Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 9: Beaver Breath Is Back? May I Eat Her

Cathal races back towards camp as I followed him close behind.

We weaved threw the people that were now up and about.

"Benton," Cathal bellowed.

What's the spell book?

Your asking me as if I know what the hell that is

Geez okay snappy much

Benton emerged from his tent, looking in our direction. "What happened," Benton asked as we neared him.

"The spell book, where is it," Cathal said in between huffs of breathe.

Benton raised an eyebrow. "It's where it's always been, it's in my chair. Why what's wrong?"

Cathal ran off to his tent and came back later with only pants on. He had a large blanket in one hand and in the other hand another pair of clothing.

He threw the big blanket on me and put the clothing in front of me. "Shift quickly," he commanded, walking away towards the tent.

I quickly shifted under the blanket and put on the clothing. I grabbed the blanket and quickly made my way over to him.

"What's the spell book? Why is it so important," I questioned. He was still looking ahead, following Benton into the tent.

"My grandma on my fathers side was a witch, a very powerful one. Her family passed down the book, which has very powerful spells and dark spells too. Like voodoo shit and bringing people back to life," he said frantically.

We entered the tent, Cathal went straight for the chair behind the gold desk.

He lifted up the seat which had a compartment with one book labeled Benton's Journal in messy writing. And that was all that was in the compartment.

Cathal took out the journal and put it beside the chair. "No. No. No!"

Benton walked past me and looked over Cathal's shoulder, his eyes widened.

"It-It was there," Benton stuttered.

Cathal rubbed his face with his hands, "Benton who else did you tell about the book and your plans when you would be Alpha when you were younger?"

Benton thought, "Well uh Beto, mom, dad, Moon, you and Cae—oh. That prick!"

Benton made his hands into fists and slammed the golden table.

Cathal stood up from where he was crouching. "We need to attack his stupid camp! I don't care how many werewolves we have to go thew, as long as we get that book back!"

Benton shook his head. "Don't be idiotic, as soon as we step foot in that camp site, we'll be surrounded by rogues, hunters, witches, those stupid Bottom Feeders and Clactomas he captured. Before we know it we would all be dead, you know how he doesn't fight with honor."

Cathal growled in response. He laid both of his hands on the gilded table. "Benton if we don't get that book back we all could die," Cathal looked up to Benton. "What are going to do?"

Benton paced back and forth in the tent. "Gather a party to go into the city to load up on bows and arrows, spears, anything you can use as a weapon except for modern weapons, okay?"

Cathal nodded at Benton and started to walk off to exit the tent. "Phoenix your coming with me okay," he commanded. I followed right behind him grabbing my leather jacket and putting on boots.

"Cristina, Lukas, Hank, Amy, you all are coming with me," Cathal barked out.

Four people looking like they're in their late teenage years came up. The Chinese girl had dark brown colored eyes and light tanned skin. There was a large scar running from the top right side of her face to the bottom left. Her black hair was tightly pulled back in a high bun. She had a samurai sword on her back.

The other girl had looked like your typical California girl, a sun kiss tan, natural blonde hair with one light blue eye and dark brown eye. She had scars riddled across her face. Her eyes held a cold gaze to them.

Lukas and Hank, I think, looked exactly alike. They both had dark colored skin and chocolate colored eyes and dark hair that was cut short. They both had hunting knifes in their hands. The only difference between the both of them was that one had a bandage that looked like it was holding his jaw to his head.

The California girl scrunched up her nose upon seeing me. She then turned her face towards Cathal and smiling at him. "What you need cap," she happily said.

"We're going into the city to retrieve more weaponry," Cathal said. "Everyone this is Phoenix, guys introduce yourself to Phoenix while I get a couple of duffle bags."

Cathal walked away, we all stood awkwardly until the guy with out the bandage walked up to me with his hand extended.

"My name is Lukas, my brother is Hank. The girl that gave you the evil eyes is Amy and the one who looks like she wants to kill everyone is Cristina," Lukas said. I took his hand and shook it.

"Better shut up Lukas before I cut your balls off," Cristina said flatly reaching for her samurai sword.

Lukas laughed lightly putting his hands in the air in a jokingly manner. "Chill out Cristina I was joking, kinda." Cristina started to yell at Lukas about 'don't tell her to chill out.'

I turned to Hank to start a conversation, "So what's your story?"

"He can't talk, well he prefers not too, he twisted his jaw badly that it's crooked," Amy said flatly not looking at me.

"Oh didn't know sorry," I said to Hank, he just shrugged with a slight smile.

"Of course you didn't know, how could you? You've been here for like two days? And yet you've gained respect of Cathal and favoritism of Benton," Amy said to me looking at me.

"Excuse me," I questioned.

Amy came up to close to me. "You're not one of us and you'll never be one of us, your just a half-breed mutt and that's all you'll ever be."

She took a step away from me as Cathal neared, when he pasted Cristina and Lukas, he hit them in the back of their heads and gave them each a duffle bag. "Stop arguing you idiots, we all know your mates so stop acting like you guys aren't," Cathal said to them, Cristina had a soft blush on her while Lukas was trying to hold in a laugh.

Cathal came up to Hank and Amy and gave them a duffle bag as well. Then he came to me and gave me one.

"Stay with the group, k. Don't want to loose you on the first day Benton will have my head if I do," Cathal exclaimed. I nodded in response.

"Alright let's head out," Cathal barked out and started to head out of camp. The whole group followed suit laughing and playing around, while I was in the back listening in their conversation with my head down.

We were walking for awhile before Cathal was next to me. I looked at him expecting him to say something.

"Yes Cathal," I questioned.

"Nothing you looked lonely that's all," Cathal replied glancing down at me for a spilt second. I hummed in response.

It fell silent between us. "Cathal I just realized something, since you and Benton are twins and you guys are the same age and all. You are very old too," I said bluntly.

"Your an old hag too then," Cathal replied.

I faked a hurt gasp then laughed. "Your ass must be pretty jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth."


Oh shut it we're fifteen

I heard sharp gasps in front of me, I looked at them questionably as they stopped dead in their tracks with their mouths agape, except for Hank who only had wide eyes.

I was about to question them what's wrong till I heard Cathal laugh hard. Then they looked confused.

I turned to Cathal who had his hands on his knees. "That was a great comeback! Who knew you had spunk," he said in between laughs. He began to walk forward. He turned his head towards the others with a stone face. "What are you all looking at? Go on let's get going!"

I started to walk after Cathal, Lukas ran up to me as the others followed him.

"How did you do that," Lukas questioned.

"How did I do what," I replied.

"Make Cathal laugh, he never laughs," Cristina jumps in. Hank nodded in agreement.

I shrugged. "I have no clue, I just be myself and stuff. He really never laughs?"

Lukas nods. "Yeah he never laughs like ever, and I tried to get him to laugh it resulted with me in a chokehold and him threatening me that he'll cut off my tongue if I kept bothering him."

"She's just trying to get brownie points, I even bet that she'll try or is hooking up with him to get even more on his good side," Amy added in.

I blush profusely at the comment she made. "I would not or ever do that to get on his good side! What made you ever think that!"

"Well for starters he's mentoring you, he laughs at your jokes, he even doesn't laugh with his brother. He always has a scowl on his face and when ever your there he has happy features all over his face. I can't help but be suspicious about how close you two have gotten in a short amount of time. So don't be angry with me if I think your screwing him," Amy said and walked faster to catch up to Cathal.

"Pay no mind to her, she's always bitchy," Lukas told me and jogged to catch up to Cathal who was now exiting the forest.

Cristina zoomed past me and it was just Hank and me left standing in the forest. We started to walk towards the others.

Does she really believe that? Do other people think like that too?

As if reading my thoughts Hank spoke for the first time to me. "No mind. Amy. Mean," Hank struggled to get out. As if this was his first time ever speaking.

I gave him a weak smile and started to jog to catch up to the group with Hank right next to me.

We exited the forest and entered the city. "Guys have a low profile do you understand," Cathal said looking each of us in the eye.

"Yes sir," everyone replied in unison except for me and Hank we just gave a nod.

Cathal walked further into the city, glancing ever so often behind him to make sure we were following him.

As we were passing girly shops, I looked into Forever 21 store and saw the one only Beaver Breath. Before I could walk fastly away from the store, she turned around and made eye contact with me and started to storm out the door of the store.

I turned around and started to walk fast hoping I could catch up on to the group. But I was stopped by one of Beaver Breath's goons.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Bird Brain herself," that annoying voice said behind me. I let an annoying sigh escape me.

We can take her on

Cathal said low profile

Ugh you and you must follow orders modo

I turned around to see Beaver Breath with a now bandaged up nose.

"Yeah hey Beaver Breath, I'm just on a little trip on somewhere other then here so I best be going," I stated about to walk away but was stopped by another one of her goons.

"If you think I'll let you go unscathed then your wrong. You messed up my nose," she yelled at me.

"Well congrats on me then for making you all even out now, cause now everything is messed up about you now," I said rolling my eyes.

Before I could prevent it she socked me on my cheek. I stumbled a bit looking down.

She. Did. Not.

Don't you dare take over

Fuck it!

I was starting to look up till Lukas came into view, he shielded me with his frame.

"Oh thank god we found you! Uncle...Tyron was looking for you! He was worried sick," Lukas said grabbing my face with both hands and buried me deep into is chest so my face wasn't in view.

He turned around to I presumed to face the goons. "Thank you so much for finding her, our uncle was so worried for her," he cheerfully said. I tried to get out of his grasp so I could kill Beaver Breath, but he had a tight strong hold.

"Oh he he, no problem anything to help you out," Beaver Breath tried flirting and failing miserably.

"Well alrighty then tah tah," Lukas threw me over his shoulder and raced down the sidewalk and entering an ally way. The whole time I was fighting to get out of his grasp.

He put me down in front of Cathal. "The first thing I tell you not to do is the first thing you do," he said with his eyes closed. He opened them and his eyes widened.

"She disrespected us," my wolf yelled from my body. She had taken over.

"She called us Bird Brain, then threaten to hurt us and punched us in the face!" She yelled at Cathal.

Cathal took a tiny step forward. "Who am I speaking with?"

"Is that really important right now?! Just move out of my way!"

"Not until you tell me. Am I speaking to Phoenix or her wolf?"

She laughed. "You know her wolf has a name, Accirrah to be exact. And you are blessed with her fucking honor. Now move."

Cathal still was blocking her path not moving.

"Cathal how is this possible? The wolf side can never take over the human side when they're in human form," Amy said to Cathal.

"I think it's because in a way she isn't really half human. She's half hunter remember. Okay Accirrah could you please let Phoenix back?"

She growled in response and took a step towards Cathal. Everyone reached for their weapons.

"I'll let her out as soon as Beaver Breath dies," she stated in a low menacing voice.

Cathal was unfazed by her actions. Instead he put her in a tight headlock, not to much to make her stop breaking or faint.

"LET ME OUT," she yelled as she elbowed Cathal in the stomach.

"Tell me more of your past, like happy memories, eh? Anything just get your mind off that girl."

She paused looking straight. "Sixth birthday, my aunt took me hiking in the woods. Why do you care?!" She continue to bring her elbow down.

"Tell me more about it jackass," he yelled.

"Well we went in the forest! And—and I saw a wolf pure white black tip ears dark forest green eyes! Scared me to death too," she paused, letting me take over now.

"I saw you," I whispered.

He released me from his hold, I turned around to look at him.

"The wolf came up to me to comfort me. And as soon as it heard my aunt it ran, you, ran. Why didn't you tell me that you saw me before," I questioned.

He grabbed his duffle bag and looked at me. "You weren't supposed to see me or any wolf for that matter. Agatha thought it would be safer if you didn't know about the werewolf life. Let's just go."

He started to walk out of the ally way. Lukas looked at me for a quick second before bolting out of the ally. Cristina just walked out with Hank.

"You'll always be an outsider, you'll never be truest one of us. Especially with that ability that your wolf can control your human body," Amy said shouldering me and walked away.

I was alone in the ally, and I've never felt more alone till now.

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