Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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”I can’t wait to see you rotting in hell,” I say and begin to charge at him He wore a blank expression, "So be it," he says before aiming the gun at my heart and pulled the trigger. Phoenix is not your ordinary pain in the ass high school girl. She doesn’t care for shoes, clothing, or money to be honest. The only things she really cares for is her black leather jacket her mother used to have, her crippled funny best friend, and her Aunt Agatha. Everything was normal till her first year of high school, everything was turned upside down, like surprisingly her best friend was lying being crippled this whole time and she had “normal” fine working legs. And her once normal life became not so normal, as in the boy who cried WEREwolf.

Adventure / Fantasy
Enchanted Tails
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For my family who supports me with everything

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