Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 11: Full Moon Is Being Controlling Again

"Phoenix! Take this bedding away, it has fleas in it," one of the elders, named Brooke, yelled at me.

"Oh hush today's her last day let her off the hook," Daniel laughed.

Helping out the elders for a whole month was a work out. But what was good was me meeting up with Nicolas durning the night, we would watch movies and shows at his house.

Surprisingly where the elders stayed wasn't in tents but in a big hollow tree with a couple a flaps in the entrence so the cold wouldn't come in. And all the elders stayed in there wolf form, which was also strange to me.

"Today is your first Full Moon Bonfire isn't it, Phoenix," Linda, another elder said.

I looked up from my shoes that I was tying currently. I had taken them off earlier because one of the elders wanted me to go into the river to catch fish, and a lot of them.

"Yeah it is, what's so big about it," I questioned.

"Well back then even before any of us were born, hardly any werewolves would make it to adulthood, so it was a big privilege on see the full moon. It meant you survived another month," Harley said scratchy. He always needed water.

"No, no no. Wasn't it like the Moon Godess bringing up the first full moon and all the werewolf watched it happened," Daniel argued, hitting the side of Harley hard.

"That's some nursery thing, Daniel," Brooke said licking her paw.

Daniel was about to protest but stopped. "Oh yeah sorry," he said chuckling.

The elders laughed, Linda leaned down to me. "Daniel is always the one to forget, so never ask him for any help," Linda whispered.

I covered my mouth with my hands to hide the laugher that was threatening to escape.

"I heard that! And you can always ask me for help! I just never want to do it," Daniel yelled at Linda. The elders laughed harder.

The flaps of the entrence opened to reveal Chela.

"Hola chica, your helping getting fire wood. Cathal's orders," Chela said and put down the flap.

"Ugh, why can't I get a break," I sighed. I got up from the ground and walked away listening to the laughter of the elders and Harley singing, 'O lookie here we ain't dead, the Moon Goddess would soon want our head. We are older then those around us, soon enough we'll turn to dust!'

I hope when I'm that old, that I would be like them.

Phoenix there's a full moon today, what happens if the same thing happens again?

It won't, maybe it happened because it was our first time shifting

Just if I or you feel anything run far away from camp okay? We don't want Talon Camp to become a blood bath


As I was walking out of camp, I saw the people we had captured, the night I got taken, in shackles. ML's eyes met eyes above me and she smiled lightly.

I looked up to see Chela there with a smirk raising an eyebrow. I looked back to ML and she was about to say something before being tugged forward.

"Hey uh, does Moon know that ML her daughter, is here," I questioned walking away towards the forest.

"¿Qué? Oh sí, yes she does. She tried to talk to ML when you were out and about fetching stuff for the Gammas. But ML doesn't want to talk to her or have anything to do with her. Kinda sad really, Moon hasn't left her tent in days," Chela said picking up broken branches.

I grabbed branches as well, but when I bent down to grab more, I felt light headed and dropped the branches on the ground and leaned against a tree. I held my hand to my forehead.

"Amiga, you alright," Chela questioned, concern seeping in her voice.

"Yeah, peachy. Just got light headed, don't worry," I bent down again to grab the branches I dropped, and continued to get more.

It was around seven o'clock when I have finished all of my stuff that I had to do.

There were small pups running around chasing each other. The elders were laying on the ground in front of the hollow trees, with Harley singing the same song and Daniel as a backup singer.

They had started the bonfire and there was a mixture of wolf and human forms. They were all laughing, talking, and singing around the fire. There was a few that had musical instruments.

There was an arm thrown around my shoulders, I looked up to see Lukas with a drunken smile and a drink in his hand.

"Look at dis Phoenix! Happiness and fun everywhere, and you look like you need a beeer! Cause you look to stiff and blah," Lukas slurred giving me a beer can and walked away stumbling and then falling face forward on the dirt ground.

I put the beer bottle on the ground and walked to find people I know. Chela was no where in sight, but I saw Cathal drinking a beer against a tree.

I walked up to him, "Hello partner."

He turned around to look at me, he took a sip of his beer.

"Thought you would be with Chela," Cathal said.

"Me too, but can't find her and also not in the mood to party," I said, putting my hands to my pounding headache and sat down.

"Hey you okay," Cathal sat down next to me putting his beer down and put his hand on my knee.

I looked up at the sky and saw the full moon threw the leaves. My eyes widened and I stood up, staggering slightly.

Cathal got up swiftly. "What's wrong?"

"I-I got to go right now," I stuttered pushing him away from me, but as I did that I fell to the ground.

I was sweating and panting, I took off my leather jacket. I was clawing at my shirt I was wearing.

"Phoenix tell me what's wrong," Cathal said to me touching my shoulder.

"Get away from me! I don't like you! I don't know who you are! Who are any of you," I said standing up a quickly and spinning around.

People all around the fire stopped and looked at me wide eyed.

"Phoe—," the man in front of me was starting off but his voice was getting muffled with a high pitched ringing in my ears.

I covered my ears and I growled, there were to many people here.

I started to shift and launched myself to the guy in front of me tacking him to the ground, but as soon as his back made contact to the ground he was a large wolf as well. The moon shone brighter.

The wolf below me kicked his feet below me and pushed me off of him. I stumbled and rolled off. I stood up snarling at him.

"Phoenix," the wolf said.

I saw the same group of people running but with things on their wrists, up to the closes trees.

"Get off the ground! She's not herself! The full moon changes her," the girl with obsidian eyes yelled.

As if showing her that she was right I started to run straight towards her ready to leap on the tree. I was again stopped by the same wolf, he snarled back at me hackles raised.

"Everyone off the ground protect Alpha, I'll wait this out," the wolf commanded and ran straight towards me. Everyone scattered up trees and the other wolves ran off.

His large paw hit the side of my head, I staggered and went for his neck.

He grabbed my middle and swung me to the side, I hit a tree sliding down. His back was towards me and I leapt on his back digging my claws in his back.

He didn't even yelp but just tried to buck me off. I bit into the back of his neck.

He stood on both of his back paws and fell backwards crushing me. I let go of his neck.

He turned around slashing my belly, blood oozed out softly.

I stood up snarling my fur dripping of blood. I launched towards him and racking my claws on the side of his belly, he reacted by bitting into the tip of my ear and ripping it off. I howled in pain falling to the ground.

My vision was becoming blurry as drops of blood blocked my vision.

The wolf stood above me growling. That was the last thing I remembered before blacking out.

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