Leopard Wings: The Legend of SnowShadow

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Adventure / Humor
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Icesky raced into a grove of trees, panting for breath. Taking a risky glance over her shoulder, she saw her pursuer running close behind. Seeing the leopard behind her, the sea leopard ran faster. Icesky wove through the trees at a tremendous rate, temporarily losing the leopard that was chasing her. She stopped for a moment, trying to catch her breath. Icesky knew her pursuer. He was a fire leopard named Flarethorn. Icesky had mated with the fire leopard only to have him turn on her for a reason she didn’t know of. Remembering that she was being chased, she looked around and spotted a crevice in a rock. That was exactly what she needed right now: a place to hide. She ran to the rock and disappeared into it as Flarethorn ran to the tree Icesky had been minutes ago.

She watched closely as he circled the tree, looking for something. Curious, she padded to the entrance to see if anything happened that would give her hints to things she kept asking herself, like why did Flarethorn keep saying she didn’t know the dangers she would face in the future. Suddenly, five other leopards jumped out from the trees, startling her. With a closer look, she realized she knew the leopards: Oakvine, Lionfire, Skyviper, Sandturtle, and Starwind.

Seeing that Oakvine was saying something, she leaned forward craning her head toward the leopards. “...just not good enough.” Oakvine was saying as Icesky poked her ears out of the crevice. Sky- viper started hissing and lashing her tail. “ I say we should have gotten rid of her when we had the chance!” Icesky froze, trembling with fear when she heard these words. Was Skyviper talking about her? She poked her head out without being seen to find a way to escape, but she wanted to hear the rest of the conversation, so she settled back into the crevice to listen.

“ If we had killed her earlier, we wouldn’t have been able to find out if she has a cub with her. The legend did say a cub born of two elements.” Starwind responded calmly. Icesky was surprised Starwind could stay calm with Skyviper stomping around her.

Sandfish began, with a creaking voice, “ I agree with Starwind. Killing Icesky would have been too risky.”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS!?” Skyviper roared, blasting the trees with such a strong gust of wind it almost knocked them down.

“ Calm down Skyviper, we’ll find her sooner or later.” said Flarethorn, “ She can’t escape us for long.” Oakvine shifted on his paws.

“ We’ll continue the search later. Paws, disband!”

All six members of the Paws of Legends separated into the night, leaving Icesky alone. Tentatively, she padded out of the crevice keeping her ears up. After making sure no one was watching, Icesky ran north to the rainforest. As her paws thudded on the forest floor, she thought, “ Don’t worry little cub. I’ll keep you safe, and the Paws will never have you.”

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