Waiting for Tonight

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Internet Diagnosis

When Sam and Eunice made a couple’s counseling appointment Dr. Lynch suggested they each see him separately, to check in with him before seeing him together.

“You have no idea where I’ve been Dr. Lynch. It was glorious and terrible at the same time!” Eunice said.

“Well I have some idea Eunice, I do own a TV,” he smiled.

“It sounds like you’ve learned a lot about yourself,” Lynch said.

“What can I tell you? There’s so much. I feel alive. I can feel things I’ve never felt before,” Eunice said. She felt her eyes welling up. She couldn’t remember what she felt like back then but knew she’d been an entirely different person. Was that her or was that Nina? Had Nina been with her all along and taken a backseat? If so, where was she now?

Nina was a wild girl but she had some enviable qualities and the best of Nina was accessible when Eunice needed her. Either way, Eunice felt like a survivor, beautiful inside and out. It’s okay to let them see you sweat and ask for help!

Later Sam joined them in Lynch’s office. He reeked of Legend cologne. She’d never forget that scent for as long as she lived.

“Eunice, you may have found it scary to go to couples counseling so I asked Dr. Lynch to meet us without his psychologist badge,” Sam said.

“What do you mean? It’s okay Sam. I can handle it,” she said. She hadn’t felt the usual anxiety in coming to his office.

“Eunice I’m going to share a compatibility profile in a general sense. As Sam said, it’s off the record. We can call it a casual intake session, where I first meet the couple and determine if I’m the best fit. Are you alright if we indulge in Sam’s request?” he asked.

“Eunice I wanted to keep the session light so Dr. Lynch will walk us through a compatibility profile for our animal protectors. It’s from the internet,” Sam said.

“Sure, it sounds wacky but it’ll be fun,” she said. She rolled with it but her red flags of mistrust went up. It was sweet he wanted to surprise her.

Lynch began reading a report from his computer screen, “The two of you are more or less at an equal level of similarity and difference. You both prefer a routine way of life and have a strong sense of responsibility. And you each differ in your emotion and personal impulses. You may be compatible if each of you can learn to adjust and adapt,” Dr. Lynch said.

Eunice agreed with it. She was at ease in Dr. Lynch’s office. Her mind wandered to her instinctual inner critic who would cloud her head in skepticism. Maybe that was Nina or maybe that was Eunice. It didn’t matter anymore.

“Your compatibility lies in being responsible people. That’s your best chance for survival. Eunice, for all your perfectionism you are motivated by a strong sense of commitment to your goals…”

Sam distracted her by fiddling with something in his pocket as if he had an itch or something. She pat his arm so he wouldn’t distract Dr. Lynch from what had turned out to be an overlong monologue. These friggin’ shrinks!

“and Sam, in a similar vein you feel deeply responsible for people under your care. Together you have the strongest protective instincts among all the animal signs. In fact Sam would go so far as sacrificing his dreams when motivated by love.

“Animal signs, as in horoscopes? That’s funny when I was away I used a jaguar to help me through some sticky situations. Then Sam told me about his wolf, you named it Frank right? I guess the jag and the wolf are together now!” Eunice said.

“That’s such a romantic way to look at it,” Sam said, poking her shoulder laughing.

She laughed too. As if she had ever thought about cute animals being in love before. Like those grade school anonymous valentine’s cards the kids left on each other’s desks. “Will you be my valentine, Sam?” she asked.

“Maybe I will,” he said.

Dr. Lynch stared through them, perhaps wondering if he should have chicken or fish for dinner. He continued reading from his compatibility report, “Since both of you are conscious about the value of responsibility, the relationship you forge will be grounded in a strong sense of commitment. There I’m done over analyzing you,” Dr. Lynch said, amused by his own joke.

Sam had dropped to one knee right beside her.

“What the heck are you doing?” Eunice asked.

“Eunice will you do me the honor of being my wife?” he asked. His expression perfectly neutral and still.

She burst out laughing, so hard and deep she thought she wouldn’t be able to stop. Tears began streaming down her face as she laughed and felt so happy inside. She didn’t see any this coming.

Sam and Dr. Lynch each had their mouths hanging open in surprise.

“Sam I never thought you’d ask! YES I will. I can’t wait for you to be my husband,” she pulled him close for a hug and inhaled his cologne.

Sam and Eunice left Dr. Lynch’s office hand in hand, “Now that’s one crazy couple of kids!” David said to himself.

October 25, 2018

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