The Final Frontier

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Rosalies father was the colonel of the small army of men on the outskirts of Colorado, she had got mixed up with bandits and had somehow managed to become the leader, she and her men terrorise the land stealing what they can, but one day they side with the natives and together they grow bigger and deadlier. She is lover to a chieftain of a native american tribe Chaska, he's brutal to his enemies but is gentle to her. They first attack her old home as they are in desperate need of supplies as they are suddnely running low, and they can't live off bison meat forever, especially since Rosa is also with child and she needs all the supplies she can get.

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Chapter 1

“Rosa!” Her father yelled from a barrel, his rifle mounted on it, her men and natives had crowded around her their horses blocking his sight. She shot at him again and this time hit him in the shoulder. She pulled down the black mask from her face and stood in her stirrups.

“You can shoot at me all you wish but you will keep missing and we will keep coming back!” She yelled. “Men move out!” They all turned tail and galloped towards their camp in the forest by the river, their horses hooves pounded against the sand flicking up dust, Rosa had lowered her goggles over her eyes and pulled her mask back up over her sweet red lips.

When they reached the camp she halted her horse and a rather large man who was dressed in furs, his long black hair tied back rushed to her. “My love are you okay?” He asked lifting her off her steed.

“Yes,” she nodded removing her hat and pulling down her mask.

“I don’t think that was such a good idea was it?” He asked looking around at the empty saddles.

“No, but we need supplies.” She said as he put her on the ground, her dusty brown boots gently touching the dry leaves.

“And we will get them but you need to rest,” he said and rested a large hand on her stomach.

“If I rest nothing gets done,” she said watching him sit down next to her, he tucked her long dark brown wavy hair behind her ear, she rested a gloved hand on his thick beard. “Let me fulfil my purpose. My men are here for my security if we come up against my father again I shall end him.” She said as she pulled out her pistol and began to clean it. They suddenly heard hooves coming towards them, both Rosa and Chaska rose immediately.

But as the riders came closer they realised that it was just two native hunters returning and thrown over their saddle was a great bison. “Well done men, we’ll be dining well tonight,” Chaska said. The two dismounted and two other men joined them and carried the bison to a small cabin that had been built by Rosa and her men.

Her father was laid on his bed and a doctor was seeing to his bullet wound. “That’s the third time this week!” He exclaimed running his hand over his white beard.

“Maybe she’s testing you,” he said as he began to sow up the wound.

“I don’t think that’s it, but she’s with those natives!” He exclaimed.

“Yes, that did surprise me after everything you taught her.” He added. “I helped bring her into this world but I believe that I will be the one who will also help her out of it.” The doctor said.

“Not before me I hope,” her father said quickly.

“Who knows, the life she is living something may end her sooner than later.” He said.

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