Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 13: Hallucinating Is Not Fun

By the time I was sure I was farther away from the cabin, I had sat down coughing up blood and wheezing hard.

The rain had stop and sun was beaming down. I looked down at the arrow that was still lodged in my calf.

There has to be something on the arrow to make me like this

Phoenix I feel very weak right now

I know and I'm sorry, don't worry we're close to camp. We just need to cross the river

I stood up again, starting my way back too camp limping in the process. I stopped near a tree puking blood.

I wanted to stop and give up to my fate. Oh how cruel my fate was.

I bent down to pull out the lodged arrow. Yanking it out, blood started to flow from the wound.

I looked up seeing my parents. Wait, my parents. That's when I realized what was on the arrow Bottom Feeder venom.

"Angel, just give up," my father said bending down towards me.

"No, can't. You're not real," I said standing up straight and limping forward closer to the river.

"But you'll be with us, forever and always, no more pain, no more suffering," my mother said walking in step with me.

I collapsed to the ground as more blood seeped out of my mouth.

"Just die already! You killed me, why not kill yourself if you cared for me," my Aunt yelled at me as she came into view.

"I didn't mean to! I swear," I said looking up at her.

Stop it! It's not real!

But it seems so true

"Like it or not you'll never be one of us," Benton said joining the others.

"A halfbreed like you should rot in hell," Cathal said, his cold eyes landing on me.

I was shuttering as I held in my cries.

"Phoenix," I heard a deep Irish voice yelling across the river.

I looked up to see who it was but another figure stepped into view.

"Amiga, just let your fate sink in, you were meant to die like this. Come follow me where sleep is endless and pain is gone," Chela said reaching her hand out for me to grab.

I nodded my head slowly, understanding her and grabbing her hand. Half of my brain new this wasn't real and the other half believed it to much.

The other figures followed close behind, watching me with their dead cold eyes.

"Phoenix! No," the same voice yelled out. I heard a splash in the distance but didn't bother turning around to see what it was.

"We're almost there," Chela said smiling at me. I smiled back, hoping where ever she took me was painless and beautiful.

But before we can reach our destination, arms wrapped around my middle and turned me away. I noticed that Chela was leading me into the rushing river.

"Phoenix what's wrong with you," the same voice asked but his accent was mixed with a sinister voice I've heard so often now.

"Let me go Caesar," I yelled fighting as much as I could in my weakened state. He let me go, I turned around to see a glimpse of Cathal with wide eyed shock, then he was replaced instantly with Caesar.

"The camp wouldn't miss you at all if you die you know. None of them not even the friends you have made there," Caesar said chuckling.

I rubbed my eyes trying to see Cathal again. I opened them to see Cathal, looking at my injury on my calf. Fear had replaced shock.

"Oh no—Moon Goddess, why must you be so cruel," he whispered lightly.

He switched back into Caesar. "Come on, do you really believe that Cathal, Chela, or even Benton. Cares about you?! Just give up," Caesar got closer to me.

"I want to give up so badly," I whispered lowly.

"Then do it," Caesar said.

"No don't you give up dammit! You will get help asap. As long as I'm breathing I will not stop till your healed," Caesar said. He flung me on his back.

Why is he being so bipolar

I put my arms around his neck, he then jumped into the river paddling to the other side of the river.

"But why can't I? Let's face it Caesar, no one in the camp will trust me, at all," I was getting drowsy by the second.

"Ah ah, stay up. The camp will trust you eventually, okay? Don't worry about that, keep fighting. You see me as Caesar? Why," Caesar asked.

I shrugged as best I could. "I don't know, I did see you a little while ago."

I felt his back stiffen but he continued to speed walk towards the camp.

"Did you now? I mean we? I forgot what we talked about, enlighten me," Caesar took a step forward and his foot got caught on a root and he stumbled.

"You okay," he asked looking to the side trying to see me.

My voice stopped working so I just nodded weakly, but as soon as I did that I tasted a metal taste in my mouth.

I pushed his body forward fast making him release me. I fell to the ground with a thud and vomited up more blood.

I looked up in a haze seeing people run to us. I stood up quickly and backed up against a tree and started growling.

As I got closer I noticed they where Bottom Feeders.

The Bottom Feeders started to talk.

Wait talk?

Phoenix it's just in your mind!

I was to lost in thought that I didn't notice that the Bottom Feeders where ganging up on me.

I tried to lung forward but collapsed under the weight. The Bottom Feeders came forward, and talking to one another.

I growled harder blood going down my chin. One of them got closer to me and I was about to swipe at it before Caesar grabbed my arm.

"Let me go bastard! You had the nerve to go it my old house and make yourself at house and calling me Angel! Well screw you and those Bottom Feeders! If I'm going down, I'm going down fighting," I yelled at him trying my hardest to lift my arm but no avail failed.

The Bottom Feeders came closer to me but Caesar put one hand up.

"Stop coming closer! She's thinks your Bottom Feeders, Jesus can't do anything right," Caesar said to them then looked at me. "Hey, hey calm down. I know everything is weird and your scared, but you got to trust me alright."

I looked at him cautiously before nodding. He started to move closer to me then I threw my arms around his neck burrowing my face in it.

"I'm scared," I admitted.

"I know don't we can help you. Now that I know you still got fight left in yah we need you asleep."

Asleep what does he mean asleep

Caesar then put a needle in my neck. My eye lids became heavier and I saw darkness.

My head was hurting, no throbbing. Like I have drank a bunch of whiskey or something. I groaned softly.

"Cathal! She's dangerous you can't protect her twenty-four seven! She's a danger to the camp and people around her! If you had sense then you'd let her go," I heard Amy's voice outside the tent I was in. It was a large tent, a decent size.

"And let Caesar get into her head even more!? Damn you Amy! Damn you! She's as innocent as any of us, and if you or any other person comes near this tent you better start praying to the Moon Goddess," Cathal threatened to Amy.

"Fine whatever! But know this, if anything happens to the camp and the people inside it, I'm holding you personally responsible."

I saw Amy's shadow walk away from the entrance.

"I don't give two shit! To hell to all of you! To all who think like that! Fuck you! Fuck you Amy, I hope you rot you psycho!"

I propped up from the cot I was on. On my wrist were again shackles but this time silver laced with something else. Which I didn't care anymore.

The tent flap opened to reveal a man and Cathal trailing close behind him. They both approached the cot I was on.

"Hi glad you'd up Phoenix, I'm Benjamin, I'm a Theta. How are you," Benjamin asked me pulling up the blanket to check on my calf that was now wrapped.

I shrugged in response. "Could be better I guess. I've gotten hurt physically and emotionally you know the deal. But you wouldn't care now would you? Since I remember you saying with to the other dude that I was a Halfbreed correct? It was you was you wasn't it? Ow that hurts!"

The medic ignored my statement and unwrapped my calf. He moved my calf softly making me wince every so often.

"Strange," Benjamin mumble to himself.

"Strange what do you mean strange," Cathal asked him harshly.

"Well usually survivors of Bottom Feeder venom either bitten or a coated weapon wouldn't heal this quickly and would be in to much pain to even move talk or speak. So she's healing strangely healing fast," the medic replied to Cathal. "And she looks to be in perfect condition. If she wants she can leave."

He stood up and walked out of the tent, leaving me and Cathal alone. I looked down ashamed, not able to look him in the eyes.

"Why were you stupid? Why did you run off like that," he questioned angrily.

"'Cause I don't belong here! No one wants me here! They would rather me to die and parish alone," tears had stung in my eyes. "I'm better off dead, and you know that. So why even keep me alive, just hand me over to Caesar."

I sobbed quietly to myself.

Stop being a bitch

Look who's talking and what about the language thing?

I grew up

"What the hell are you talking about?! Fuck them! Stop being such a wimpy bitch! Do you think I would be here if I cared about what others think of me?! Fuck no! I got to where I am because I did the opposite, I didn't give two shits about what other people think! So to hell to them," he angrily said, I looked up to him seeing him fuming and pulling at his hair. He then looked me straight in the eyes. "All you should care about is those who are closed to you. If they are truly friends they would look past all of that shit you did. No matter what, and I'm one of those people, and no matter what I'll always stand by your side, always."

He leaned down pressing his forehead against mine. I let out a quiet sob, I wanted to wrap my arms around him but restrained myself because of the silver shackles on my wrists.

"Always, aingeal álainn," Cathal whispered and kissed my forehead head. I looked him in the eyes and saw sadness in them. He turned around about to leave and before he exited he turned around with a stone cold face.

"And never ever say that you should die, you are the most precious thing this evil world have to offer. You are our savior," he said to me.

And with that he left leaving me in my thoughts and wanting me to prove myself to him and showing him what I can do, my wonders that I can do.

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