and unearthed the ugly bits. Saving himself from regrettable interaction, he chose to stay away weekends to clear his mind. It inadvertently backfired, when it pushed her further into Terrence’s arms.

He was afraid to let her go but suspected it was the only option. He didn’t have the Teflon protection she had. He envied her. Eunice, thank you for using your Teflon on our relationship.

Was she ever hot for him? He was hot for her all the time! It seemed abnormal to spend the day at a family gathering and not be hot for each other. He had a right to know if she had eyes for Terrence.

He told her it wasn’t about sex, “Baby, I just want to be with you like that, feel close and free like we used to,” he said. That was true but he also felt like a horny teenager!

It was as if that bastard Lynch had unleashed evil by convincing them to remove their masks. With their raw flesh exposed, they were farther apart than ever.

What a great idea therapy was Sam! See! I was right all along, it could never work with a girl like her. She’s too good for me!

Up and down the cycle with the highs came addictive lows that seemed like the end of the world. Sam had never been this lonely before. He wasn’t sure if he lacked confidence or REALLY WAS being treated like shit. It would be great not to thrive on self-doubt but he couldn’t imagine being without her.

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