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Adventure / Fantasy


In the year 2050, criminals have their minds erased and reset to a younger age and released into the society as an alternative to prison. I was one of these criminals; in an act of self defense I killed one man and had to suffer a fate worse than being caged. Not knowing what I had done being labelled as a criminal, as an outcast by the society was what made me who I am today. I am Anora Kzech, leader of the largest criminal defense syndicate, and this is my story.


I always wanted to wake up to the sound of birds chirping, sunlight falling on my half covered face and my eyes slowly opening to the feeling of contentment. I always thought this was a fantasy that would never come true, as my mornings were always filled with confusion and grogginess. Little did I know that my little fantasy would be coming true, just not how I thought it would be.
Waking up after being drugged and having your memory erased is one thing, but feeling a false sense of happiness because the drugs put you in a state of euphoria is another. Imagine not knowing why this morning is any different, why you feel extraordinarily cheerful and optimistic when you usually wake up not looking forward to the day that follows.
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