Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 10: Benton Puts Me On Elderly Duty

We have gotten the weapons from a weaponry store and we were on our way back to the forest.

I looked to the right to see a small clinic and there he was Nicolas, sitting at the main desk.

I looked forward see everyone walking ahead of me. I jogged slowly up to Lukas.

"Hey tell Cathal I'll meet you guys at camp, okay? I need to do something," I whispered to him giving him the duffel bag filled with the weapons.

Before he could object, I quickly walked across the street to the clinic and entered.

Nicolas hasn't looked up yet still looking at the computer screen in front of him.

"Hey there stranger, long time no see," I said leaning against the desk. He looked up and met my eyes. He straightened out his shirt.

"Phoenix, didn't think I'll see you so soon," he stood up and walked around the desk.

"Ah well you have, so you work here," I questioned.

"Yeah part time, I'm a collage student too," he said looking down rubbing the back of his neck.

He's so adorable


Oh shut it

"What grade are you in, if you don't mind me asking," he questioned looking at me again.

I put my hands in my leather jacket. "Ha funny story, well I actually just started high school but I dropped out."

He raised an eye brown, tilting his head to the side. "Really? You didn't seem like the kind to drop out."

I shrugged. "Well yeah me neither, but look at me now."

He glanced at his silver watch to check for the time.

He has a silver watch!

Doesn't mean he knows about us

Dammit Phoenix! I'm trying to look out for you, just listen!

I brushed her off and continued to look at him with interest. He looked up from his watch and grabbed key from the desk. "My shift is over right now, want to get something to eat," he questioned, holding out his hand with the watch on it. He had a lopsided smile on his face.

I was about to grab his hand before reminding myself about the silver watch. His smile faded for his face when he saw me hesitate to grab his hand.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

I pointed to his watch. "Ah, well kinda deadly allergic to silver."

He looked at his watch before taking it off and putting it in his jean pocket. He looked back up to me with his hand extended again, this time I gladly took it. He then led me outside.

We were sitting inside a cafe, we ordered our food. I was busy drinking my strawberry milkshake as the waitress grabbed our menus. I looked up across the table to see Nicolas staring at me.

I released the straw from my mouth. "What? Do I have something on my face," I questioned rubbing my cheek in the process.

He laughed lightly at my action. "No, I'm just amazed by you," he grabbed his coke and started to drink it lightly.

I pushed my shake away from me and leaned on the table with my elbows.

"So tell me about yourself Nicolas Falls, certified doctor or something like that," I asked trying to mimic his voice.

He rolled his eyes and threw an extra straw at me, which made me laugh harder.

"Well my full name is Nicolas Collin Falls, I'm nineteen years old born on February sixteenth. I entered collage right when I got out of high school. I'm from Houston, Texas. I live by myself near the forest and I have an older brother. I think that's it about me. Okay how 'bout you," he finished.

"Well my name's Phoenix, I'm currently fifteen. As far as I know all of my relatives are dead, so one hundred percent orphan material. And I live in the forest," I said with a smile on my face the whole time. He looked at me shocked, he was about to say something to me but was stopped when the waitress came to drop off our food. He quickly thanked her as she was walking away.

"Wait what do you mean your an orphan?"

I took a bit from my hamburger before answering him. "Well my parents died when I was an infant, my aunt died a few days ago by--in a car crash and no one has claimed me at all. Mmm this hamburger is good!"

He reached over to pull the plate from me, I looked up at him to argue with him. My annoyance faded when I saw concern in his light blue eyes.

"What's wrong," I asked.

"Why do you live in the forest and why haven't you asked for help before?"

I was about to reply to him before I heard a growl. I winched knowing who it was.

"Hey Cathal, what's up," I said having a nervous smile on my face. He wore a stone cold face, he grabbed my arm and lifted me up. He looked at Nicolas.

"Thank you for caring for her, but we must be going right now," Cathal stated pulling out a hundred dollar bill and slammed it on the table before leaving dragging me behind.

"Thanks for the food," I yelled over my shoulder.

We exited the cafe and started to walk towards the forest. I kept trying to pry his hands off my arm.

"Let me go! I can perfectly walk by myself," I screamed at him.

He let go of my arm and grabbed my shoulders roughly. "Phoenix you don't understand what you could have gotten yourself in! He could be a hunter all we know!"

"He's human! Cathal what's the big deal about it!?"

"Even if he was human, more werewolves would not trust you! They would think you're going on the hunters side! For the Moon Goddess's sake stay away from humans entirely, especially that boy you seem to be so infatuated with."

He let go of my shoulders and grabbed my wrist lightly dragging me again deeper in the forest. We neared the camp before stopping again. He turned around and looked at me.

"If Benton asks where you were say you got side tracked, please don't see that boy again, promise me. I don't want you hurt of the out come," he said cupping my cheek with one of his large hands. He had a soft gaze on me.

I laid my hand on his wrist pushing it down. "I promise," I had easily lied to him.

He gave me a soft smile believing me, letting go of the breath he was trying not to show he was holding. He then gave me a cheeky smile. "Thought I would have to convince you more. I wouldn't want my only friend to get kicked out right."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah sure we're total besties! We should get matching bracelets, huh? That would be tots adorbs! Chela would be totally jealous!"

"Ew no, just, no. Let's go back to camp," he said with a scrunched up a nose of disgust and walking away.

I giggled lightly of his reaction and following into step beside him. He jokingly shouldered me lightly and I punched his arm hard.

"What were you thinking, Phoenix?! I thought we lost you and or--or even worst," Benton paced back and forth in his large tent.

When we got back people were looking at me and Cathal walking to Benton's tent, they were whispering about me getting kicked out and stuff. Not really great impression on my part.

"I said sorry, I got side track at a store, it had something cute in there" I looked down at my feet the whole time, I wasn't lying about the 'I saw something cute' part though.

"Give 'er a break brother, she knows she made a mistake and she wont do it again. Isn't that right, Phoenix," Cathal said off to the side.

"Give her a break?! Really?! No, she could have been captured or anything, Moon Goddess forbid that ever happen! She'll be stuck on taking care of Gamma for a whole month till Full Moon Bonfire comes around again since we had to skip this months. Do you think this a suitable punishment, Cathal," he looked at Cathal upon saying everything.

Cathal had his hand on his chin, as if thinking about it. Cathal looked in between me and Benton trying to decide who's side to be on.

"Ah, seems far enough for me," Cathal shrugged and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Then it's settled. You'll take care of the elders till Full Moon Bonfire happens, this means no going out of camp and your at the elders beck and call twenty-four seven. Do you understand?"

"That's not fair! I wasn't even gone that long, why should I get a long punishment," I complained.

"Life isn't fair and that's an order. So go on," Benton said.

I hated getting pushed around and it also seems so did my wolf.

"Order?! Order!? How dare you order us around! I get that your Alpha and all but don't throw a fit 'cause something didn't go your way for the first time," she yelled taking control.

Benton stood there with a shock on his face. He mouthed something a long the lines 'What the fuck'

"Yeah forgot to tell you that," Cathal calmly said.

"No you go back! Didn't you say we follow Alpha," I yelled to her, taking control for a second.

"Yes! When Alpha is not a big baby," she said crossing our arms across our chest.

"Say sorry now! Or I wont go in wolf form till two months," I said pointing to no one in particular.

"Ugh! Fine, Alpha SORRY. There happy? I know when I'm not wanted," she said lastly retreating back again.

I regained my composer again, I looked towards where Benton was. He was jotting down stuff in his journal with Cathal looking over his shoulder.

"Uh well, Imma get going," I said pointing out of the tent before Benton and Cathal question me stuff I didn't have answers for yet. I headed out to take care of my duties I would have to be with the next months.

But I couldn't get one thing out of my mind, those gorgeous light blue eyes. I would have to find away to keep seeing him. I smiled lightly to myself at the thought of meeting him again.

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