Waiting for Tonight

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Battle Lost

After leaving the library, Sam was hungry for a grilled cheese, so stopped at Vespa’s where Eunice also worked and he knew most of the staff. Moments later Arisbel came out of the back with a club sandwich. Seeing him she quickly dropped it off in front of a gentleman at the counter.

“Sam have you seen the news?” she asked, pointing to the mounted TV with WSFA-12 News coverage, of the story unfolding live.

Images showed the recognizable darkened silhouette of Booker T. Washington high school surrounded, by a light show of blue and red police cruiser lights, “After a delayed reaction by authorities, the Deputy Sherriff stated the crime scene and much of Centennial Hill is now under lock down with early counts of up to 36 killed or injured. Further information as it becomes available.”

Holy shit! I gotta get over there,” Sam said. As he said it he tried to remember what Eunice had on her schedule.

“Call me if I can help Sam!” Arisbel said.

Sam was out the door.

By the time he got through yellow caution tape, gunfire had ceased and things were breaking up into lifesaver stations with emergency crews. TV crews were on site trying to get the best background camera angle for reporters to broadcast live.

The red, blue and white lights were strobed flashed making the scene look like a tragic Christmas market, with bodies on the ground, people crying and rushing around. Three ambulances were at various stages of taking gurney’s out behind the school.

Sam couldn’t believe it was his high school.

He made his way to the active area where police and emergency response were on site. Uniformed personnel were crowded around an injured man on the ground. It was serious. Oh fuck, it was Terrence!

“Let them do their job now! Everyone move back,” an ER said.

His bitter rival and mortal enemy Terrence lay dying. He had been unarmed and was riddled with seven bullets. Sam crouched down to his face. He had always been jealous of this mutherfucker. Was it Terrence’s fault he had what Sam wished he had? Good looks and Eunice’s heart.

Terrence was lucid, “ Sam I’m done. I’m checking out. I loved her still. I tried to get with her. She blocked me at every turn. Told me… Listen to me Sam. Eunice only has eyes for you. Didn’t want me. No way,” Terrence said.

Sam didn’t know what to say, so held Terrence’s hand.

“Oh Lord, there you are Son, no, no…” a woman’s shrill voice came from behind.

“Ma I hear you. Ma!” Terrence cried out like a little boy.

Sam stepped away. The sound stage of moving pieces swirled all around as if he were on a film set but invisible to all the action. He loved her. His stomach was in knots.

“Where is Eunice?” Sam asked.

No one heard him.

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