Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 15: Captured Again, Yay

Wake up—

Wake up...

You make my balls so blue...

Shut the fuck up

There's that fucker now open your god damn eyes

I rolled my eyes internally and opened them. I was slightly leaning forward, the only thing keeping me sort of standing were the chains connected to the ceiling and my wrists.

I looked up at one of my hands and saw that the palm was sliced open letting blood drip down to an awaiting bucket at the bottom. My other hand was in the same situation.

I tried to stand up but slumped back feeling weak. I groaned in pain as I felt the the cuffs on the chains digging more into my wrists. I also felt sharp pains in between my shoulder blades. I craned my neck as far as it could go to look at my back.

There were two silver pipes in my back. Gushes of blood spat out of the wound as I moved. I was shocked, scared, and angry.

I looked around my surroundings and saw I was in a dark room only a light hanging above me was on. There were no windows and only a single door with a key pad on the side of it.

We have to get out

Yes and what's your plan genius

Get the fuck up and blow this popsicle stand

Wow such a great plan

I know right? I should be the brains from here on out

I tried to stand up again but cried out in agony as the pipes dug in my back more. My cries were heard from out side and the door opened.

"Looks like Angel is up huh," an all to familiar voice said.

"What do you want with my blood Caesar," I questioned my voice coming out very raspy. "Why so much of it?"

"Well if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise would it," he said bending over so he could be face to face with me. "But you'd probably be dead by then so why not tell you."

He went behind me pushing one of the pipes deeper. I cried out again.

"Oh dear, this wound is very deep isn't it," Caesar questioned mockingly. I felt the blood from the wounds going down my back and slowly onto the floor.

"Well you want to hear my plan, yes? Well I'll give you a clue, I'm resurrecting someone powerful. That's all I'm going to give you. Your bleeding all over the ground, ugh that's why I put buckets there. To make sure you don't drip," Caesar said to me still behind me. "How will I ever clean this? You look to be in pain let me help you."

Caesar grabbed both of the pipes from my back and yanked them out. I screamed louder then ever, tears started to stream down from the pain.

"It's alright Angel soon you'll see mommy and daddy dearest up wherever the hell sinners go to," he put venom in his voice as he said mommy and daddy. He was in front of me again.

"Go to hell," I mustered out looking deep in his red evil eyes.

He chuckled lightly, "Oh Angel don't you know? We are already in it."

Before anything else could happen, something on the other side of the door kept banging at it making dents. The door finally gave way and broke off the hinges. And there stood in the door frame was a very sweaty huffing Cathal.

Without turning around Caesar smirked still looking at me. "Just in time," he mumbled lowly.

Cathal without saying a word started to sprint to Caesar. Cathal grabbed him and body slammed Caesar to the ground.

Caesar Let our a low grunt as his body met the floor. Caesar started to laugh like a mad man.

"Finally you actually do something! You going to try to save Phoenix? Like you tried to save your little daughter? What was her name again? Oh that's right Aine? Such a beautiful name," Caesar got up again taunting Cathal.

Cathal's eyes were glowing. He threw his arm back to punch Caesar in the face, but he dodged. Caesar reached down to his boot, pulling out a knife with a leather grip. He swiped it in front of him only missing Cathal by a couple centimeters. They were fitting for quite awhile.

I took this opportunity to try to get out of my chains. I tried to wrap my hand around the chain and yanking it. But it stayed still to the ceiling. I looked back at the fight in front of me and saw that the knife was far away from to the men on the ground. They were both reaching for a gun. Both men were bleeding everywhere.

I looked back at my wrists and decided to drag it out of the cuffs. But as I was doing it I felt my skin around my wrist ripping. I didn't care, I wanted to save Cathal. I ripped my right wrist out of the cuff, I looked at the cuff and noticed my my wrists felt like it was being ripped apart. The inside had spikes in it and not short stubby ones, long ones. I checked the damage on my wrist and hand quickly. There were deep long cuts that ran all around my wrist and up almost all the way to my finger tips. More blood gushed out.

I shook off the pain that was searing threw my wrist and hand. I went to do the other hand trying to be quicker about it and not being as gentle. I ripped my wrist away from the cuff. I fell forward into a pool of my own blood. I quickly got up on my feet and started to sprint to Cathal and Caesar. Grabbing the knife on the way without stopping.

Right as Caesar's finger tips touched the gun I wrapped my fingers tight around the leather grip and bringing it down straight into Caesar's back. He cried out of the pain. I quickly grabbed the gun and pointing it to Caesar.

Caesar got up off the ground and turned to face me, his eyes landed on the gun in my hands. His eyes gleamed in almost what was pride, he took a small step towards me. I cocked the gun in my hands.

"See Phoenix? We're the same, you and me are alike. We resort to the things that will take care of problems quickly," Caesar said calmly and took another step towards me.

"Me and you aren't the same, we will never be the same," I hissed at him. I saw that Cathal got up off the ground, he didn't move from his spot and looked at me a glint of disappointment in his eyes as he saw the gun in my hands.

"Angel you have a gun in your hand and pointing it at me. Remember one of the codes of for werewolves is 'Always fight with honor, if your opponent pleads mercy give them one if you think they are worthy of it. Never use an automatic weapon as it is shown as a coward and dishonorable weapon .' Well Angel you are about to use a gun on me."

I looked back to Cathal and saw him holding a blank facial expression. He wanted me to choose on what to do...

"I'm not a murderer," I said still looking at Cathal and brought the gun down. I saw Cathal giving me a small smile in approval.

I heard Caesar groan in annoyance. "Really Cathal? Must you always ruin the fun? Ah well let's have a little excitement at least," Caesar said flatly. He reached behind him and before I could register what was happening. He got another gun out and pointed it in my direction.

I closed my eyes flinching, I was ready for the impact but I didn't feel any pain. No the bullet definitely went out of the gun I heard it fire.

The bullet hit a target, but it wasn't me. Cathal was in front of me shielding my body.

Yes the bullet came and didn't hit me although there was fresh blood running down my back, but it wasn't my blood.

It hit Cathal and that blood was his.

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