Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 14: Sneaking Off Not Such A Good Idea Now

"Why haven't I've seen you lately," Nicolas asks popping a popcorn in his mouth.

We were both currently in his living room watching a movie called Prince of Egypt. I was leaning into his side with a blanket half on me and his arm around me.

"I was put on probation," I mumbled softly still looking at the movie.

I heard him chuckle softly. "What did you do my little rebel," he kissed my head softly.

"Well you know stuff to get my friend, Cathal, on my ass twenty four seven. But the usual same ol some ol," I say reaching over to grab more popcorn but Nicolas grabbed the bowl and held it far away from me.

"Nicolas! Give it back," I playfully yelled at him. I got up to reach for the bowl but stopped when I saw the familiar watch on his wrist. I probably didn't notice it because he was wearing a long sleeve shirt. I sat back down on the couch facing him still, I let out a sigh.

"What's wrong? Did I do something," he questioned cocking his head to the side.

He looks like a mutt doing that

Shut it

Make me

I pointed to his watch on his wrist, he looked down and his eyes widened.

"Oh shit sorry I forgot to take it off when you got here," Nicolas said while taking the watch off and tossed it to the reading chair.

"Nicolas why do you always wear that watch? If you don't mind me asking," I asked reaching for the remote and turning off the tv.

"A gift from my brother he's always persistent on me wearing that watch twenty four seven, don't know why. Now that I think about it his group of friends owns at least one thing silver."

I gulped already thinking the worst, maybe Nicolas was dangerous and I'll just accidentally kill myself because of the situation I'm in.

"What kind of group," I questioned forcing my voice to to shake. I laid both of my feet on the ground just incase I would have to run.

"Eh not sure to be honest, all I know that their like in a cult of hunting things with only silver on them. But you don't have to worry I'm not in that stupid cult, even though my brother asked me to join."

I let myself breathe again. So he wasn't a hunter that's good, doesn't help that his brother is one.

I looked at the clock on the microwave it read three o three in the morning.

"I better get going before everyone starts to wake up and I get more in trouble," I said reaching for my leather jacket.

"Ah ah, no, come on stay a little longer. Don't you want to be with me and my hotness," Nicolas cheekfully said. He was now on top of me holding me down with his weight.

"Your becoming overly cocky, you know that right?"

"Nah I think your just falling hard for me."

"Let me think, nope definitely not falling hard for you."

He rolled so we fell to his hard wood ground.

"Ah hope you didn't hurt yourself to bad from falling down from heaven," he said smiling still.

"Nah didn't feel a scratch but it hurt like an ass crawling out of Hell," I replied.

"Your right my apologies no angel would be as hot as you. Stay for a bit?"

I thought about it, I started to break when I saw his puppy dog eyes.

Fuck it

I hope you get caught

Shut up

Fuck you

"Fine but only an hour."

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

I ran threw the forest while putting on my shirt and jacket. I slid on a patch of moist grass but quickly regained my balance.

I was near the camp border when hands grabbed around my arm yanking me back slightly.

I yelped in surprise and turned to find Chela looking at me with a hard gaze and a set jaw.

"Hey Chela whats up," I questioned out of breath.

"Amiga ¿Cómo tonto eres? Are you kidding me right now," Chela said holding the bridge of her nose.

"What you mean? Remember I don't understand—" I started of chuckling lightly.

"Your off frolicking with a stupid two-legged human, is that simple enough," she simply stated crossing her arms over her chest.

I paused, "I don't know what your talking about." I turned to walk away again before Chela grabbed my arm again and threw me to the ground.

"Your such a bad lier! His stench is all over you! How long has this stupid fiasco has been going on?! Two days? A week? How long Phoenix!"

I got on my feet quickly, I was huffing not from me running anymore but out of anger.

"You want to know? Fine over a month, happy! Now let me threw before anyone notices I was gone," I tried to walk pass her but she was in my way again.

"You are a mensa aren't you? The biggest mensa in the whole world! You ma'am are already hated by this whole camp, yeah I said it. Sad but true get over it. Now you doing this with the human boy will get you even more hated on. So stop it this instant," she said sternly.


"No what do you mean no?!"

"To put it simple enough, fuck you! Threw my whole life it was hell! I didn't grow up having parents and people that I love die, so excuse me if I finally found happiness! No back off before I throw a punch at you."

"Right now I don't care for your damn happiness! I care for your safety! So stop acting like a five year old and listen to me."

"I really thought you were on my side you know. I knew if everyone else found out they wouldn't understand, but I thought my bestiest friend would stand by me no matter what."

She took a breath looking down at the ground. She looked again down at me. I hugged in anger and started to walk pass her. She once again grabbed my arm. I turned around to look at her pleading eyes.

"Amiga por favor, don't continue you to see him," she asked softer.

"Life isn't worth living without some risks, hmm? Sounds familiar doesn't it, isn't that what you said? Well I'm taking your advice and doing it," I hissed at her ripping my arm out of her grasp.

"I didn't mean this! Your such a fucking idiot!"

"Well fuck you! I wish you were dead or that we never met," I screamed back at her.

Her eyes widened and if she was a dog right now I bet her ears would be flat against her head.

"You-you surely don't mean that, do you," her voice cracked at the end.

I knew what I said was wrong, but I couldn't let go how she was so bitchy to me.

"Every single damn word," I looked up to her and stared her with hatred in my eyes. I turned around and continued down to camp.

I felt tears weld up in my eyes, before any tears could roll down I wiped under my eye with the back of my sleeve.

Go back and say sorry, you'll regret it later

I have all the time in the world, she can wait

Before I could even step foot into the camp site borders, someone from behind me grabbed me and stuff a piece of fabric to my face.

Right when I inhaled it, I knew what it was. Chloroform

Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw as Heather Chandler would say

And with that I saw darkness.

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