Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 12: Love Bedtime Stories...Not Caesar’s

I woke up with a start feeling the cold against me. I was sitting against a large tree. I tried to move but was stopped by burning sensation in my wrists.

I looked at my wrists, they were bound by shackles that went all around the large tree. Whatever made me more said was that they were silver shackles.

It felt like I was in the worst nightmare ever and all I wanted to do was call out for the two people I know will always love me but I will never get to see till death.

I let tears flow from my eyes the first time in forever.

I looked around camp and saw everyone was starting to wake up because the sun was rising slow up.

I had a large baggy hoodie that went all the way to my knees and I had a size to big sweatpants.

"Cathal, Cathal," I weakly horsed out. I shifted slowly on my feet, tugging on the shackles lightly.

"Cathal, let me out please! I-I promise I won't shift again! Just let me come back, please," I cried out to him, tugging harder on the silver shackles.

My legs gave out from under me and I fell to the ground. My knees and shackles only supporting me. I cried more and more for him.

Why must life be cruel?

I told you—

And I tried!

I fought agains the shacks more and more, and surprisingly they broke.

I fell forward and saw the shackles around my wrists have snapped off and fell to the ground.

"Do we have to check on that Halfbreed," a voice said far away. I heard the foot steps come closer and closer.

"Yeah Cathal and Benton's orders," another voice replied.

I stood up quickly and dashed out into the woods.

"Oh shit she escaped," the first voice yelled.

"Call a search party stat," the other voice yelled.

I kept running as fast as I could, me being bare foot wasn't helping either neither were the tears that blurred my vision.

I wasn't looking where I was going and fell into the river. I hated water. The river had rushing currents and swept me further down.

My head finally surfaced the river, my arms flaying everywhere. I was pushed under water again. I emerged, hair in front of my face making it harder for me to breath.

I looked off to my left and saw a big tree with a thick hanging branch that hung over the river.

I swam as hard as I could to the branch. I was closer to it and was so close on passing it as the river pushed me forward more. I reached my hand out desperately trying to grab it and I did.

I pulled myself up the branch till I got to the bank. I was soaking wet and tired. I just wanted to go home and be normal again, with my aunt and her house. With the school I was so done with, with me not even being a stupid werewolf hunter hybrid thing.

I weakly stood up my feet squishing in the mud. I kept going forward, hugging myself as the morning wind came.

I was hungry, no, starving. If starvation doesn't kill me, I'm hoping the cold would.

I was to lost in thought when I tripped over a root and fell face forward in more mud.

Can this day get any worst

And God all mighty himself answered me as it began to rain hard.

I looked up and spotted a cabin not far up a head. I stood up and stumbled towards it.

The cabin wasn't big neither was it small. It had dark oak wood fence around it, in the front was a mail box, the last name on it was scratched and faded the only letter I made out was an 'E'.

I opened the fence gate and walked up to the cabin porch. It had a rocking chair that was probably new when they had it, but now it was broken and on its side. The door of the cabin was wide open, and a small flash of memory of when I was younger came.

I was in my father's lap, him smiling and reading a book to me. My mother was out hunting for us. My father stood up and threw me in the air and I giggled as I took flight. Then my mother came rushing in frantically telling my father something. She then grabbed me and ran out the house my father following her close behind.

I rushed into my old home, some how hoping and praying that my parents were still there.

The cabin was dark and cold, now not holding its warm feel to it or my mother or father's sent anymore.

I went to the window of the cabins and peeled back the curtains to let more light in.

I looked around the cabin and other then my father's chair being knocked over and there was a bunch of dust and cob webs, it looked like how it was before.

I walked up to the table that was underneath the tv on the wall. The little table had a vase with now dead shriveled up flowers. Right next to the vase was a family photo of three people, my mother on the right, my father on the left and me in the middle being held by both of them. They were all laughing having a blast.

I walked further into the cabin passing a large room that was most likely my parents and I stopped in front of a closed door.

I reached for the knob and twisted it. It creaked open. I looked inside and saw it was a nursery that was painted pale gray. It really didn't have much, a crib small toys, a couple books, a few blanks, and one plushed toy rhino with a missing eye.

I bent down to the rhino and picked it up. It had a red large bow on its neck and a tag around its arm. The tag read 'To: My Little Angel From: Daddy'

I held it agains my chest shivering from the cold and sadness.

I put the rhino back down and exited the nursery room and started to head out of the cabin, just as I was about to reach the front door, I realized it was closed.

Then a lamp flickered on in the small living room. "Barely there at camp for just a month and they deemed you evil already, how unfortunate," a sinister voice said behind me.

I turned around and there he was in all his glory, Caesar. He was sitting down in my father's chair which he had fixed and putting his feet on the small coffee table. In his hand was a slice of pumpkin pie and a fork in the other.

I turned around to open the door and tried to leave. "Wouldn't do that if I were you, I have a whole bunch of my team outside waiting just incase you don't see reason with me. Mmm the pumpkin pie is delicious, probably the best," Caesar said taking a small portion of the pie.

He pointed to the seat across from him. "Please sit."

"I'm fine where I am thank you," I replied.

He put his pie on the coffee table for a split second and pulled out a silver gun. "When I ask you to sit, I want you to sit. Now sit please," he relaxed again in the seat.

I slowly made my way to the seat and sat down. "What do you want Caesar," I questioned sitting up straight to angry and scared to move.

"Well at first to kill you, but now—well let me tell you a story," he said twisting his fork in his hand. The gun was on his legs, I was surprised that the silver wasn't burning him.

"There where these two werewolves, both in their teenage years. They drank and had sex a lot not thinking of the consequences. Then one day the girl told the boy she was pregnant and she wanted to have an abortion. The boy begged and pleaded for the girl not to, but she wasn't listening to the boy. The boy then told the girl he would tell everyone in their camp of what she was going to do if she didn't keep the pup. She final said to the boy she would have it only because she didn't want to ruin her reputation. You with me so far," he paused to take another bit of his pie. I nodded.

"Good. So a few months later a baby boy came, the mother would take care of him but she didn't love him. His father didn't have time to spend with him but he loved him so much. He would work days upon days to make sure they pup and girl were well fed. And the pup loved his father so much. It was up till the pups sixth birthday did he actually go hunting with his father. His father told the pup 'Go to the river catch five fish at least and come back to me, make me proud. I'll get herbs for your mother.' The pup nodded in agreement. The pup went off to the river and not only did he get five fish but he got fifteen fish in the span of one hour," he took another bit of his pie. My knee started to bounce.

"The pup ran where the father told him to meet him, he couldn't carry all the fish at once for they were all big. The pup was happy, until he saw his father lying dead on the ground with a silver hunting knife in his neck...The pup raced to camp tears running down his face and told the camp. When he went to find his mother to greave with her, he found her smiling happy with another man. The little pups heart broke, he became bitter after that, angry at hunter who he thought killed his father, at his mother for moving on and not caring for him. As he grew so did his hatred, till he met his wonderful mate. He loved her so much, if she wanted twenty fish, he would come back with forty. If she wanted the whole camp dead by the ends of tomorrow, then he would. But when he found his father's killer, he did his first kill of his kind. He tore his father's killer in half, on each side there was one ear, one eye, half a mouth, half a nose, one arm, one leg, right down the middle. The bad thing was he loved the feeling of killing his kind," he split his pie forcefully with his fork while explaining and looking me in the eyes.

"And the thing was that was his mother's mate and she a loud him to kill his father. So he went up to her a few days afterwards and gouged her eyes out by sticking his fingers in her eye sockets. He then got that same knife that killed his father and stabbed his mother fifty-two times in her chest and stomach. The best part for him he did it right in front of her pups. He ripped their spleens out afterwards," he took another bit of his pie. I sat there wide eye.

"I can tell you don't like this story, but it's okay it's almost over. After his mate found out of his insanity she rejected him and the camp kicked him out. He made his own community, his own pack. He also found out his mate was pregnant and he wanted the pup but she wouldn't give in. So he made a threat on the camp, until someone so scared gave him his pup right after his mate gave birth," he said again taking another bit. It all started to click in my mind.

"He thought this pup will fill the empty hole in his heart but it didn't. So he had sex with other females getting them pregnant, taking the pups and killing the mothers so they wouldn't try to get them back. No matter how many pups he had he could never fill that empty hole in his heart that was meant for his mate. He kill over fifty people and kids and he didn't care. Even killed his best friend and his lover. They had a daughter and he was about to kill her but she got away. The pups name that we're talking about is—" he started but I cut him off.


"Well yes but my name is not You it's Caesar," he finished his pie.

"Why did you tell me your stupid backstory," I asked planting my feet to the ground just incase I needed to start running for my life.

"So you can understand why I did—well, I do what I do. And I'm here to make a proposal," Caesar stood up from his seat with the gun in hand. He walked towards me and leaned against the chair I was sitting in. His face was close to mine.

"I need something from you so I'll give you two options. One, either join forces with me, be my eyes and ears in the cane and I won't kill you for the thing I need or option two, which I'll kill you and get the thing I need, so what is it going to be, Angel. That's what daddy used to call you right? Before I shot him down, would be a waist of his death if you died too huh," Caesar said smirking.

That set me off, but I didn't show it. I just smirked at him and leaned forward our noses about to brush. I put my hands on the arm rest.

"I choose option...three, me staying alive away from you and not giving you what I need," I yelled at him grabbing the silver gun from his hand and kicked him in the groin. He stumbled back and I stood up aiming to shoot him right there and then. I pulled the trigger but no bullet came out.

The reason why he could hold it with out being hurt was because it was a fake. Caesar laughed insanely.

"I knew we had something in common! You don't fit with damn honor," Caesar looked up at me smiling insanely.

I dropped the gun and ran out of the house, Caesar lied about there being a bunch of his follower out there, there where only two people.

I ran passed both of them and one of them shot an arrow in my direction hitting my calf. I tumbled to the ground. I got up fast and snapped off the arrow. I turned around to see if they were chasing me. But there stood Caesar with a slight smirk on his face standing on the porch with his other two followers.

When he noticed that I had an arrow in my calf, he got angry and yelled at the one who fired the arrow and something along the lines of 'not wasting valuable blood', whatever that meant. And Caesar proceeded to grab the other mans knife and slitting the throat of the one who shot the arrow.

He looked back at me. "Your welcome. I hope we'll see each other soon." He started to walk off being followed by the other man dragging the body of his friend.

What are you playing at Caesar

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