Phoenix Adventures and the Pack of Wolves

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Chapter 17: The Hunt

A week? Ha! It seemed like forever, I could never sleep peacefully. Always woke up due to the terrible pain from my back and wrists, Cathal was always there to help calm me down durning my break down sessions.

I felt someone shaking my shoulders lightly.

"Psst, wake up today's the Hunt. Sleepy head time to wake up," I heard Cathal saying to me softly. Ever since I got kicked out, in a way, from Benton's tent. I've been sleeping in Cathal's and he didn't mind.

"What's the Hunt anyways? Why is it so important? Can't we just go back to sleep," I questioned sleepily. I heard Cathal lightly laugh at me. I felt his hand caress my head.

"The Hunt is important, it's always a day or two before the snow starts to fall. It's like graduating and finding out what job best suits you. The elders watch to see what each werewolf gets. Let's say if you don't even try and don't care you'd probably get Omega. And if the elders see you fit they will choose you to become Beta or Alpha training."

"In that case imma go back to sleep," I replied snuggling into my pillow and blanket.

As I was about to go back to sleep the air in me got knocked out as Cathal sat on me with each of his legs beside me. He quickly grabbed my wrists gently as he knew that the were still sensitive.

"How do you get out," Cathal asked me. I rolled my eyes.

I bucked my hips upwards and as he slightly got up. I pulled one of my legs threw and kicked him in the groin. Cathal grunted in pain.

"Just cause I'm sleepy doesn't mean I don't have strength in me," I said stretching my arms out and sat up.

Cathal gave an airy laugh as he still held his groin. "Yeah that didn't hurt."

"So what I got to do, you know for the Hunt thingy."

Cathal got up and walked out of the tent signaling me to follow him. I got up brushing my pants I have wore last night, putting on old worn out combat boots and my leather jacket.

"Main rule is to stay in the track don't go off course, no matter what. And Hunters can't disrupt the games, this is the only day we have a truce so don't try to kill 'em," Cathal said walking up to the dining area grabbing food.

"Okay got it, so how exactly do I pass this test," I questioned getting food for myself.

Cathal took a bite out of a raw piece of dear leg. "Well you have to not get caught by the one 'hunting' you. In this you are the prey, you have to make it to the end of the course without get scathed. The elders decide the rest for you. And that will determine your fate. If you fail to make expectations of the elders then you're either Omega or you'll have to try again next year." Cathal took another bite out of the raw meat.

"Mmm okay so when does it start," I asked with a mouth full of potatoes and cooked dear meat.

"A few hours after breakfast and you'll have to go in wolf form, okay? And beware of the wolves who come back just to play the game again," Cathal said pointing a bone to a direction where a group of young adults are standing. Amongst them was Amy. She angrily stared at me.

Cristina crosses Amy glancing her way before continuing to walk. Close behind her Lukas and Hank followed her giving Amy a nasty eye. Hank looked saddened more then ever.

"They're all going in the games," I asked after observing them.

"Yeah the young ones like to do stuff before they're old. That is including running the Hunt. Come on you woke up late for breakfast you got to start to shift."

I hurriedly ate the rest of my food and got up taking off to Cathal's tent shifting in there.

Finally! Been forever since let out

Sorry about that been busy

I'm literally with you twenty four seven and you're hardly busy

I trotted out and looked around to see almost everyone in their wolf form.

I spotted Cathal's wolf and walked up to him. He was the only one larger then me and the only one with a natural 'fuck off or I'll kill you' vibe.

"You going to run it too," I asked Cathal as I neared him.

"You bet yah, I haven't run this since my last year in father hood. So if I stop don't stop. Come on let's get to the starting line," Cathal said stretching out his front legs.

We both walked to the starting line where a bunch of wolves were gathered up getting ready to run and talking. A lot of the talking stopped as they saw Cathal walking up to the starting line. Most whispered 'That's Cathal right?' 'He never ran the Hunt' 'Bet they're having an affair'. I stared around nervously.

Before I could back down from the starting line Daniel yelled at us to settle down and listen to him.

"Alright everyone remember always stay in the trail, don't attack a hunter, and don't try to kill one another. Other then that everything is fair game. Those of you who are returning have fun and all but don't give the newbies a hard time to try to past the test. If you don't past the test no worries you'll have next year to do it. Those of you who will pass we will give you your level," Daniel stated. "Alright everyone the hunters for this years Hunt will be Lake, Jorge, and Hank. Everyone get ready to run!"

Ever wolf was getting ready to sprint. "Remember don't wait on me," Cathal whispered to me on my left.

I was about to reply when another wolf to my right bumped into me. I looked down at the she wolf and easily recognized her as Amy. "I will make your life hell," Amy said lowly to me.

"Everyone starting positions. On my count," Daniel yelled. "Get set."

I dug my claws into the dirt my eyes narrowing in on the trail before me.


I ran with everyone beside me all of them pushing it their hardest. There was a lot of fighting in the beginning as everyone was close together.

Some howled at the adrenaline pumping in their veins. Cathal ran the same pace as me which was near the front. I could hear the heavy panting of the wolves around me as we took many turns on the trail.

It was at least a half hour when the one in the lead yelled. "Hunter pup on track!"

I saw that ahead of me a lot of the wolves split into to groups and grouping back as one at one point.

As I came closer I saw the kid, he couldn't be older then eight. He was in a tight ball as everyone pasted him.

I slowed down to a stop grabbing him by his shirt collar. For a second he thrashed around thinking I was going to hurt him but stopped as he felt me put him on the ground.

I looked back up to see I was towards the back of the Hunt. I hurriedly picked up my pace and the wolf in front of me was tackled to the ground as a light gray wolf with dark spots on him grabbed him by the neck. I quickly jumped over them hurrying my pace.

All the wolves in the back were getting caught left and right. I was panting harder then ever pushing myself till my body was aching.

I felt teeth grazing my tail slightly just getting my fur. I turned for a quick second to see two of the three wolves hot on my tail.

There was a log in the middle of the trail as I was flying threw mid air another wolf bumped into me breathing heavily as well.

The wolves behind me turned their attention to that wolf and was about to lunge at him but was stopped by me scratching Jorge's snout. He whined in pain.

I grabbed the wolf on the ground by the scruff putting him up right. He looked at me with wide eyes as if asking why?

I gave him a soft bark and start to run again zoom past other wolves. My paws hitting the forest ground.

I was near the front of the pack again. Cathal gave a side glance at me and looked back straight again. He gave a wolffish grin and a small howl. A few joined in on the howl.

Watch out!

I felt a wolf grab the back of my neck making me tumble to the ground. The wolves behind us ran past trying to keep up with the leaders.

I quickly got on my paws and looked at the wolf who knocked me to the ground. My back was facing the cliff we were on. The wolf had black paws and a patterned fur with cold grey eyes.

"Amy what was that about," I screamed at her out of breath.

"Can't let you pass, can't let you have another win for Cathal to admire. You so far have ruined my life as soon as you came to this camp," Amy snarled.

She took a step towards me and I took a step back. My hind paw hit the edge, I felt a few loose pebbles tumble down. Maybe confronting me on a side of a mountain wasn't her best ideas with a big wolf with her.

"Look let's talk about it off this mountain, okay? We don't want someone dead," I tried to reason with her.

"No let's end this."

She leaped towards me pushing me off the mountain. I saw the wolves that were the hunters in my side vision. Hank eyes widened and tried to rush to us but was to late.

Amy came crashing down with me, we were tumbling down quickly. I saw a small ledge coming up I tried to dig my claws into the dirt beneath me.

My claws quickly released their grip when Amy clamped her jaw around my tail pulling me downwards with her.

With gravity pulling me down and I crashed onto Amy when we were on the ground. I heard a sickly crunch.

Serves her right

Yes but it's not right, we got to get her to camp

I tried to grab her by the scruff but she scurried away from me whimpering. Jesus how much is she a wimp.

"Stop it, I'm trying to get you to camp so Theta can help you," I annoyingly said. I grabbed her scruff and quickly continued on the trail.

I looked behind us after awhile to see if Hank and the others have caught up to us so they could help me. Sadly no one was behind us. I continued down the trail.

The hot sun was beaming down at us making me want to shift in human form. My fur coat being black didn't help cool me down either.

I felt Amy twitching in my mouth. "Stop moving around," I grumbled out. She stopped moving again I let out a breath of relief.

"Why are you helping me? I literally pushed you off a cliff."

"'Cause couldn't have the whole camp attacking me because of me leaving you," I sarcastically said. "Idiot its because its not what I do."

She was about to reply but stopped when we hear someone yelling. My ears perked upwards.


I quicken my strides as I neared I saw Benton in human form and Cathal still in his wolf form at the finish line.

I practically almost ran up to them forgetting that Amy was still in my mouth. But I just sped walked to them.

"What happened," Benton asked as he examined Amy. "Are any of you hurt?"

I shook my head placing Amy lightly on the ground. "I think that Amy broke something but I feel fine, just a fall," I replied.

Benton was about to ask me another question but was interrupted by a large burly blur. Hank's body was on top of Amy's snarling at her.

"Her push Phoenix off cliff. Fell fast down, she try to kill Phoenix," Hank struggles out.

Everyone's eyes were wide looking at Amy. "I didn't—"

Cathal dragged her out from under Hank tossing her to the ground. "Traitor!" Lukas yelled from the back. Everyone agreed in shouts.

"Maybe she's the spy working for Caesar!"


"Kill her!"

I saw Cathal circling Amy and no one was willing to help her out. "Is that right? You always want Phoenix dead, just like Caesar. Maybe you are the enemy after all," Cathal snarled out.

She shook her head frankly, "No you don't understand! I'm trying to make it safe! It's not my fault!"

Cathal was about to lunge at her but was stopped by Chela standing in front of Amy.

"Stop it! Are you all mensos? She's not the traitor here, so back the fuck off!"

There were more shouting. "Why should we believe you," one of the werewolves yelled.

"Because we have to prepare for a fight right now! Maria Lee said she know who Caesar is going to resurrect! He's going to resurrect Lycaon," Chela said stopping and looking at me. "The only ingredient he needs left is the ashes of the one he hates most loves most."

My eyes widened I shook my head. "No," I whispered. I heard a big explosion coming off in the distance where the forest and the city met. Right where Nicolas's house was at.

"No," I screamed. There was a big fire in the distance. I felt my tears weld up in my eyes.

"Everyone change into wolf form or get weapons! Get ready for a fight," Benton yelled out commands.

"Phoenix what the hell did Caesar blow up," Cathal asked quickly.

I looked down ashamed and angry, "Something in the city that was very dear to me."

"Keep your eyes up! Get armor on! Protect the pups and Gamma! Hurry," Benton yelled in the distance.

"Check mate my friends."

I turned around to see him, that evil bastard who ruined my life.

"And to my lovely Angel."

"Your dead Caesar," I yelled at him and charged, everyone soon followed.

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