Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 16: Amy’s Secret Is Not So Secret Now

"Well that was a sudden turn of events wasn't it," Caesar said in a calm voice. "Definitely did not plan that. Well go ahead and try to heal him what not, you'll have a one percent chance though cause there's Bottom Feeder venom in there. Till next time Little Angel."

He left and two men came it and grabbed the bucket full of blood.

Fucking disgusting

Cathal slipped down to the ground and grunted in pain. I quickly went down and turned him on his belly. The bullet had broken the skin on his back but luckily it didn't go to deep where I couldn't get it.

I quickly got the bullet out and tore a piece of the bottom of my shirt off and applied it to the wound. I got up from where I was and ran to the exit. I looked around to see if there was anyone there to stop us from leaving. After making sure the coast was clear I ran back to Cathal and grabbed one of his arms putting it over my shoulder.

My shoulder screamed out in pain of the sudden added pain. I quickly shrugged it off and continued to walk towards the exit. My wrists, hands, back, and head all screamed at me to stop moving and sit but I continued on.

"Phoenix," Cathal asked weakly, the venom must be starting to kick in quicker for him.

"Yeah I'm here don't worry," I grunted and got out of the building. I looked around the forest a bit.

I have no idea where to go

Use your sense of smell

I lifted my nose to the air getting a whiff of various things till I smelt Cathal's sent. I adjusted his arm and continued to walk and drag him alone.

We were half way when his sent started to get a little stale and he started to hallucinate. I kept dragging him and arguing with him on occasion.

I saw the edge of camp and started to push myself a little more. Cathal stopped helping me and let himself become dead weight.

As he fell he brought me down with him. I feel hard on my hands I cried out of the wave of pain it caused me. I looked back to see Cathal coughing up blood.

I quickly grabbed his arm again and put it around me. I started to walk off towards camp again. I couldn't yell my throat felt too dry.

"No, stop just leave me to die. I deserve to die, I couldn't save you," he cried out.

"No stop it come on hold on a little longer we're almost there," I grunted heaving him up a small hill.

"No I'm so sorry Aine, my baby girl. You didn't deserve to die so young," he sobbed hanging his head.

I continued to push crossing the camp borders. "Hey listen you tried, I know it's not a good feeling but your daughter would want you to move on with your life. She wouldn't want to see you in this state, okay? I bet she forgives you with that little heart of hers," I told him softly.

I looked up straight to see Lukas and the rest run up to us minus Amy.

"Damn guys did you come back from a bar fight," Lukas jokingly questions.

"He has Bottom Feeder venom in him," I said to them quickly my legs finally gave out under me. Hank and Cristina quickly grabbed me.

"Hank help Lukas bring Cathal to the Theta be quick," Cristina sternly said to Hank grabbing my waist to steady me.

Hank quickly ran over to where his brother was and instead of helping Lukas, he picked up Cathal bridal style and sprinted to the tent I had been in just a couple days ago.

Cristina accidentally put her hand where the wounds of the pipes were and I cried out in pain. She cursed something in Chinese.

"Sorry about that didn't know that your that jacked up," she said moving her hand and walking off to the tent Cathal had entered a few minutes earlier.

Before we could even get near it somebody pulled my shoulder making me stumble out of Cristina's grasp. Before I knew it somebody punch me in the face. My face jerked to the side.

I looked back to see the person who punched me. It was Amy her face was red out of anger. Cristina pushes Amy away from me.

"What the hell Amy," Cristina screamed at Amy.

"This is all her fault! She's not one of us! Our camp has been in danger ever since she stepped foot in this camp! First Caesar is making even more visits! Phoenix acting like stupid like a Halfbreed would! And now Cathal has Bottom Feeder venom in him! She should just either leave or fucking die," Amy pointed accusingly at me while looking down at Cristina.

"I don't give a fuck about what you think! She is one of us and a part of the pack! Isn't one of the codes was to protect a pack member as if they were your own?! You are fucking that code up real quick! Just fuck off for once!"

"You Cristina are an ass hat! All you do is sulk around and not caring about what others think!"

"What the actual fuck are you even talking about! Just cause I don't go off showing my emotions to everyone doesn't mean I don't care!"

"Well Cathal is in there probably dying!"

"Why must you bring Cathal into every conversation we have!"

"It's because I love him," Amy screamed out but quickly realized her mistake. She looked around noticing that she and Cristina had formed a group. She blushed madly. Cristina gave a huff of an airy laugh.

"Your being extra bitchy because you have a crush on Cathal?! Really! What the fuck," Cristina yelled in her face.

This ticked of Amy even more and she grabbed her hunting knife that was tucked in her boot and swiped it down to Cristina's face.

It cut down Cristina's left eye, everyone gasped at this act. Cristina held her eye looking back up to see Amy with her knife in hand still.

Cristina took her hand off her face and grabbed her samurai sword and gave it a little flip in her hand.

"Oh your so fucking dead," Cristina said and started to swing her sword gracefully.

Cristina kept swinging giving Amy a couple cuts not to deep to be fatal. Amy kept yelping in pain as she kept getting hit. Cristina put a stop to her dicing.

"I can't believe we were ever friends and you messed it up all because you fell in love with Cathal," Cristina said. She had her left eye closed, she whipped of her samurai sword off of Amy's shirt and gently put it back in its sheath.

Cristina looked back at me with her good eye and walked over to me. "You good," she asked with a kind voice.

"Yeah but I think Amy is going to break down even more," I said pointing to the tent where now stood Cathal with bandaged up torso, no shirt, and no emotion on what Cristina had said. Cristina turned to look where I was pointing at.

"Her fault for being an ass crack," Cristina said rolling her eyes.

"Amy may I see in side," Cathal asked Amy, his eyes landed on where Cristina and I were. "Actually the three of you."

Amy slowly go up from the ground and walked slowly, she glanced at Cristina and I full of hatred. Cristina slung one of my arms around her and helped me walk into the tent.

As we enter Cathal was on one of the cots slowly putting on his shirt. His facial expression showed he was in pain and no one made a move to help him.

I let Cristina release me and slightly limping to Cathal wanting to help him. I sat down next to him and began helping. At first he was shocked of me trying to help him and tried to brush me off. I didn't listen and continued to help him, he then just let me.

"Girls what the hell happened out there," Cathal asked in a calm voice as he got up.

Amy was looking down flustered and Cristina just looked even more pissed. None of them made a move on speaking.

"It was me Cathal, sorry. I pushed Amy's buttons by accident, Cristina was just defended me that's all," I said trying to get up but my body was to much in pain as my legs gave way.

Cathal reaches for me quickly laying one of him hands on the wound on my back. I cried out pushing him away from me. He quickly grabbed my forearm.

He looked at my blood soaked t-shirt back. "May I," he asked gesturing to my shirt.

"By all means, I need to get it checked anyways.”

He gently grabbed my shirt raising it over my head and arms. He turned me so my back was facing him and the girls.

I heard both girls gasp at what they saw. I knew it was bad and probably scar same goes with the cuts around my wrists that dragged all the way to my finger tips.

"What did Caesar do and say," Cathal asked his voice having a hint of anger.

"He wants to resurrect someone and wants to use my blood for it. He just put the pipes in my back just for the fun of it I think. And when you came in he expected you—agh," I yelled at the end as I felt a warm towel pressing against the large wounds.

"The state that Phoenix is in shows that there is no way she could have easily pushed your buttons, Amy. Cristina tell me what happened, and tell the truth," Cathal said still applying the warm towel agains my skin.

Tears were slowly rolling down my face as the pain was still there. I felt Cathal putting an arm around my waist from keeping me from falling.

"Amy pushed Phoenix and spouting out stupid things. And she was even more bitchy because she has a crush on you. Probably jealous of Phoenix on how close she is with you. And she cut down my left eye, definitely going to leave a scar you stupid idiotic girl. And so I 'punched' back," Cristina said in an annoyed voice.

I heard Cathal hum to himself.

"And her probably seeing you two all touchy touchy with only Phoenix in pants and a sports bra isn't helping Amy like her anymore then she hates her now," Cristina continued and was probably gesturing her hands towards us.

"Is this true Amy? Be honest, is every word true," Cathal asked calmly.

"I-she was-I didn't-yes ever thing she said was true. Every word," Amy stuttered.

"Amy you should have not acted out like that and especially to a camp member. We are all connected as one, fight as one, live as one, breathes as one, if you can't be part of the camp your just a parasite amongst us. So either learn how to control your emotions or find a new camp who would be okay with you acting out," Cathal sternly said to Amy.

I turned my head to face them, Amy's head was hung low.

"And Cristina you can't be short tempered if someone lays hands on you okay," Cathal said to Cristina.

"Well my mentor said if someone is in the wrong put them in their place! And I did," Cristina back fired. "And Amy always thinks she better then us! So I did what no one wanted to do! I fought back!"

"Well your mentor was a crazy psycho path! He killed his own family and countless others," Cathal hissed out.

"Well he so far has a better mind set then you! He was like a father to me! And he will always be closer to me then any of you guys will," Cristina shouted storming off out of the tent.

"Cristina, wait," I heard Lukas yell from outside the tent.

"I—," Amy started.

"Don't even start, okay? Just go we don't want anymore trouble before snow and the Hunt comes. Just leave right now," Cathal interrupted. Amy bowed down and left quickly in a hast.

Cathal released the warm towel from my back and grabbing supplies to stitch me up.

"You know how to stitch up people, doc" I asked trying to bring up the mood.

"I actually wanted to became a Theta or Lota if I didn't get Alpha role. Never happened though so I forgot the medicine stuff but I remember how to stitch," he said going in front of me and sitting down. "Alright I'm going to do your hands. The ones on your back is to big to put stitches on so I'll disinfect it and just wrap it. And since we're werewolves it should heal fully by the end of this week."

He started to disinfect my hands and started to stitch from my finger tips all the was down to my wrists. It hurt so bad that I let silent tears go.

After he was done I looked at my stitches covered up hands. The stitching itself wasn't bad at all but the scaring would be probably worst then the cuts I got on my knee on my seventh birthday.

Cathal went around me and helped me out of my bra and disinfect my back. I got another warm towel and dabbed it lightly on my back. He grabbed a wrap and started to wrap me up. Then helped me back into a clean shirt.

"Look at us we're twins all bruised up and all," I jokingly said.

He gave he a half smile, "Yeah you could say that I guess. Come on let's eat and then go to bed. You have a long week ahead along with pain."

"Woo hoo, love pain," I said limping and stumbling to get out of the tent.

Cathal saw me struggling and picked me up like he would a baby. I smiled lightly at our friendship and how much it was growing. I was about to doze off until an annoying voice came in my head.

Don't tell my you have the hots for Beta Beta now

Oh looked the parasite is back

Oh look the turd with legs is injured again

Glad to have you back

Like being back, no one can take me down I'm to strong powerful and everything

Yeah uh huh sure

But seriously don't get the hots for Beta, don't want to be known as someone trying to get with him just because of his ranking. Always bad

Trust me I don't and will never.

I looked back up at Cathal as he was still walking with him carrying me.

Hopefully things can turn out for the better now and not screw up ever five seconds. If only that were true.

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