Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 8: I Learn Not To Be Stupid… Sort Of

I woke up to a large paw hitting the side of my head. I opened my eyes to see Cathal's wolf frame in view.

"Come on we got training to do," he flatly said and turned around to exit the tent.

I blinked my eyes tiredly and looked around the tent. Benton was still sound asleep, I looked towards the entrance of the tent and I sat up and changed clothing. I left my leather jacket in the tent just incase he wanted me to shift as well.

I exited the tent and saw it was still dark out side. I stumbled up to Cathal.

"Why we up this early?" I whispered to him.

"The earlier we are the better. We can get you used to waking early and being ready for whenever something happens, now come along. We're going on a walk, shift into your wolf, but don't let her take over," he whispered back.

I nodded in reply.

Well it won't be any fun if you don't let me take over you know.

It will be less fun with Cathal yelling at me if I do let you take over you know

Just shift you big turd

Thought you didn't like bad words

I'm lenient with some

I rolled my eyes, at my stubborn wolf. I was happy I got dressed it the big sweatpants and sweatshirt. I took of my boots and socks I had put on and shifted.

I trotted over to where Cathal was waiting for me.

"Took you long enough, come on pup," Cathal roller his eyes and started to walk away with big strides.

I walked fast after him, trying to keep up. His wolf was surprisingly larger then mine, but only by a few more inches. His wolf was pure white, only his tip of his ears where black. His dark green eyes popped out against the white fur.

"So what are we gonna do today," I questioned with a yawn at the end.

"Review while I show you the borders and stuff, hope you remember what you read," he bluntly said.

I groaned internally, I only remembered the first few books, I got tired and sidetracked a bunch towards the end.

"Okay first question, what is rule three? And if you get any questions wrong you get a penalty," He said jumping onto a ledge and continued to walk.

I jumped after him nearly missing the ledge and almost falling down. My two front paws got it in the nick of time.

"The, ugh, third rule of, agh! The Werewolf Rules Code thingy is, ugh, No pup will be neglected even if it's from, wow! It's from an enemy of ours. Thanks for the help," I struggled to the top, finally getting on top. I walked up right beside him.

He turned around to face me and sat down, he nodded, "Good you got the first one right, sit down."

I sat down on my hunches waiting for him to give another question. He cleared his throat, "How are Alphas picked different from back then and now?"

I paused forgetting the answer to the question until it came to me. "You were born with the title back then and you where automatically given the Alpha title with out the need to prove yourself. As in now the elders of the pack choose whose next Alpha and you would have to prove yourself that you are suitable to rule the pack," I said smiling knowing it.

"Name the top rankings in the pack," he said still looking at me with his dark green eyes.

"That's easy, there's Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Lota, Kappa, and Lambda, in that order," I gleamed at him in a challenging manner.

"How 'bout the middle rankings," he had a poker face on still.

"Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, and Upsilon. Come on give me a challenge," I stared at him.

"Lower rankings," he said calmly.

"Phi, Chi, Psi, and Omega. Come on old man that's the best you got," I questioned.

"Knowing them is one thing, knowing what they mean is another, name what all the middle ranks are, pup, and do please do them in order. Wouldn't want my old brain being rattled up now do we," he said now smiling.

He got me there, but I refuse to give up. "Uh Peace Keepers, Sentries, Top Therapist, Therapists, Secretaries, Tutors, Lead Scouts, Scouts slash Spies. Oh shoot I forgo—," I wasn't able to finish before I got pushed over the side of the ledge.

I yelped in alarm and tumbled downwards to the bottom.

I look up to see a gleaming Cathal. "Rule one in my books on how to survive werewolf universe, always respect those who are older then you. You'd never know what they're capable of," he said in a cheerful voice.

I got up and lunged at the ledge and got it on my first go.

This went on for awhile, me answering, getting some wrong, getting thrown of the ledge, me getting back on the ledge and so forth.

I jumped back on the ledge to see Cathal laying down, looking in my direction. I was huffing and puffing and had dirt in my fur coat.

"Rest for a bit I'll get something for us to eat," he stood and leaped off the ledge.

An hour or so later he leaped back on the large ledge, in his mouth he held a buck. The front of his coat was red and bloody.

"Ew! What the hell!? You expect me to eat that," I questioned. He just shrugged and drop the dead buck.

"If you don't have the guts too do it, then let your wolf out and let hereat it," Cathal said bending down to take a bite out of it.

Pleeease let me, I've been dying to eat real fresh meat!

Okay fine! But you let me take back control once your finished

Can't promise that

Oka-wait what!

She bit into the buck and took a piece of meat of it and scarfed it down. As she was about to take another bit it was pulled away from me.

She looked up at Cathal giving me a wolffish grin. she growled in response.

"Lesson two Phoenix, is trusting your wolf at all times," Cathal grabbed the dead buck and took off with it.

That little—

She took off after him following my nose on where his smell was going. Till we came to a path way where his sent went both ways.

She sniffed the air and started trying to go left, till she was stopped abruptly by my counter part.

I think we should go right

Why? I smell him this way

But his sent is stronger on the right

To fool us, he's a trickster


Just listen to me

She started to run to the left before they object again. She picked up speed till she could see Cathal's furry body up ahead turning right.

She stopped and took a sharp right, trying to cut him off. She then leaped in the air colliding with him, making him tumbling to the ground.

She grabbed the buck he dropped and trotted to the other side where he wouldn't get it again. She started to scarf down all of it.

Okay I think your done, let me take back control


I shook my fur body, and stuck out my tongue at him. He laughed in response.

He laid down on the forest grass, and putting his head between his front paws. He exhaled deeply.

"Times like these I love being a werewolf, so relaxing," he said to no one in particular with his eyes closed.

There was a calming silents between us, and I began to lie down.

"Sooo I noticed that in the Mythical Creatures book I read, vampires aren't in there," I said looking up at the sky.

He scoffed and then began to laugh hard, I turned to see him almost about to roll over in a fit of laughter. "You actually believe in that bull crap? They're myths, like actual myths."

"Really? 'Cause so far in any book I've read with werewolves in them , there were always werewolves and vampires, the always had rivalry between them. Like The Vampire Diaries and Twilight."

"You read that kind of crap," he questioned with a wolf like eyebrow raise.

"No! Well yes, but no! In a way, I asked my teacher for werewolf books and she recommended those so yeah," I replied. He relaxed again.

"Hey Cathal."


"Can I ask you a question? You don't have to answer if you don't want to," I questioned, he grumbled a 'yes'.

"What did Caesar ever do to you to make you so angry towards him?"

Cathal's eyes opened half way looking off in the distance. "Killed someone I loved deeply, he killed her right in front of my eyes. And I was powerless to stop him," he sadly said.

My heart broke for him, poor Cathal, he didn't deserve this. I barely met him and I knew Cathal was a good man.

I got up from where I was laying at and walked over to him. I press my body against his as a sign of comfort. "I'm so sorry Cathal, I shouldn't have asked," I said laying down against him.

I looked slightly smaller then him when I was against him.

He gave a sad soft chuckle, "No it's okay, the sad funny truth is I could have stopped him. I was Alpha back then and could have commanded werewolves to stop him or ambush him or something like that."

My eyes widened, "Wait, you were Alpha back then? You must of been it for a little bit then, what happened?"

He looked back down at me with a wolffish like eyebrow raise. I realized I was asking to many questions, I was about to tell him ignore that. But he cut me off.

"Well I was being trained at a young age to get the Alpha roll or at least try to. Since age three to age fifteen. The same year that I was finished with training I also got the role when our Alpha died, the elders thought me suitable. After that day I started fooling around with girls, deciding not to wait for my mate. I accidentally got this girl pregnant, she didn't want it and was about to have it aborted. I told her I would have it if she wouldn't, so we stayed together till the pup was born. After that I never saw the girl again, but I didn't care, in my arms was a little beautiful baby girl," he smiled down at his paws, as if he could still see the baby in his arms.

"I didn't care if the elders believed that the baby will get in the way of beginning of Alpha hood, I didn't care all the looks I got because I was a fifteen year old single father or that she was a product of not true mates. I care for none of that. All I cared for was my pack and my gorgeous baby girl. I adored her, she was very spirited and loved to help everyone, she even forgave kids that bulled her. Whenever I asked her why she would let them bully her, her reply would always be, 'maybe their angry and need to take out the anger, if I have to be the person they take their anger off of then I'll let it. So they can continue to be happy.' She was always too kind. Her curious blue bell eyes would always look for something to do. We were perfect," he said smiling happily to the sky, his mood soon turned sour as he looked down.

"Till Caesar came and attacked camp. And started to destroy stuff, killing a few kids in the process. I was away from my little girl too long, I remember that day so clearly. Her little hands trying to reach out towards me as she ran to me, crying out 'Daddy!' with tears streaming down her face. Before I could get to her, Caesar got the before me in his wolf form. He grabbed her by the neck and that bastard, he looked me straight in my eyes giving me a nasty smirk and snapped her neck!" Cathal snarled tears at the brink of his eyes, his body shook softly.

"I remember running up to her lifeless body, wishing and praying to the Moon Goddess to bring her back. That's when I realized something, the Moon Goddess doesn't love all. She hates anyone that's an abomination in her eyes. I-I couldn't continue being Alpha after that, still being Alpha after the one thing I swore on my life I would protect and didn't protect. I felt like a failure, and a bad father. Benton became Alpha after that and made me Beta. He was the only one who understood me, he loved her as much as I did," Cathal finished off almost crying.

I nuzzled him softly on his chest, trying to calm him down. He brought his head down on my neck as if hugging me in a wolffish way.

Caesar needs to pay for what he did and probably will do

How? Kill him

Exactly that

I brought my head back to look at him, I felt bad for him. No one should loose their kid.

He cleared his throat. "So let's change the subject, yes? So tell me something I don't know about you."

I had to think, it's like people from the camp already knew all about me. "Well my legal name is Phoenix Hue, my parents are Lily Hue and Beto. I'm part werewolf and hunter. I absolutely love mangos, best friend since child is Chela Martin and I've never met one of her parents before if I have to be honest. I'm fifteen born April 2nd 1994, hope that's my real birthday too. My only known was living relative was Agatha Hue my aunt. Pffff and that's pretty much it. How 'bout you?"

"My full name is literally just Cathal, my parents are Noah and Gabriela. I'm three quarters werewolf and one quarter witch. I absolutely hate mangos and love fresh meat especially deer or buck. I have no best friends, I'm thirty seven born May 27th 1972. My only known relative is Benton."

I was shocked, "Wait your related to Benton how?"

"His my younger fraternal twin brother. Why do you find that surprising?"

"Well for starters you have an Irish accent and he has an American, his birthday is May 28th 1972. And you guys look nothing alike," I said laughing softly at the end.

"Well you know how I was being trained to become Alpha, my parents sent me to a pack in Ireland when I was two and started training at three, I just picked up the accent they spoke in. I was born 11:56pm on May 27th and he was born 12:04am on May 28th. And again fraternal not alike."

I nodded my head, I thought of what happened with Caesar yesterday. It just didn't make sense.

"Hey Cathal, I have a thought," I told him.

"Please do share," he said looking down at me.

"So you know how Caesar came into camp yesterday and making himself known?"

He nodded, "Yeah what about it?"

"Well what happened if he knew that his daughter would get caught and that she wouldn't want to leave with him and that the dude that held me hostage would die," I paused to let him sink it in.

"What if—What If he planned it all? What if that was just a distraction?"

His eyes widened as he knew what I was saying.

"The spell book," he whispered lowly.

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